MZM’s Republican AND DEMOCRATIC Congressmen

I’m working my way through this November 2005 affidavit relating to the Cunningham scandal (hat tip Kentucky Jelly). But this paragraph and footnote jumped out at me, especially in light of Democratic refusal to declassify the complete report on Cunningham’s House Intelligence Committee contracting.

On a page entitled "Election Impact on Congressional Mandates," Wade listed a number of politicians, starting with Cunningham, all of whom won reelection in November 2002. Wade
commented at the bottom of the slide: "Election enhanced MZM, Inc. . . . Thus CIFA Position." On a page entitled ‘Benefits to CIFA from Congressional Mandates Initiative Support," Wade trumpeted as one item: ‘Delivery of over $6?.62M in the last three fiscal years over budget — no other entity within the CIFA family has accomplished this task."

[footnote] The Members of Congress listed by Wade are: Congressmen Randy Cunningham, Tom DeLay, Denny Hastert, Duncan Hunter, [Jerry] Lewis, Allan Mollohan, John Murtha, David Weldon and Bill Young, and Senators Robert Byrd, Larry Craig, Robert Dole; Orin Hatch, Daniel Inouye, Trent Lott, Jay Rockefeller and Richard Shelby.

This isn’t all that big a surprise. After all, both Murtha and Mollohan appear on lists of the most corrupt Congressmen. Byrd is the kind of pork. Jay Rockefeller, with his less-than-stellar leadership on the SSCI, is cause for concern.

Still, this is for MZM’s CIFA work, some of the most troubling of Wade’s bribe-induced contracts because they involve spying on the American people. If Democrats are party to that (witting or not), it might explain why some obvious problems with it seem to fall through the cracks

Update: One funny thing about this list? Wade wrote this list in 2002. Bob Dole, of course, was no longer in the Senate. But his wife, Liddy Dole, was elected to the Senate in 2002. Does having one’s wife get elected to the Senate six years after you retire from it–get elected from an entirely different state–count as "re-election"? Those of you from North Carolina might want to call Senator Dole and ask her who is in charge, she or her husband.

  1. orionATL says:


    all democratic dinosaurs.

    it’s time for these guys to start taking their pensions.

    so let’s see

    murtha protects himself by becoming a demo spokesman against the iraq occupation


    rockefeller protects himself by keeping a low profile and keeping the lid on the intelligence committee.

    i don’t mind engaging in the baseless speculation that white house’s knowledge of corruption serves to keep rockefeller in their thrall.

    how come no doj/fbi work on these demos?

  2. oldtree says:

    I will offer a shovel, broom, dustpan and the disinfectant to remove the germs. Where can I send them?

  3. semiot says:

    I’m tempted to make a crack about West Virginia – but out of deference to the intrepid redhead, Christy Hardin Smith, I will refrain.

  4. On the Clock says:

    Seeing Murtha’s name on that list casts an entirely new light on Pelosi’s promotion of him for Majority Leader, and his failure to beat Hoyer. (It also casts a new light on Pelosi’s battle with Jane Harman, who is not on this list). Pelosi must have had more than an inkling into that HIC report, certainly that Democrats were involved.

    What’s that smell coming from the swamp?

  5. ab initio says:

    I have always suspected there was more than met the eye as why the now Dem controlled Intelligence committees were not pursuing rendition, warantless surveillance, intelligence fixing, etc.

    There are too many skeletons for sunshine unfortunately. In the past they would all have skated under the radar. But now due to folks like EW people like me at least know and we can take action however limited it may be.

  6. Anonymous says:

    On the Clock

    I was thinking the same. But keep in mind, Murtha’s big committee is Defense Appropriations, and Mollohan’s is Appropriations generally (with membership on VA and Military construction). So there’s no one in this list from HPSCI, which is holding the report. Mind you, most of the MZM funding DID come through military appropriations rather than HPSCI.

    Which raises the question of whether Appropriations did a similar study on the MZM scandal?

  7. prostratedragon says:

    Another note on Harman: while she was chairman of the HIC, she did release the summary Cunningham report, but was blocked, ostensibly by the Republicans, from releasing the full version that Reyes is now sitting on. Kind of adds another layer to what that whole chairmanship tussle might have been about.