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“The Boss is Aware:” Trump Learned about Mike Flynn’s Conversations with Sergey Kislyak in Real Time

The Mueller Report has always been coy about whether Mueller’s team knew of any calls between Mike Flynn and Donald Trump surrounding his calls about sanctions with Sergey Kislyak.

But the transcript of Flynn’s December 31 call with Kislyak makes it clear that he knew Trump knew the content of the call already.

Stealing Elections: The Underlying Assumption behind Billy Barr’s Flip-Flop on the Materiality of Flynn’s Lies

Bill Barr is saying it was illegitimate for the FBI to investigate whether the incoming President engaged in a quid pro quo to get elected and therefore Flynn’s lies that hid key details needed to answer that question are not material to any investigation that FBI should be engaging in.

And he’s saying it just before campaign season begins again in earnest.