Wacky GOP Hearings Ideas

Mary, who apparently is not a twit, noticed that those of us who are have been brainstorming all the great hearings the GOP will hold now that they control the House. And, in her infinite wisdom, she asked for a thread here so everyone can all join in the fun.

Here were my twitter suggestions:

  • Yemen: Should we triple the drone strikes or triple the right-wing owned contractors?
  • Drilling in ANWR: Before or after we triple drilling in Gulf deepwater?
  • How God wanted us to feel warmer so he just turned up the temperature a little.
  • Birth control: the godless socialists’ assault on God’s plans for women.
  • Legislative options to help banks foreclose on deadbeats faster.
  • Free Trade Agreements: After Chile, Colombia, and Korea, where ELSE can we export manufacturing jobs?

And some other favorites from Elon James White:

  • Jobs in America: Bad Economy or Too Many Mexicans.
  • Don’t Ask Don’t Tell: Can’t the gays just chill out already?
  • War on Terror: Can we classify Mexicans as Arab?

And Adam Serwer:

  • Santa Claus: Threat or Menace?
  • What’s Eric Holder hiding under that mustache?

What have we missed?

Republicans Trying to Capitalize on Housing Crisis, Again

You may remember how, in 2008, MI’s Republicans planned to conduct voter caging at the polls based on foreclosure lists (Democrats went to court to stop this).

It appears the Republicans–this time in Kansas–are trying similar cynical efforts to capitalize on the housing crisis with robocalls telling voters they must own a home to vote.

Kansas Democrats allege that a pro-Republican group is attempting to mislead and intimidate voters with automated telephone calls claiming the election occurs on Wednesday.

The robo-calls tell voters to bring their voter registration card and proof of home-ownership to the polls on Wednesday, November 3rd.

Voters in Kansas are not required to provide those documents to vote and the election occurs on Tuesday, November 2nd. First-time voters only need to bring proof of their name and address, such as a driver’s license.

The Kansas Democratic Party claims to have traced the calls to “an as yet unnamed Republican organization.”

In MI, the thwarted attempt to capitalize on the housing crisis was all the more cynical given that the biggest foreclosure mill in teh state, Trott and Trott, was shacking up with John McCain’s campaign office.

But this effort does seem to suggest that Republicans will look for any way to make their miserable policies an advantage at the voting booth.