John Brennan Praises the Object of His Own Intimate Knowledge

John Brennan, the guy whose role in torture and illegal wiretapping the Obama Administration continues to protect by looking relentlessly forward, also once admitted to having intimate knowledge of the NYPD’s spy program.

President Barack Obama’s homeland security adviser, John Brennan, who was the deputy executive director the CIA when the NYPD intelligence programs began, said he was intimately familiar with the CIA-NYPD partnership. He said that agency knew what the rules were and did not cross any lines.

Curiously, Brennan picked the day after Najibullah Zazi testified to praise the NYPD for its role in identifying terrorists (and proclaim, again, that he and the CIA and the NYPD hadn’t done anything illegal).

John Brennan said Friday at an NYPD event that the federal government can’t identify terrorists and stop attacks without help from local agencies.

He said the NYPD’s work has been responsible for keeping the city safe and that the department has done nothing illegal.

It doesn’t inspire great confidence that Brennan seems so unaware that the NYPD pointedly did not find Zazi and his accomplices, in spite of the fact that the NYPD believed Zazi’s imam was cooperating fully with the NYPD.

Is it possible that Obama’s top Homeland Security Advisor doesn’t even know that the NYPD’s spy program failed to find the most serious Islamic threats to NYC in recent years?

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bmaz RT @Popehat: .@ggreenwald My guess is that @chriscuomo knows less about the Constitution than the average Juggalo.
bmaz RT @Popehat: Ass. You are a disgrace to Fordham Law School, which only admitted you because of your famous father.
emptywheel Kind of odd writing abt McConnell, douchebag trying to expand spying, 7 years after writing abt (Mike) McConnell, douchebag expanding spying
emptywheel @Dymaxion Transparency: person spends months reading reports, boosters ignore what person discovers bc might slow push for more transparency
emptywheel @Dymaxion Which is why I keep coming back to fact we're legislating on bill while IC sits on IG report abt that provision. Classic bad faith
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emptywheel @Dymaxion Not saying ending dragnet isn't laudable. Just that boosters are ignoring how useful USAF is for IC, weakening negotiating stance.
emptywheel @Dymaxion Dragnet! And transparency the IC will blow off.
emptywheel Oh! Also forgot! Under new system, metadata will be shared FAR more broadly, plus agencies will do back door searches on it. @emptywheel
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