1. Anonymous says:

    I just want to want to know what sort of idiot attends drunken poker games where CIA employees are present? Fer cryin’ out loud, don’t you have any fookin’ brains? Can’t you even smell the potential for a set up?

    And Goss got his pecker slammed in the door because he broke the Golden Rule:


  2. Anonymous says:

    Right now I am looking at an outline that works something like this.

    Duke Cunningham is looking at nine years, perhaps somewhat less if he cooperates. He was sent to a classification Center in Oklahoma where it would be determined whether he went to something approaching super-max conditions, or one or the rumored country club prison camps with somewhat less regerous discipline. I would expect that one thing the investigators would want him to sing about would be all the earmarks he knew about in Armed Services Appropriations and Intelligence Appropriations. I suspect Duke is deep into a comic opera, and one matter in the script has to do with Poker Parties, Whores and Cigars (for smoking — not as sex toys), and some Wilkes/Wade CIA earmarks and the â€Gosslings†who arrived from the Hill with Goss. (A;;arently that is what management is called at Langley).

    I suspect the â€Gosslings†have been a subject of Duke’s opera with the whole Shirlington Limo deal part of the story. They did the Earmarks while on Capitol Hill — and the contracts once they reached the agency. I don’t know if Mary O McCarthy fits in here or not — perhaps she answered some of the FBI investigators questions related to something to do with contracts. I suspect there are many connections and in the next weeks lots of new stuff will emerge. Lots of push and push back. Dana Priest was on MSNBC and said the Post would have a major story tomorrow. She did not look all that unhappy.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Nice outline, Sara. I’m just going to keep asking questions so you can provide the smart answers in the comments…

    I really don’t know whether McCarthy is related. Worth keeping in mind she was with the Inspector General. But it may be entirely coincidental.

  4. Anonymous says:


    Maybe she was the one investigating Foggo? Perhaps cooperating with the FBI on this?

    So when Goss wouldn’t fire his good buddy Foggo, he went after the investigator instead. But that only enabled more leaks.

    Myself, I hope there are pictures and some of them get released. The public needs to know what a mockery of a government we have.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The ghost of George Tenant is sitting in the big chair with a stogey, a large whiskey and his feet on the desk. Bet the farm.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It’s all rather sad, isn’t it? It’s the only government we have right now, and we can’t help but be ashamed, collectively, at how sorry it is.

    After the jokes have been told, we are left with the sour taste that only incompetents are left to run the important work of the country. And, what happens if those fools at the WH want to go to war with Iran? What kind of intelligence are we going to have, and are we ever going to trust it again?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Interesting that we have not heard from Negroponte that he hearts Goss who has saved us from terrorists and who whipped the CIA intelligence gathering into fantastic shape and who dramatically improved the morale at the Agency and that’s why he fired him. We don’t even have a â€No comment.†Have none of our intrepid reporters asked him to speak or is he hiding out at the Club and unavailable for comment?

    There are so many possible reasons Goss left and none of them comforting.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if the posthaste departure of Goss eases the way for retired Senator Bob Graham to participate in hearings after November elections into the functionality of the group of 8, though DeWine had plans to resolve the critiques from the likes of Graham and Harman.

    If anything, this administration’s remakes are proving once again that unilateralism wears blinders unless it is attuned; but, given the previous two years’ record in the second term of Bush, replacing demimoderates with even more evangelical reactionaries, there is a velleity there to appoint yet another proponent of the unitary executive to the Agency.

    However, the Agency exists in a hybrid zone of government bridging interbranch gaps. As a commenter in one of your threads observed, wedding military to CIA though apparently most likely, is beyond the bounds of historical compartmentalization which has kept those two distinctly separate. Also as some in the cyberworld have noted obliquely, the bond between air force and the wiretap datamining program ongoing these past four years has welded airborne technology to other elements of the security apparatus. Perhaps the mere constitution of HomeLandSecurity proved to be such an amorphous exercise that the intelligentsia as well as the go-fer branch decided mutual consolidation the most self-preserving course.

    On the surface the Goss departure precipitously seems like an opportunity, as well as yet another in a string of risks for the Agency. The loudest voices in the administration should make an interesting cacaphony during the next few days until the replacement appointment is finalized.