EW’s World Famous Trash Talk: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Can you feel it? It is almost here. Real football is just over the horizon. The excruciatingly long preseason slate of games has thankfully ended with the obligatory fourth game of scrubs on scrubs, and now all that is left is the mandatory roster cutdowns which always serves up some interesting big names hitting the street. I’ll get back to that in a minute, but first there is the rather large issue of…..

Helen of Troy Palamalu has insured his hair for one million large. Holy flowing locks Batman! Actually, hair products company Haead & Shoulders, who Polamalu shills for, took out the policy from Lloyds of London. Pretty smart PR ploy actually. But the extreme value of Polamalu’s mop does raise the question of the relative value of Tom Brady’s new Justin Bieber look. Seriously, what’s up with that? Man, if the head Patsy gets any closer to his feminine side, he is gonna be strutting down the Victoria’s Secret catwalk with his wife.

Now, back to some of the comings and goings. Of local note here, it seems pretty clear that the Cardinals are going to cut bait with Matt Leinart. The guy has been given every opportunity, but has just never come to grips with the speed of the pro defenses and has been often aloof as a teammate and leader. Oh well, no loss, and the Cardinals have a rather impressive history of wasting high first round picks on quarterbacks that go bust (one of them, Kelly Stouffer, who in spite of being a complete bust in the NFL, nevertheless is forever known for refusing to play for the Cardinals after they used the number six overall pick on him).

T.J. Houshmandzadeh has been cut by Seattle after signing a big free agent contract last year. The Cowboys have dumped former fan favorite Patrick Crayton on the Bolts (who need a receiver because they seem unable to deal with Vincent Jackson). It may well be that Byron Leftwich’s knee injury last night earns him being dumped by the Steelers. Pittsburgh really only wanted Leftwich for the period of Big Ben’s suspension anyway and that has now been reduced to four games, which is how long Leftwich looks to be laid up. Hard to believe Pittsburgh will pay the money to keep him on the opening day roster under those circumstances.

In other news and notes, the student athletes have already started play. Sort of. USC ran up the score on Hawaii; the Trojans offense looked decent, but their defense looked very un-Trojan like. And not very Monte Kiffin like either. I dunno, could be a long year in for the scarlet and gold in Watts. However, there was one pretty good game last night, Utah and Pitt, with the Utes pulling out an overtime win. It will be pretty interesting to see coach Kyle Whittinham and Utah in the Pac-12 next year; the guy is a very good coach and Utah always seems to have solid players. They may make some waves.

But, hands down, the game of the week is Monday night between Boise State and the Virginia Tech Hokies. Boise is rated number 3 preseason and VaTech number 10. That is a good game any time, but this is simply huge in that if Boise State gets by the Hokies, they are primed for a run at playing for the National Championship in the BCS title game, which would be yet another perfect black eye for the hated BCS assholes. And boy would that be sweet. Boise State is my favorite team right now; Go Broncos!!

There is also MLB baseball as the season winds up and October looms and a few other things sporting out there, so get yer trash on people!

  1. Petrocelli says:

    *cough* Hatpin *cough*

    In fairness to Brady, if Giselle was my wife and asked me, I’d get a Bieber cut too …

        • scribe says:

          Maybe, maybe not.

          But, still, the ‘do won’t help the Patsies. Everyone who’s anyone in Patsies land seems to concur that their defense makes the proverbial Swiss cheese look positively monlithic by comparison.

          But, really, Polamalu’s locks do have some competition. For those passing through Stiller-land, there’s this exhibition in an art gallery which I’m sure will draw oodles of well-deserved attention. I’m also betting many guys with large beer guts and neck rolls will see the inside of an art gallery for the first and possibly only time, just for this.

          I don’t know how well my Stillers will perform, but I do know their fans’ faith and loyalty will not waver. And Kobe would be proud to call that Stiller dawg his brother.

