It’s A Great Football Weekend Charlie Brown

The St. Louis Cardinals are your 2011 World Series Champs, and man game 7 sure was a big letdown after the scintillating game 6. But now it is on to football and Formula One, where the heart of this blog truly lies. And Charlie Brown has more than the Great Pumpkin going for him this weekend, there is absolutely great football too.

Let’s start with the NCAA. Perhaps the most interesting game is tonight’s matchup of the Stanford Tree visiting USC’s Tommy Trojan. The Tree is 7-0 and 6th ranked, but the Trojans are an under the radar 6-1, and the only loss being to ASU in Tempe, which is nothing to be ashamed of. Andrew Luck is all world, and they are even letting him call some of his own plays tonight ala Peyton Manning. Matt Barkley is no slouch either though, in fact his stats are a near match with Luck’s. The difference really is, surprisingly, that Stanford has a far superior running game to the Trojans, who are usually known for that. USC is also weaker in the D-secondary. Those two factors should provide a win for the Tree, but it should be a good game and USC has the potential for a big upset here if Monte Kiffin can coach up the Troy defense beyond expectations.

Another late game, Clemson at the Ramblin Wreck of Georgia Tech also looks to be quite good. Clemson and star QB Tahj Boyd have been a real surprise this year. Tech (along with South Carolina later) is one of the few remaining obstacles between the Tigers and a legitimate shot at the BCS Championship game. I have a hard time believing it, but I think that just may happen and they start the push tonight by edging out Tech. The other game to keep an eye on is Baylor v. Oklahoma State. OSU is 3rd ranked and an offensive powerhouse, but Baylor and their mad good QB Robert Griffen III have some juice too. If this game were in Waco, I would smell upset; but it is in Stillwater, so OSU should prevail. Honorable mention games are Boomer Sooner at Bill Snyder’s Kansas State and the on a roll Spartans of MSU at the Cornfuskers.

It is also a fine slate of games in the pros, headed up, of course, by the TEBOWL! That’s right, any game Tim plays in IS the TeBowl. Sunday’s version involves the Deetroit Kitties coming to meet Baby Jesus at Mile High. Kitties are smarting from two losses in a row and need some steam heading into next week’s game against the Bears. But Stafford has a bad ankle and the running game is hurting without Jahvid Best. The Lions should win this, but they better get down on one knee and Te-Bow in prayer they do. The real top game is, of course, the Patsies at the Stillers. Bieber v. Big Ben. One shaky defense versus another suddenly shaky defense. Both teams have superb passing games and solid enough running games to get the job done. So, it comes down to the D’s. This would normally be a gimme for Pittsburgh, and indeed their passing defense is still somehow top rated in spite of other cracks in the Steel Curtain. But Tom Brady owns the Stillers and Bill Bel has had a bye week to coach up his defense. Bieber wins another tough game. Honorable mention to ‘Boys at Iggles and Skins at Bills.

Oh, I want to mention one little piece of schadenfreude lost in last weekend’s bender, the debut of the new super duper coaching staff member for the woebegone Indianapolis Colts. Yep the ‘ole Cheatin Sweater Vest himself, Jim Tressel (Photo Credit to NBC sports via SportsByBrooks screencap). The Vest worked his usual magic in helping the Peytons to a hard fought 62-7 not-quite-victory.

Also on tap is the inaugural Grand Prix of India. Qualifying went off very early this morning, with Sebastian Vettel taking his 13th pole of the year. Dude is just too good and his equipment is superior to boot. Vettel is followed by WEbber, Alonso and Button on the starting grid. Hamilton was fast in qualifying, and would have been P2 but for a 3 spot penalty for his assholey driving in previous competition. I got my first look at the course during the qualifying. Looks like a fast and possibly interesting track, but fairly ugly surroundings. We shall see after the first real race. By the way, in some stunning F1 news this week, our old buddy Chris Christie has helped lead an effort that has resulted in F1 coming to the streets of New Jersey. This could really be a fun setup done right. Credit where due.

Alright, let’s rip this joint; trash er up!

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  1. Jim White says:

    From the older trash thread, gotta share this photo of a sign in a crowd shot as ESPN College Game Day was ending. I’d say they got “hosed“.

