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Information in Amended DNC Lawsuit Reveals that Roger Stone Is at Significantly Greater Risk for CFAA Indictment

Back in November, I argued that Roger Stone’s claims to be innocent of the GRU’s hacks on DNC targets might not hold up given that GRU hacked the DNC analytics hosted on AWS in September. Information the DNC lawsuit against Trump, Stone, and others shows that at least some of that hack did post-date a Stone conversation about analytics.

The Benefits and Pitfalls of Having Former FEC Commissioner Don McGahn as Your Campaign Lawyer

SDNY’s prosecutors noted something in yesterday’s Cohen filing that will probably become increasingly problematic for Individual-1: because Trump and his fixer had a run-in with the FEC in 2013 — from which they were saved by their future campaign lawyer Don McGahn — they can’t claim to be ignorant about campaign finance law.