  2. cregan says:

    Hey! I was going to ask about this earlier today.

    Here it is!

    Hey, USC got off the decent start. I think they will make top 10, but I don’t think above top 5.

    Notre Dame, nowhere to be found.

    I’ve got to get up to speed on the pros!

  3. bobschacht says:

    Well, what I want to know is this: How the heck does Polamalu get all that hair inside his helmet? On the plus side, it probably gives his head some extra cushion against concussions and other brain trauma that is the most under-reported health hazard for modern football players.

    Oh, and I did see the Cardinals game. Alexander was in for all of one series, and he promptly took his team into the red zone for a score (field goal).

    Then Leinart came in for two series and did virtually squat. He had a good pass completion rate, but I think he averaged about 2 yards per completion. He just cannot go long. He’s toast. The Cardinals would be crazy to keep him, with all the salary $$ he’s getting.

    Then Max Hall came on, for almost 2 full quarters, 3 possessions, and scored on every one (2 FG, 1 TD). He’s got moxie, and can go long. He even appeared to be having fun! And the running game was better in his hands than in Leinart’s. I don’t recall for sure, but I’ll bet the Washington secondary was cheating up towards the line of scrimmage because there was essentially no deep threat when Leinart was at QB. The Cardinals 4th string QB got more playing time than Leinart did, but did not distinguish himself.

    But Washington, without McNabb on the field, was pretty woeful. Shanahan has his hands full.

    Bob in AZ

  4. GulfCoastPirate says:

    J Geils – been a long time since I thought of them. New Springsteen box set on Darkness will include 78 Houston show on DVD. Maybe I’ll be on TV. Someone sent me a link to show what they think the quality of the film may be and it was this, I think, Arizonian:


    Have you heard anything about the cousin’s son out in your area at ASU?

    Gotta go with Boise. Anything that makes the BCS look worse than it already is is OK with me.

    Pre season Heisman watch – Case Keenum at UH. Word is he’s added about 20 pounds and does three sets at 315 on the bench press. Nice for a QB. All the records are within reach. If UH runs the table (a distinct possibility) along with Boise do we see a one loss BCS team in the championship game instead?

    Is Roger frakked? Hard to believe torturers go scot free and baseball players go to jail.

    • bmaz says:

      Randy Knust right? Is not in the top two at any of the three WR positions on depth chart yet. They may be going to hold back and redshirt if the older guys play well and there are no major injuries. Not enough reportage I have seen to really get a good bead. He sure looks promising though.

      Don’t know on Clemens. There are a whole lot of problems with the evidence and main witness that most outlets either don’t understand or are not reporting. But he is not sympathetic and the Pettite testimony, although not particularly damning on its own, may buck up the otherwise non-credible McNamee enough to convict Clemens. We shall see. It is nowhere near the slam dunk everybody is making it out to be though.

      • GulfCoastPirate says:

        Correct on the name.

        I heard ASU was going to the spread. Didn’t they recruit a bunch of wide receivers this year?

        Interesting on Roger. I guess I’m not as down on the ‘steroid era’ as a lot of people. The owners and all the rest of the big shots always knew what was going on, if not outright enabling it, yet when the hammer comes down it’s only the players who really take a hit.

        Do you know, or have you ever heard of Spencer Tillman? Ex OU running back who played for the Oilers when they were here. Went into sportscasting down here and now does college games on Saturdays. Since he still lives here he’s on the radio quite a bit. Especially on Brando’s show during the week. He’s had some interesting comments on college players in terms of rights, payments, etc.

        • bmaz says:

          Yep, I have heard the Devils were going to the spread too, but not much on how that is going yet. They did have a key WR graduate last year, but appear to have several sophs and jrs.

