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They Really Don’t Want Us Learning About the Torture Tapes, Do They?

Surprise surprise. Bob Bennett is advising his client, Jose Rodriguez, not to tell Congress about how and why and when he destroyed the torture tapes unless they give him immunity. And Judge Kennedy has decided that he’s not all that worried about the government destroying torture tapes in spite of orders not to do such things.

We’re not going to find out more details about the torture tapes anytime soon.


What Did Helgerson Do with the Torture Tapes?

Among new revelations today is the news (not surprise, but confirmed nevertheless) that CIA’s IG John Helverson “reviewed” the torture tapes during the period when people were discussing destroying them. That strongly suggests he may have based his report–which found the CIA to engage in cruel and inhuman treatment–on those tapes. No wonder CIA wanted to destroy them.


Lawyering the Torture Tapes

Yes, the NYT story tells us something we were safe to assume: that David Addington and Alberto Gonzales were involved in the torture tape destruction conversations. But I’m more interested in that news in light of the mounting evidence that Jose Rodriguez got legal advice that he could destroy the tapes in seeming isolation from all the discussions about the wisdom of destroying the tapes or even the explicit court orders regarding the torture tapes.


Congress and the Torture Tapes

The reaction of members of Congress to news that the torture tapes were destroyed mystifies me. Crazy Pete Hoekstra’s on the same side as the Democrats. Porter Goss has a phalange of spokespeople but is apparently in hiding. Jello Jay Rockefeller seems to have taken cues from the CIA. For once, Jane Harman looks like she did the right thing! And I’m thinking of putting out an APB for Pat Roberts, who seems to have left the country.