Bed Dinnertime For Bonzo Gonzo

Hello Americans, it’s Friday! Are you mystified, bewildered and puzzled? Well I sure as heck am. Guess who’s coming to dinner? This weekend’s White House Correspondent’s Dinner that is. From The Swamp:

But now The Sleuth reports on a certain high-value guest who will lend some enhanced interest to the Houston Chronicle’s dinner party, which is going against conventions, perhaps, but is certain to get some memos out of its guest at the black-tie fete:

Alberto Gonzales, the former attorney general in the Bush administration, which, as we’ve all been reading lately, went to some legal lengths to authorize harsh interrogations of detainees in the "war on terror" — such as waterboarding — and which, by the graces of the Obama administration, may escape any legal liability for any of that.

The Washington Post’s Sleuth suggests that "Gonzo would be a little bashful about showing up at a place that will be jam-packed full of the new guard in the Obama administration and the very Democrats in Congress who drove him from office. But no, he’ll be there all right this Saturday night. Gonzales is a confirmed guest of the Houston Chronicle, his old hometown paper.

This is a perp chump walk if I ever saw one. What kind of naive mental midget thinks this is a good idea for a social outing for himself? AGAG, that’s who. Jeebus, the jokes just about write themselves, and I invite one and all to do just that.

It has been a long week, and I was stuck in court much of the day. I will be looking at a couple of things now that I am settled in, but in the meantime consider this an open thread for a little relaxation, breaking news, trash talk, etc. Oh, and by the way F1 Circus afficinados, this weekend is the Gran Prix de Espana.

And because there is no trash without football trash, it seems the National Favre League may be back in business. Oh and one of the Deetroit Lions is promising playoffs.

"I won’t make a prediction about how many games we’re going to win, but I will say this: We will definitely make the playoffs this season. Believe it or not we weren’t far off last year. Almost every game we could have won, we were one play or one player short. Except for Tennessee on Thanksgiving, they just came out and beat us to sleep. They manhandled us, but nobody else did."


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  1. prostratedragon says:

    Are you mystified, bewildered and puzzled?

    Yes! All the time!

    Oh, er … you meant about something in particular … nevermind.

  2. Gunner says:

    well bmaz, who will be the ring master of the circus this week? will the red mechine be in the points? we will have to toon in and see 7:30AM sunday morning EST

  3. WilliamOckham says:

    The Houston Chronicle is my hometown paper and I have no idea why they are doing this.

    • bmaz says:

      Media outlets do have a contest to see who can bring the most outrageous guest. So, I see it for the Chron; what I fail to see is why Gonzo would want to be their stooge.

  4. acquarius74 says:

    How much stock in the Chronicle does Poppy Bush and James Baker III own? You do know that Gonzo’s daddy worked for GHWB in the Humble oil patch back when Poppy first came to Texas and into oil, huh? How you figure Gonzo got to attend Rice University, one of the most expensive schools in the state, and go from there into Jim Baker’s firm?

    What I can’t figure out is what they hope to gain by this move.

      • bmaz says:

        Listen, this isn’t some evil Jim Baker/Poppy Bush power play. I am sure that their preference would be that Gonzo not be paraded around like the village idiot joke for the press at their bacchanal.

        • acquarius74 says:

          Got an e-mail from AfterDowningStreet this afternoon. Gonzo is also invited to the White House Correspondents Dinner Sat, May 9, arrivals begin 6:10 p.m., dinner at 8:00 p.m.

    • Mauimom says:

      Rice University, one of the most expensive schools in the state

      Really? When I was graduating from high school in Houston [mumble, mumble years ago] Rice was FREE: no tuition, just room & board. Of course at that time [when dinos roamed the earth], women students who were from Houston had to live with their parents; insufficient dorm space.

      You can see, I hope, why I did not attend. But something like 15 kids from my HS did.

      • acquarius74 says:

        My kids entered college in mid to late 70’s, last ones twins so cost was critical. Rice was way out of range then. I knew of no free college – sure would have made a difference.

  5. JohnLopresti says:

    Engage Gonzales now, lest the Miami Herald publish more delving than they have over the past year. He is in a sprint with Rice a close runnerup. Trivialize the morphing to the Fiat of governance.

  6. fatster says:

    O/T, I know, but Oh, this hurts!

    Actual U.S. Unemployment: 15.8%

    “This morning’s news that U.S. unemployment has hit 13.7 million, pushing the rate to 8.9 percent, tells only half the story of this recession.

    “The total number of Americans who are not working full-time but ought to be is actually about 22 million, or 15.8 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.”


  7. freepatriot says:

    can we talk about these IDIOTS who claim that waterboarding in not torture because it is used in the SERE program ???

    as I unnerstan it, we use the SERE Program to TRAIN OUR SOLDIERS

    so if you say that the SERE Program is the same as bush’s waterboarding regime, then you are telling me that george bush IS TRAINING THE FUCKING TERRORISTS

    so splain to me again how waterboarding prisoners an waterboarding OUR SOLDIERS is the same thing

    an BTW, with a valid declaration of War, bush’s efforts at training the terrorists would be “giving aid and comfort to the enemy”

    so what is it ???

    is george “TRAINING THE TERRORISTS” ???

  8. freepatriot says:

    an jes cuz I can:

    all together now, 1, 2, 3

    Take it out at the ball game

    show it of to the crowd

    pull out your peanut an show em some crack

    I don’t care if ya don’t put it back

    pull your root root root for the home team

    if they don’t win I don’t care

    cuz it’s one two three strokes your out

    at the old ball game

    I do that a LOT better than Denise Richards

    the Cubbies should be callin any day now …

    (duckin & runnin)

  9. freepatriot says:

    Chuck Daly, called up to coach The Cosmic All Stars today

    good luck with your new team, Chuck

    (momentary silence)

  10. freepatriot says:

    and about this:

    the jokes just about write themselves, and I invite one and all to do just that.

    I accept your challenge

    What kind of naive mental midget thinks this is a good idea for a social outing for himself? AGAG, that’s who.

    compare that to the intellectual giant, dick cheney, who just can’t seem to stop himself from spouting off confessions to committing crimes against humanity every time he sees a camera pointed in his direction, and it’s really hard to understand how these guys ever got in the position to lose two wars, ruin our economy, and destroy America’s reputation

    it’s not like they’re the smartest fucking guys on the planet

    which leads me to speculate, do clowns really have leaders ???

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