          What you say about the MLB owners and front office types skating is absolutely true, and throw the freaking Commissioner’s Office in there too. They knew, and just exploited it for profit. And then when the heat for it came, dumped everything on the players. That was the designed and intended purpose of the Mitchell investigation and report. In fact, it is my understanding that the first draft of the report did not shift the blame enough and did not particularly name names. Selig and Mitchell determined that would not take the heat off of MLB and owners enough and decided to rewrite it and Selig demanded another “big name” be found other than Bonds to sell the effort. It was then that Mitchell colluded with Novitsky, the IRS BALCO investigator, and they told McNamee that he better come up with another name if he wanted to stay out of prison. That is when the Clemens information suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

          Heh, I remember Spencer Tillman. He is pretty opinionated and pretty good as I remember from ABC work quite some time back.

        • GulfCoastPirate says:

          If you can get it you’d probably like Brando’s show.

          I didn’t know that about the commissioner’s office. Hypocrites all. Tillman is pretty good at taking up for the players. The BCS is your basic cartel that’s profitting at the expense of the players and then setting rules to keep the ’empployees’ in line. They had an interesting discussion the other day when the NCAA tried to get over on the kid from Oregon that wanted to transfer to Mississippi.

          Don’t you play some golf? He had a guest on one day and they were speculating on Tiger and steroids. Not only how he’s bulked up over the years but how his body now seems to be breaking down in ways that are unusual for a golfer. Kind of interesting.

        • bmaz says:

          I play golf about once a decade, and the people at the course say that is too often. It is an interesting thought with Tiger; very possible, but would need a lot better evidence. He is connected to Dr. Anthony Galea; if the government ever turns and rolls that guy, things could get interesting for Tiger and a whole lot of professional athletes.

        • BayStateLibrul says:

          If what you say is true, you could win a Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting…. What about the book by the SF writer, Lance Williams.

          Doesn’t he have credibility?

  5. freepatriot says:

    I have a hard time figurin out what would constitute a valid “hair” injury

    split ends ???

    dullness and an overall lack of luster ???

    dandruff ???

    what exactly would your hair be insured against ???

  6. Neil says:

    Let’s face it men, Brady looks great with his new style. It’s not a cut, it’s a style. How could you be married to a supermodel and get a cut? You can’t.

    Just ask any female fan of Tom Brady or male fan with an eye for the ladies men. Tom Brady, who is arguably the best quarterback of modern times (now there’s a debate for future trash talk thread) may be the best looking quarterback of modern times stylin’ his new do.

    Who has earned it more than he? By virtue of his success and leadership ability, he’s earned the right to express himself and to indulge in a bit of vanity. Plus his self-esteem may need a bit of compensating since management has not done a new deal for him (once again, arguably the best quarterback of modern times.)

    J.Geils opened for Aerosmith at Fenway Park concert in the middle of August. Here’s what the Providence Journal had to say about the performance:

    While a generally strong set from Aerosmith wasn’t much of a surprise, The J. Geils Band was the revelation of the night. With all their original members save drummer Stephen Jo Bladd (more than capably filled in for by Massachusetts drummer Marty Richards), they charged out of the box at full speed with the R&B bangers “First I Look at the Purse,” “Hard Drivin’ Man” and “Night Time.” They took a breather with “Cruisin’ For Love” (if you can call a hard Chicago shuffle a breather) but kept at it the rest of their 90-minute set.

    Frontman Peter Wolf, 64, patrolled the stage with the energy of a man a third his age as he ran deep into the crowd on two occasions (especially during “Must Of Got Lost”), showed the onstage moves and conducting skills of a latter-day Otis Redding, and fired off several of the fast-and-furious raps that recalled the late-night DJ he once was.

    With the help of The Uptown Horns taking the synthesizer parts, the hits “Freeze Frame” and “Centerfold” were liberated from their dated ’80s production, and Magic Dick’s harmonica was now piercingly high, now growling with classic distortion on low clusters, particularly on the showcase “Whammer Jammer.”

    Too bad Peter Wolf didn’t go for a rendition of “When I’m 64” J.Geils-style.

