Lamb and Sheep Trash Talk

Here we are in the Ides of December, and there is some Trash to be talked. Because someone accused me of not knowing or caring about the NBA in the last trash, let’s open with that.

The Phoenix Suns were once a model franchise, started and run by Jerry Colangelo. They never won a championship, but they were always pillars of the community, always competitive and the precursor of the Warriors as the consistently most fun team to watch. Then Colangelo sold the team to a banker jerk named Bob Sarver, who has proceeded to turn the once proud Suns into the worst team in the league, and a laughingstock in Phoenix and the NBA. He recently tried to arrogantly extort the city for improvements to the city owned arena, and that has not gone well. Last night was yet another humiliation as the Suns tried to execute a trade and didn’t even know who they were fucking trading for. Seriously, Bob Sarver makes former Clippers owner Donald Sterling look like a good owner. And the Lakers still suck. So there’s your NBA coverage for you.

I will add one more semi-NBA thing in here, because it is a seriously fantastic story. I can’t say I am close friends with Charles Barkley, but I have been around and talked to him numerous times, whether at the Suns Arena, in Scottsdale bars or the local grocery store (he lives not far away from me and, yeah, actually goes grocery shopping). He has always been nice, and pretty funny to talk to. But this story from a young lady whose late father stumbled into a truly deep and good, if unlikely, friendship with Chuck is just wonderful. Read it, you will be glad you did.

Okay, back to our staple of football. There are several small time bowl games today including The Air force Celebration Bowl (NC A&T v. Alcorn State), New Mexico Bowl (North Texas v. Utah State), Auto Nation bowl (Tulane v. Lousiana), Mitsubishi Las Vegas Bowl (Fresno State v. Arizona State), Raycom Camellia Bowl (Georgia Southern v. Eastern Michigan), and the R&L Carriers Bowl (Middle Tennessee v. Appalachian State). The only one that interests me is the Las Vegas Bowl with ASU in it at 3:30 pm EST on ABC. Fresno State is not a bad team, and it could be an interesting game.

In the pros, there are two Saturday games today. First up is Houston Texans at the Jets. I keep thinking the Jets Jets Jets are going to pull things together, but hard to see them stopping Deshaun Watson and the Texans, who are on a serious roll. The later game is Cleveland at Denver. Both teams have a thin hope for making the playoffs if they win out, but the loser here is done. Cleveland has really been playing better lately, and last 4-5 games, Baker Mayfield has been actually fairly impressive. Mile High tough venue though, even if the Broncos are a little beat up on defense. I’ll call it a tossup, but am rooting for the Brownies for a slight upset. The Chargers already edged out the Chefs (in Kansas City!!) in a thrilling Thursday night game. The Bolts came back from a 14 point deficit late in the 4th quarter and won by executing a 2 point conversion after a TD, with four seconds left on the clock. It was well worth staying up for.

In the Sunday games, Cowboys at Colts could be a pretty good game, but I’ll take Oliver Luck and the Colts at home. Packers at Bears in Soldier Field should be really interesting. Bears defense has the edge on a battered GB O-Line, but Aaron Rodger ain’t gonna roll over and this oldest of rivalries is always hard fought. Pats at Steelers is probably the best game of the day. Stillers are desperate for a win at this point, but the Pats are desperately trying to maintain a first round playoff bye. Both teams have been uncharacteristically inconsistent this year. That’s a tossup. Lastly, the Eagles at Rams is a must win for the Iggles, but hard to seem them pulling that off at this point.

Well, that’s it. Music today is courtesy of Punaise who made me remember a very old Blue Oyster Cult song from their first album way back in 1972. Enjoy I’m On The Lamb, But I Ain’t No Sheep, it truly rocks.

Trash Talk: Viva Los Suns!!

Shhhhh! Don’t anybody tell Marcy, but I am slipping an unauthorized trash in the mix; kind of like those randy journalists at Gitmo actually using a name, JOSHUA CLAUS, which has been in the public domain and global ether for a long time. I feel so rebellious. Question authority people!

Okay, there is no overarching reason for this trash, just seemed like we been into hot and heavy shit for a while now and some nerves are getting raw. Seemed like letting loose a little might be a good thing.

As you probably know by now, I live in one fucked up and legislatively mental midget state. When you ask these racist morons “what can brown do for you” they basically respond “fuck off and die”. All I can say is, as a native Arizonan who has spent most of his numerous years on the earth in Arizona, this is not what the Arizona I know, grew up in and love is about. Say what you will about Barry Goldwater, and much of the negative connotation of his name has always been overblown, I knew and remember him from the age I first really remember things from – maybe age five or six – and if he were alive he would be blasting the shit out of the idiots behind the current horsemanure. And he would be saying that John McCain is an opportunistic self important and self centered jackass that is only signing on to the current racism anti-brown profiling act because he cravenly thinks it might help him at the moment. Here is a news flash for the uninformed: This is exactly what Barry always thought of McCain.

So, out here in the desert, we are kind of fucked up. Like you didn’t know that after seeing Joe Arpaio, “The Most Cretinous Sheriff In America”, keep getting reelected by large margins. So, we got that going for us. But we also have Los Suns. And they are up 2-0 on San Antonio and are currently ahead [UPDATE – Los Suns Win Los Suns Win!!!] in game three on the Spurs’ home court, although there is time left in the game. The Spurs have been a thorn in the side of the Suns for freaking years. Trust me, I had lower level very good seats for more years than I can count, and Tim Duncan is relentlessly competent. We have been up on them 2-0 more than once and could not seal the deal. The Spurs never lose a game or a series, you have to beat them. And then step on their throat, because like Freddy Krueger, they keep coming back. You gots to admire the affirmative stand Steve Nash, Amare Stoudamire, Grant Hill and Los Suns have staked out on the Anti Minority Asshole Bigot Act. Viva Los Suns!!

Also this weekend is the Spanish Grand Prix. I’ll be honest, Catalunya is not my favorite track; it is a little sterile and cookie cutter corporate for me. Qualifying has not gone off yet, but Hamilton, Button, Schumacher, Vettel and Webber look fast after practice. The race goes off at 8:00 am EST Sunday, with coverage beginning at 7:30 am, all on Speed Channel.

Today’s musical selection is Sun King by the Cult, in honor of Los Suns of course. The Cult could flat out rip in their day. Some critics have said Ian Astbury is the reincarnation of Jim Morrison. I don’t know about that; I do not think there is anything quite like the Reverend Mojo Rising and, if there has been, it was more likely Michael Hutchence.