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Torture Document Dump

May 28, 2008: DOJ IG Report on Torture April 6: NYRB posts the Red Cross report on high value detainees April 9: CIA Director Leon Panetta bans contractors from conducting interrogations April 16: Obama statement on memo release, torture memos released: August 1, 2002: Memo from Jay Bybee, Assistant Attorney General, OLC, to John A. […]


CIA Achieves a Whole New Scale of Torture Evidence Destruction

I once made a list of all the evidence of torture the CIA or others in the Executive Branch destroyed. I thought it time to start cataloging them, to keep them all straight. Before May 2003: 15 of 92 torture tapes erased or damaged Early 2003: Dunlavey’s paper trail “lost” Before August 2004: John Yoo […]


David Cole Turns in His Torture Homework Late, Gets a C

I was going to simply ignore David Cole’s annoying NYT op-ed, asking if the CIA got a bad rap with the SSCI Torture Report, until I saw the claims he made in his JustSecurity post on it. Like many others, I commented on and wrote about the Torture Report when it was initially released in December, […]


What Was the CIA Really Doing with Merlin by 2003?

Bloomberg is reporting that the exhibits released in the Jeffrey Sterling case may lead the UN to reassess some of the evidence they’ve been handed about Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons program. International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors in Vienna will probably review intelligence they received about Iran as a result of the revelations, said the two diplomats […]


Shorter GOP Intelligence: “Oversight’s Out for Summer!”

I’m just now getting around to the GOP rebuttal to the Senate Report. While it does raise a few decent points, it engages in a whole slew of the kind of word games the Bush Administration used to hide torture in the first place (I honestly would love to read a serious study of this […]


Connecting the Dots on the CIA Torture Report

I want to pull several details of the HuffPo’s last two pieces on the CIA torture report together (kudos to HuffPo for stealing Ali Watkins from McClatchy). Tuesday’s story presents conflicting claims about whether the CIA impersonated SSCI staffers to access the part of the server dedicated to their work. One side — explicitly relying […]


CIA’s Torture Pushback Gets More Artful

I well remember when Robert Grenier testified at Scooter Libby’s trial. His performance – like most of the witness testimony — was a performance. But I was more intrigued by the response. Even the cynical old DC journalists were impressed by the smoothness of the performance. “You can tell he was a great briefer,” one […]