    Wolf shows up around town at concerts in his kick-ass car. I saw him at a Black Crows concert. He was hanging out in the sound truck outside the Orpheum in which they had the monitors cranked. It was a good thing too because my date got thrown out so the only way we could enjoy the show was listening near the sound truck. I’ll tell you this part of the story, it was one week after 9/11 and my friend concealed a doobie but not well enough.

    I’m afraid the Pats defense is going to be their problem this year. If so, we’ll see an aerial attack necessary to score fast and often. It must kill Belechik to extend beyond ball control offense to cover for a weak defense. Look for teams to beat them up off tackle and outside and if Wolfork goes down, up the middle too.

    Hey Troy Palamalu, Donna Summers, the Queen of Disco, called. She said she wants her weave back.

    Earl brought a bit of rain, about an inch in Boston but certainly not the 5″ predicted. Here, ten miles from the coast, we’re fortunate Earl’s path ran further east than anticipated. Not much wind either. It’s humid but expected to clear tomorrow. Lot’s of people took their boogie boards to Nantasket and rode the waves Friday.

    • bmaz says:

      Your rankings seem to have neglected Peyton. And, of course, the Geezer, although understandably maybe you are not counting him in the “modern era”.

      Seriously though, thanks for the Geils update. I knew they had been touring some again with pretty much the entire original lineup. Their keyboard player, Seth Justman, is actually really key to them along with Wolf, Geils and Magic Dick. When he first joined the band way back when, he was literally some kind of child prodigy musical genius, and he always had more to do with the music part for Geils than was commonly known. It is good to hear they are still ripping with the energy as opposed to just going through the motions. I tell you what, I saw them a couple of times in the mid 70s, once in 75 and again in either 76 or 77, and they were absolutely incredible. One of the very best live acts ever; so good in fact that you just cannot describe it. Anybody who saw them back then knows what I am talking about.

      Also, happy birthday to the fullerine buckyball.

      • emptywheel says:

        And to be honest, I would pause before I gave Brady best QB over Manning. I’d still rationalize not giving it to Manning, cause he has fewer rings. But Manning is a sick fucker. Brady just wins. Or used to–not sure that magic is still working anymore on account of the sieve mentioned upthread.

        Perhaps if we distinguished between “QB” and “Team Leader” we could give Manning or Montana the former and fight over whether the Old Geezer or Brady should get the latter.

        • Petrocelli says:

          I suppose everyone has their own definition of “modern times”, best QBs of my era are 1. Montana 2. Moon
          3. Flutie, but I’m including Canadian Foosball in the mix …

        • bobschacht says:

          Yeah, but Montana lacks class. Did you see how he tried to hit on the lady who was interviewing him on TV a year or so ago? Talk about an egocentric SOB. But maybe that’s just one of the essential job qualifications for QB?

          Bob in AZ

        • croghan27 says:

          To reach a looooong way back, how about Joe Theisman – went to a Grey Cup with Tranna, (but lost) and took Washington to two SBs … win one, lost one. Was on his way to #3 when his leg discovered it could bend in unconventional ways.

        • Petrocelli says:

          Well, if you want to go back that far, Jim Plunkett gets my nod … and I still can’t watch replays of Theisman’s injury.

        • croghan27 says:

          JP sucked big time with the Pats … but was ‘born again’ in California and the Raiders. Was he not replaced by Steve Groggan (rhymes with Croghan)- to form ‘Groggan’s Raiders’ on the east coast?

          He had two passes in his basket … he could throw far and then, for a change, he would throw reeeeeally far. (I believe two of his receivers still hold the life time records for most yard per catch).

        • croghan27 says:

          Spot on observation there, he was … dedicated to self-promotion ….. I understand that in college he altered the pronouncment of his name to make it closer to Heismann

        • cregan says:

          I’d give the Old Geezer the title over Brady.

