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Why It Would Be Counterproductive To Appoint a Special Counsel to Investigate January 6

If you believe that Trump’s actions played a central role in the insurrection — if you believe that the violent mob mobilized on January 6 was an important part of plans hatched at the Willard Hotel — then creating a separate investigation to investigate Trump does nothing but remove him from his liability in crimes already charged as sedition.

Bennie Thompson to Ivanka: Come In from the Conspiracy

In a letter inviting Ivanka to testify voluntarily to the January 6 Select Committee, Bennie Thompson very subtly said two things: Trump entered into an agreement with leaders of multiple conspiracies to engage in violence on January 6, and unless Ivanka turned over all her White House records to the National Archives as required by the Presidential Records Act, so did she.

“HOLD. THE. LINE!!!” DOJ’s Late Research into Brandon Straka’s Grift

It’s difficult to tell what really went down with the Brandon Straka plea. That’s because — as laid out here — the government seems to have realized that Straka had been less than forthright in interviews, in which he was deemed cooperative last year, that got him a sweet plea deal. In their sentencing memo, […]