    And Sparty isn’t looking too hot just now.

  2. rosalind says:

    go Stanford!!! beautiful day here in the Southland. don’t let our daytime temp of 83 degrees fool ya, when the sun sets we’re heading to low 40s for suitably crispy football weather. and the Stanford Tree is bringing it – recent tweet from ESPN’s Molly Knight:

    “Annnnnd right on cue, the tree dances into the frame with dollar bills taped to it to mock U$C.”

    In other F-1 news, Metallica was forced to cancel their show at the inaugural “F-1 Rocks” concert for security reasons. As the promoters were just arrested for selling more tickets than capacity, probably for the best.

  3. dakine01 says:

    The biggest problem I have with the St Louis WS win is knowing that once again, we will be inundated with articles telling us what a genius manager Tony LaRussa is and did we know he’s a lawyer?

    And I will be hoping that the Hilltoppers can make it four in a row today

  4. Bay State Librul says:


    Like his “fertile mind” from Vecsey

    “Never done it before,” La Russa said. Asked if he had prepared Motte, a former catcher, for this eventuality, La Russa said: “No, man. I was going to ask him, Do you like left or right better?” It’s been done — but in the seventh game of a World Series?

    At the very least, the comment shows La Russa’s fertile mind — he has a law degree but does not practice — is not going fallow, despite mix-ups involving Albert Pujols’s role in failed hit-and-run plays and the Marx Brothers skit with the wrong pitcher warming in the bullpen.

    Good grief, La Russa has even showed a sense of humor. Asked earlier Friday what a Tony La Russa mascot or doll would look like, he replied, “a cigar-store Indian.” He even froze for a second, a petrified manager implanted in an imaginary dugout.

    Are Belichick and Larussa cut from the same DNA?

    We will find out when the Patsies rout the Steel Doormats…

  5. Jim White says:

    Gonna be a steady stream of NFL scouts heading to Nashville the rest of this season and next. Aaron Rodgers’ younger brother Jordan has Vandy looking great. Up 28-17 on #10 Arkansas with less than 5 min left in 3rd.

  6. bmaz says:

    @nomolos: Yeah, I thought pit ingress and egress looked a bit goofy, but it was hard to tell in Q.

    And the Port America course really looks decent in animation.

  7. quebecois says:

    Hey bmaz, the Indian track looks interesting, should be a fun day with two drs section a lap. Yes, Hamilton…

    The track in Jersey would be spectacular, going up and down the Defino way. The view on Manhattan will make it one of the great tv visuals we get during the championship. I wonder if they’ll ask Christie to sit in a car for a picture???

  8. jo6pac says:


    Was that smog in the background India? The track is nice and wide and way to go Seb and RB.

    Yes pits looked strange on the in/out.

    There’s no work being done in Texas at this timeor they haven’t updated the web site, so NJ might be the only race in America. Austin is have a real problem with No Water

  9. P J Evans says:

    I know a guy who’s taken up formula -1 racing: he’s gotten into the 24 Hours of LeMons (endurance racing with junkers: the upper limit for getting and fixing a car is $500).
    (Last weekend it was at Sears Point/Infineon.)

  10. quebecois says:

    @jo6pac: The track is 45 kilometers from New Dehli, I can’t tell you if it’s smog, normal pollution or your run of the mill inversion. It’s nasty.

    That 3 apex parabolica will become one of those mythical turns. Very nice

  11. bmaz says:

    @quebecois: The track really looks promising to me. It was early in the morning, and I was fighting to stay awake, but a lot of the surrounding, yes including the air, looked pretty ugly to me. Hope that was a wrong impression.

    By the way, I have been wondering about Austin; it has been awfully quiet since their big roll out. And, you know, Bernie is not THAT hot on the US market that he would be rushing to suddenly have TWO GPs here. It almost has to show weakness in the ability of Austin to put it all together, don’t you think?

    Oh, and Korea looks in trouble too.

  12. bmaz says:

    Say, I’ve been watching this here Florida Georgia game, but have seen hide nor hair of Jim White. wonder what’s up with that?