          Brady led his team to championships, but it was the same team and therefore, some question as to what role the GM, Coach, etc. had to play in making that happen.

          Anyone who has led different teams toward the top gets an edge in my opinion. But, that’s an edge only.

          I’d give Montana the award over Manning in the second case.

    • emptywheel says:

      Hold on there. I’m a female fan of Brady’s, and I don’t consider him all that attractive at all. Too gawky, no ass. I’m still partial to Steve Young (does that count as modern) magic undies and all. Romo, Sanchez. Better than Brady. And I used to be utterly fascinated that Michael Vick had one of the nicest asses in all of football until the dog fighting (usually the best asses are found at CB).

      • phred says:

        Absolutely concur with your final parenthetical comment. QBs are rarely the good looking ones, including The Geezer (past, present and future ; )

    • phred says:

      Neil, when I started reading your comment I thought, “what is he smokin’???”, thanks for letting us know further on
      ; )

      First of all… Helen of Troy launched a thousand ships, that clearly trumps aping a teenager who watched too many episodes of That ’70s Show, even if his wife put him up to it.

      Second of all…did you really intend to say that Brady is “arguably the best quarterback of mondern times” or did your fingers slip on the keyboard? “Arguably” is the operative term here. And you know how I love to argue ; )

      Third of all… “best looking”? I beg to differ. Have you ever seen Donald Driver smile? Brady could be standing right next to a smiling Driver and no one would even notice Tom was there ; )

  7. BayStateLibrul says:


    Question: Can the Prosecution bring about other areas where Clemens may

    have lied… other than basebol? Like issues in his personal life or

    would that be germane in this case?

    • scribe says:

      Only if he testifes as to his prior truthfulness. You aren’t supposed to be able to convict someone of a specific crime “A” for having been a bad person relative to “B”, “C”, or “D”.

  8. BayStateLibrul says:

    Where is Randiego? Did he take his surfboard and burn down his home.

    I’d like his opinion on the Padres….

  9. scribe says:

    Gawd. This has to be the lamest trash-talkin thread evah.

    No one even bothered to look, it would seem, at the emblems of Stiller devotion I put out there to juice the discussion.

    Jeez. What a bunch of lame-oes.

    • phred says:

      Sorry scribe, I read the link and I LOVED the poodle. That was particularly inspired, depicting players in the er, 4-point stance ; ) But then I saw Neil’s post and my head started spinning around and old soup was spewing everywhere, and well, I got distracted ; )

      Go Stillers!

    • PJEvans says:

      It’s impressive. (FWIW: I have a Steelers key chain. It was that, or the Titans or some other expansion team. Black and gold beats expansion every time.)

      • scribe says:

        Keychains are nice, but, to show your seriousness, you need a bumper sticker quoting Chuck Noll: “Jack Lambert is the defender of all that is right.”

        That will get you loving horn-honks, nods and excited approval from fellow motorists.

  10. emptywheel says:

    And hell, while we’re talking about hot players, I’m actually okay with the $1,000,000 doo, cause I think Polamalu is one big hottie–that’s partly the play and partly the distinctive look to go with it. He and I surely disagree about religion, though, even more than Steve Young and I do.

    But that’s the real secret. Sure, QBs get all the attention. But good defensive play is far sexier.

    • phred says:

      But good defensive play is far sexier.

      You were a back! I’ve never heard such an admission before. Your fellow forward thanks you : )

        • phred says:

          Yep ; )

          One of my best friends was a back. Suffice to say there were regular, hmmm, how should I put this, full-contact “debates” about fleet of foot backs v. slow lumbering (albeit large immovable) objects aka forwards. Backs have called the play of forwards many many things, but “sexier” is a first ; )

          And Petro, aren’t the little guys in Canadian Foosball dressed up as hockey players? I thought the guys chucking around leather oblong balls were just killing time until the lakes froze ; )

      • emptywheel says:

        I started my rugby career as the fullback on a team for which it was more a human goalie than an offensive spot. But even before that, I made a name for myself playing Monster Back on the powder puff football team. Our coaches from the boy’s team were still talking about what a good monster back I was years later, and that was before I learned to tackle playing rugby.

