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The Men Disputing Cassidy Hutchinson’s Retelling of Trump’s SUV Lunge Got Warnings about Plans to Flood the Capitol

Secret Service loyalists to Donald Trump are pushing back against Cassidy Hutchinson’s second-hand report of Trump lunging in the SUV when told he could not go to the Capitol. They’re not pushing back against far more damning details: including that when they made plans to take Trump to the Capitol, they knew of plans to occupy buildings.

As Ali Alexander Returns to DC in Wake of Grand Jury Appearance, Alex Jones’ Associates Owen Shroyer and Joe Biggs Share a Lawyer

Even as Ali Alexander seems to be struggling to sustain a story about January 6 that has already been debunked, the lawyer for one Alex Jones associate has joined the defense team for sometime Alex Jones associate Joe Biggs, effectively putting Alex Jones in a joint defense with the militia accused of orchestrating the attack on January 6.