  13. Rirer Capital says:

    Long time Colts fan here(face longer than a Manning’s),the shot of Tressel was priceless. Irsay’s desperation, signing Collins, hiring Tressel as a “Game Advisor”, shows that Manning’s loss has driven the entire organization bonkers. I have fears the present head coach will be replaced by Tressel. Where’s Polian’s steady hand? Who introduced Irsay to Twitter? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!??
    It’s too farcical to be painful.

    Love the Cards…Lucky and my pops(Cubs fan)called and told me LaRussa couldn’t carry Whitey Herzog’s line-up card.

  14. Jim White says:

    @bmaz: Meh. I was just concentrating on the game. Truly pitiful effort by Florida. I’m starting to have my doubts about Muschump and TubO’Weiss. It’s very unusual to see Florida play well under their skill level and that’s what they’ve done since the Brantley injury. Georgia tried their very best to give this game away early, but Florida refused to step up.

  15. bmaz says:

    @Jim White: Has not anybody learned??? Weiss and Romeo Crenel were all a function of Bill Belichick. Just like that youngster that drove Denver into the ground, Josh McDaniels. Belichick and Brady make everyone around them look like geniuses (with some help by leader studs like Tedy Bruschi and Richard Seymour). Weiss had talent at ND and was fucking useless. He ain’t gonna help you.

    On a positive note, the Gators could shitcan those pretenders and hire Bobby Bowden, he is available!

  16. bmaz says:

    Where oh where is Rosalind tonight?
    I searched the world over,
    and found her nowhere;
    She met another and
    Phffttt she was gone!

    Come on girl; root for the Tree!

  17. Jim White says:

    Wish we got the Stanford game here. Instead we’re stuck with Clemson, who has managed to fall behind Georgia Tech early.

    It’s really humorous as this season progresses to watch all the teams actively trying to be the sacrificial lambs who will get slaughtered by Alabama in the BCS Championship game. Make no mistake, Alabama is a LOT better than LSU and will go into the championship game undefeated.

    The T. Boone Oil Slicks would be interesting opponents, but the way the Land Thieves played today, they are in a good position to be spoilers there. bmaz may just get his wish this year with Boise State playing for all the marbles. He will be very sadly disappointed with the outcome as Alabama will dominate.

  18. scribe says:

    Joe Pa, in the snow. Wins #409.

    All-time wins leader.

    And, very quietly, the Nittany Lions are 8-1.

    A nice dose of Steelerweather in Centre County today, hopefully to be replicated tomorrow an hour or two to the southwest where the Alleghany and Monongahela meet, with a similar result for the home team there.

  19. scribe says:

    @emptywheel: It’s just that Cheatin’ Bill knows how to get away with it, but his former assistants don’t. Sort of “I taught you all you know, but not all I know.”

  20. rosalind says:

    the Spoilt Children’s Defense has knocked Luck off his game. bring on the half-time adjustments.

    and apologies to those back East in the snow, but today was just gorgeous…one of those magic hour twilights.

  21. bmaz says:

    @rosalind: Hey you saw my link above to the current picture here, didn’t you? I actually had the gall to whine to people in the snow back east earlier that it was too hot here. It was actually, but cooling down nicely now. Perfect fall night for football. There is nothing like a Halloween night in Sun Devil Stadium.

  22. scribe says:

    @rosalind: Football is at its most football when played in crappy weather. I mean, did you see the Penn State game (where PSU also maintained its undefeated-in-the-Big-10 status)? You’re playing tackle football – you’re going to get dirty, so why not go the distance….

  23. scribe says:

    Boy. SC’s D folded Luck any number of different directions at once and picked up the rock he dropped.

    No respect.

  24. Bob Schacht says:

    1. World Series: The really determining game was Game 6. The Rangers ran ahead in the top half of the first inning, scoring 2 runs on the Cards’ ace, Carp (yeah, that’s what they call him.) But when the Cards scored their own 2 in the bottom of the first, all the air went out of the Ranger’s tires. Fox shoulda sent a body language psychologist into the Ranger dugout to report on the Ranger’s attitude.