        • Petrocelli says:

          If Polamalu played Goalie in da werld’s greatest game Hockey, his Hair would earn him 80 shutouts per season …

          PS: When do we get to the “Yo Mama” edition of trash talk ?

        • phred says:

          LOL, do they make goalie masks that cover the face only, leaving the hair free for assists? I think you got yourself a marketable item to patent. That baby is gonna sell like hot cakes. Maybe Head & Shoulders will sponsor it, too! ; )

    • bobschacht says:

      Sure, QBs get all the attention. But good defensive play is far sexier.

      And that’s why I was so impressed with the job the Packadores de la Baya Verde did on Payton Manning and his hot shots. Later in the game, the TV machine caught Manning sitting dejectedly on the bench with his helmet in his hands. And why Arizona may be better than expected this year– not because of their offense, but because of their defense, which has shown signs of life.

      Bob in AZ

  11. rosalind says:

    from my limited sample size of 49er players circa ’86 – 90, i have to go with:

    overall cutest: dwight clark

    sheer physicality that makes you go “whoa”: russ francis

    cutest qb: joe joe joe – those baby blues.

    (sorry ew, i went backstage to talk with our production manager once and he was in conversation with a guy and gal. after the couple left he asked if i knew who the guy was. nope. steve young. i ran to the door and peeked out, and still couldn’t believe it. afraid undies are the only magic he’s got off the field)

  12. rosalind says:

    The trashiest talk going down in l.a. this week has been in the downtown courtroom where the Quarreling McCourts are locked in bitter battle over whether Jamie signed her Dodger ownership rights over to Frank.

    Boston attorney Larry Silverstein, who drafted the disputed M.P.A. (marital property agreement), has been thrown under the bus by both sides with great gusto. Rumblings Friday that he will fly out to testify when court resumes Sept. 20th. Most legal observers say not a chance in hell he will take the stand. Bmaz?

    Follow the fun at Dodger Divorce or the tweets of ESPN’s Molly Knight!

    • bmaz says:

      One or both sides may subpoena him, so it is quite possible he does take the stand. That would be fun; he is probably ready to kill both McCourts.

      Funniest bit so far – Jamie McCourt planning marriage to optimize her run for Senator and then President.

      • rosalind says:

        i had no idea the two of them were teen sweethearts. adds another layer.

        and if they don’t settle, i may have to get myself down to the courtroom for a peek.

  13. rosalind says:

    Oh, fer crissakes. Evidently the Los Angeles’ U.S. Attorney Office was jealous of all the attention the Clemens’ prosecutors were getting, and have set a pile of our tax money on fire to investigate Lance Armstrong and — steroids. Hold the presses! Insult to injury, this investigation is being fueled by info that came out in a marriage fraud trial involving a Mexican Actress that ended in – wait for it – a mistrial. And another pile of our money set afire.

    Good thing all the people responsible for the mortgage fraud, financial fakery, and cooking the books that took our economy down have been rooted out, sent to prison and the scales of justice returned, leaving our DOJ free to get their steroid fix on.

    it is to cry.

    • bmaz says:

      Yes and, notably, it is also being instigated and fueled behind the scenes by the same malevolent bad actor IRS federal agent behind the BALCO, Bonds, and Clemens cases. No tactic is too low and no evidence too corrupted or dirty for use. It is all very ugly.

  14. freepatriot says:

    if ew’s trash is world famous, then that makes me a world famous defending champion

    so I’m announcing that I’m holding out for a better contract

    Digby offered a hubcap an three Ice cream sandwiches

    if you want to make a counter offer, call my agent

    and in other news, I’m takin applications for agent services

    you get 1/3 of all ice cream sandwiches and half of whatever else you can git

    this is a limited time offer, so call today …

    • bmaz says:

      Until you remember what yer real job is here (and the swamp has been fillin up with troll gators over the last several months), fuhgettsboutit!

    • Neil says:

      If management won’t renegotiate your contract, despite your value to the team, consider yourself in good company with the likes of Mankins and Revis. Go Labor!

      • bobschacht says:

        I’m making a peach pie AND homemade ice cream for dinner…

        I see that you’re having one of those “Life is unpredictable: Eat dessert first” days. Enjoy!

        Bob in AZ

        • emptywheel says:

          In general, the food out here in W MI is bleak: no pizza, no Indian, no sushi, no Chinese worth eating, I’ve been told.

          But the cream from which I made the ice cream makes up for an awful lot. Close to the platonic ideal of what cream should taste like.

        • bobschacht says:

          I can believe the “no Indian, no sushi, no Chinese worth eating,” but no pizza??? Only a few miles from the famed center of Chicago Pizza, and you got nothin’??? That’s hard to believe. How far are you from Kalamazoo? Grand Rapids? They’ve got plenty of pizza joints. But now, if the “worth eating” tag applies to the pizza as well as the Indian, sushi & Chinese, then I guess de gustibus non disputandum est. Good luck with finding something to go with pie and ice cream.

          Bob in AZ

        • emptywheel says:

          KZoo is 1 hour, I think (haven’t driven it). Not exactly sure on times to various parts of GR, either–GR starts some 20-some miles away, but to actually get to the food may take 45 minutes.

        • emptywheel says:

          I tried one of the local farmers’ humane/organic grass fed meat: just burgers, but I also finally got a new Weber (had to give Mr. ew a project this holiday weekend, since we’re done cleaning the A2 house). The burgers were lovely, the corn almost TOO sweet, and the ice cream wonderful.

        • bobschacht says:

          Now there ya go! Good midwestern diet: burgers, corn on the cob, & ice cream. I presume there was beer, too? Now, throw some brats on that Weber, and you’ll be talking like a cheesehead in no time at all! phred will be tickled pink!

          Bob in AZ

        • emptywheel says:

          Yep: I could have done the whole dinner from a 40 miles radius, only the particular peaches I bought were from a farm south of Ann Arbor, not one of the local ones here.

        • phred says:

          Ya, you bet ; )

          I think it’s time to make it official and send her a Cheesehead of her very own. What do you think?

        • phred says:

          Bob, did I tell you about the picture a friend sent me that shows some clever soul with serious chutzpah in WI? It’s a Packer specialty plate and it says GOBEARS. If a Bears fan can drive around WI with a WI Packer license plate with that treasonous slogan on it, surely EW can sport a fashionable Cheesehead east of the lake ; )

        • croghan27 says:

          OMG – you are just near that amazing invention that revolutionized breakfast for millions of tired and huddled masses …. are not Kellogg’s Corn Flakes produced in Battle Creek?

        • emptywheel says:

          Nah, one of those cheap ice cream machines. But as I said, this cream is unbelievably yummy. For my next batch, I’m trying to figure out a way to cut the sugar WAY down bc this dairy doesn’t need it.

  15. Neil says:

    To be so thoroughly corrected by people whose judgment I respect and trust, well I’m speechless and I think I need time to regroup. It’s more than being wrong. It may mark a moment that demands reconsidering the foundation of a world view. To that end, some traveling music… http://blip.fm/~vr2f3

  16. Phoenix Woman says:

    Ooh, ooh, ooooh! Tebow looked sooooo solid yesterday — against the Vikings’ B squad. (He still lost.)

    Meanwhile, it’s the Yankees’ turn this year to get into a bruising pennant playoff fight, while the Twins (fingers crossed, wood knocked) are holding onto a four-game cushion over the White Sox. A World Series Trophy sure would look mighty purty on display at Target Field.