    2. The Tree got chopped today. USC cut them down to size. No wonder rosalind didn’t have much to say. Um, didn’t Stanford lose Jim Harbaugh to some NFL team? And now they’ve got some coach who doesn’t measure up?

    3. Wisconsin got dressed down by Ohio State, and suddenly it’s getting very crowded at the top of the Big Oafs conference.

    4. Michigan refused to go into its second half of the season swoon, and proved that they might yet be a top 20 team. However, they have a bitch of a schedule ahead– not a patsy anywhere in sight.

    5. Nebraska is beating up the Big Ten. Whose idea was it to let them in?

    Bob in AZ

  25. quebecois says:

    Nice race. I like the track, the pit exit will have to be modified. Vettel and Button were magistral, the Masshamilton thing is getting redonculous. Someone fire Webber, please.

  26. phred says:

    Good morning all, and a lovely day for football it is, too. Just for the record, I’m not sure what all you left coasters and desert dwellers are on about your “beautiful weather”. We’ve got a beautiful blanket of snow here and it is positively gorgeous weather, imho. Just pull on your favorite pair of boots, a toasty jacket and gloves, and you’re good to go out and enjoy the crisp air and sunshine : )

  27. bmaz says:

    @phred: Uh, Phred, about those Badgers…..

    I assume you are just moving on to the Pats today and not gonna fuss with yesterday. Wisconsin got robbed last week (break the plane?? Get out, that was bogus); but getting beat by Ohio State? That is bad bongos.

  28. Mauimom says:

    I was in DC this weekend, and ABC/ESPN were offering the Clemson game & Ohio State game. The Stanford-USC game was only available on Pay-per-View. I managed to get it streaming on my computer. But this just shows why Stanford gets no respect in the polls. Unfair.

  29. phred says:

    @bmaz: Lets just say, that I am thankful it is a bye week for the Pack, as the sporting gods have not been smiling upon me of late ; )

    First, the Red Sox collapsed.

    Then my Badgers lost to MSU?!?!

    Then, I got swept up in Game 6 of the World Series and couldn’t help rooting for The Team That Had Never Won, and they collapsed.

    So in the interest of not cursing anyone else, I am refraining from cheering for anyone for the next week. Conveniently, my vow of restraint will be over by the next Packer kickoff ; )

  30. bmaz says:

    Man, do I have some shitty football on the plate here. I have my choice of Cards/Ravens or Fish/Giants. Bleech.

  31. bmaz says:

    Uh oh, Adam Schefter reports both Hines Ward and James Farrior OUT for the Stillers today against Patsies. That could hurt a little.

  32. JohnLopresti says:

    @bmaz: There is evidently an espn oldies jukebox for people longing to see college retrospectives like “Flutie threw for 472 yards, Kosar threw for 447″ in 1984 Hurricanes v IOUeagles; there are even YouTube clips of that match. And, the obligatory YouTube of a performance of one of the Hail Marys” is sure to be archived somewhere to soothe the savaged nerves. Kosar subsequently led Browns, who this date in 2011 are near kickoff with 9ers; a local journo wag avered Harbaugh, Jim, has improved handshake during bye week.

  33. scribe says:

    @bmaz: Whaddya complaining about? The Cards are stomping the Ravens at half. That should be something you can enjoy. I’m liking it, b/c it gives the Ravens another loss, which will mean something for my Stillers come playoff time. I think that Baltimore is on the verge, if not over the edge, of imploding after that defense-calling-out-the-offense episode this past week. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of thugs. And it couldn’t come at a better time for my Stillers -just before Baltimore comes to town.

  34. scribe says:

    Reggie Bush getting huge gains on two successive student body left plays, and the boos are cascading down on the Jints. Making the Jints’ D look really bad.

  35. Jim White says:

    For those of you who will be watching the Teboids and Kitties, it is only one hour until kickoff. Now is the time to cleanse your television, gird your loins and prepare your heart and mind for the presence of the holy one (praise be to his name).

  36. RallySquirrel (formerly 4jkb4ia) says:

    24-0 Rams! TWENTY-FOUR–NOTHING! You want to talk leftover baseball miracle dust?