    • phred says:

      Wish our Sox coulda helped out your Twins, PW. No such luck. What is it, 4 wins and the Yanks lock it up? Sigh. No joy in Beantown ; )

      • Phoenix Woman says:

        Hey, we understand. You did the best you could, but they nabbed Manny Ramirez. That’s OK — Jim Thome is showing the kids how it’s done. Though I wish poor Justin Morneau comes back soon, but I fear his playing days are done.

        • BayStateLibrul says:

          Carl Pavano has been a gamer for the Twins this year.

          Took a while, but he has come into his own…

  17. readerOfTeaLeaves says:

    Jeebuz, bmaz.
    I’m wiping my eyes in disbelief here:

    Boise State is my favorite team right now; Go Broncos!!

    Lordy, when did you come to Jesus?!

    • bmaz says:

      I love anybody that can seriously screw the BCS. Plus Boise just always has a good feel about them. Good, fast and creative offenses; tough and opportunistic defense. Like their coach. And I have always had a soft spot for Idaho because I absolutely love Ketchum and Sun Valley.

    • freepatriot says:

      Lordy, when did you come to Jesus?!

      a few decades of living in Arizona will do strange things to a man

      he probably sat out in the sun too long

      (duckin & runnin)

  18. scribe says:

    And, as counterpoint to Ms. EW’s healthful dinner (the ice cream sounds fab), my local market has now in stock the perfect Italian prune plums. Bought a couple dozen and some potatoes. It’s time to make plum dumplings, now that the heat’s has broken and I can boil a pot of water without melting everything else in the house.

    The nice part of them is they freeze well so, come December snow, I can toss a couple in the microwave and have a gut-thumpin’ breakfast.

  19. BayStateLibrul says:

    Let’s relive Belichick’s Three Martini Call…

    “With a 34-28 lead over the Indianapolis Colts and a little more than two minutes to play, Belichick opted to forgo punting on fourth-and-2 with the ball on his team’s 28. When the subsequent play was broken up, the Colts took possession with excellent field position and plenty of time for Peyton Manning to lead a game-winning touchdown drive.

    Belichick has said that he trusted his gut, not an academic paper, when he made the decision for the Patriots to go for first down. Even so, Romer said that his read of the data suggested the odds were in Belichick’s favor when he made the call.

    “It’s complicated, but Belichick probably made the right decision,” he said.” NYTimes, Sep 5, 2010

  20. freepatriot says:

    props to North Carolina for putting the fear of goddess into LSU last night

    with 10 minutes left in the game, UNC came off the mat to score 14 points, and ended the game with two chances to score the game winner

  21. rosalind says:

    the boise state/virginia tech game is young, a lot of football to play, but may i take a moment to say:

    heh heh heh

  22. bobschacht says:

    Boise State lookin’ good, ‘cept I dunno about those uniforms (are they really wearing blue spandex leggings???) VT not looking like a #10.

    Bob in AZ

  23. bobschacht says:

    Rut roh. Leinart released by the Cardinals this morning, signed by the Texans this evening. The Texans? Isn’t Leinart a California boy? Wouldn’t that be like the Dallas Cowboys releasing a QB, who is then signed immediately by the Washington Redskins? I mean, how do you look at yourself in the mirror the next morning?

    Bob in AZ

      • bobschacht says:

        Both teams are torn between rushing only 4 (and covering all receivers), or rushing more (in Boise State’s case, to contain the VT QB, who is their best rusher, with 76+ yards) and risking open coverage downfield.

        Boise State’s been making lots of errors– something like 10 penalties?

        They won the first quarter, but VT has been winning the subsequent quarters so far.

        Bob in AZ

  24. bobschacht says:

    Whaddya mean, a “little” sloppy??? It was WAY sloppy. But Boise St. found a way to win. Their QB is impressive.

    If they want to get to the BCS championship, they’re going to have to clean up their act.

    Bob in AZ