  37. freepatriot says:

    the aints are getting walloped by st louis.

    the gnts are losing to the fish.

    whats next?

    bmaz shopping for a blue sweatervest?

    it can’t get weirder than that

  38. emptywheel says:

    Man, as much as I just really don’t want to watch Baby Jesus, I really don’t want to be watching the Pats whiff tackle after tackle after tackle.

    Sadly, that’s what’s on my TV.

  39. emptywheel says:

    @scribe: You’re just lucky that the first ball Ben threw right to a Patsy was dropped. Cause the second one wasn’t, which is the only reason the Biebers are on the board. Apparently, the Pats CAN handle 20 years of O, but not much more.

  40. quebecois says:

    @bmaz: Our guy in India said that a lot of the dust was due to the still ongoing construction. It was nasty out there, and the surroundings was this brownish red haze. But, what a track, the sweeping fast turns, that uphill left that gets wider, the weird parabolica. Great design.

  41. bmaz says:

    @quebecois: I think, with some tweaking, the track has some real promise. Need to adjust a couple of turns to make it more overtaking friendly, and do something about pit ingress and egress; but all in all, not bad, with some really good touches as you note. I could not even see through the soup well enough to judge the facilities, that is just brutal.

  42. emptywheel says:

    @bmaz: Better hope Baby Jesus has a big big comeback here so you can rationalize another Baby Jesus trash to use the stuff the worm stole from you and Baby Jesus.

  43. bmaz says:

    Lost in the shuffle: 49ers on verge of going 6-1 and the Bengals – yep the Bengals – of going 5-2.


  44. emptywheel says:

    New Kitty strategy against Baby Jesus: Keep their O on the field until the last yard. Then Pick Six. Score!

  45. emptywheel says:

    That Michigan boy is sure intent on beating up on that Michigan guy today. Where’s his loyalty at?

  46. emptywheel says:

    @scribe: Fecking pathetic. BillBel, hire me to kick onsides kicks, ferfucksake. I definitely could do better than that, and I haven’t played rugby for 18 years.

  47. scribe says:

    Mmmmmm. Safety.

    Brilliant play by the Pgh D, including Polamalu’s play on Bieber’s fumble….

    Boy, the Rules Lawyers are having a field day on this play.

    Heck of a way to end a game – sending a free kick to the Stillers.

  48. scribe says:

    @bmaz: A relative told me the story of someone who, a few years back, bought a Pittsburgh Penguins number t-shirt, #81, with the player name (Miroslav) Satan across the shoulders and caused a ruckus wearing it back home in Nebraska.

    And, yes, Satan wins if Baby Jesus loses. Satan won big today.

  49. randygorsuch says:

    I’m a Raider fan. So I see see Tebow, Jesus, and Satan from a Southpark perspective. Even if it’s creators may think otherwise.

  50. rosalind says:

    heh. from the ESPN 49ers/Browns recap:

    “No handshake flap this time for Jim Harbaugh, either…Harbaugh says he practiced during the bye week by high-fiving with his toddler daughter.”

  51. randygorsuch says:

    I’m a Raider fan. So I see Tebow, Jesus, and Satan from a Southpark perspective. Even if it’s creators may think otherwise.

  52. randygorsuch says:

    SO, as a Raider fan. I hate the 49er’s, But can’t believe how great their doing. I thought Coach Harbaugh’s behavior was certainly dickish, after the Detroit game. Still, if you are really a football fan. You love Frank Gore, and this team is electric. Your stunned by the fact that the 49’s first teams, off/def have changed little. The man can coach. See Stanford for details.

  53. randygorsuch says:

    Still, I’m waiting, nay hopeful. That the football gods will align. The ghosts of Al Davis and Bill Walsh empower and enchant the Raiders to the playoffs. The raiders had bill first. Jus sayin!

  54. bmaz says:

    @randygorsuch: Agreed, Harbaugh really can coach em up, and it is good to see the 49ers in the mix again. Would be the same with the Raiders, who are tantalizingly close often, but just don’t quite seem to get there.

  55. quebecois says:

    @freepatriot: The francophone Québec broadcast is handled by RDS, Christian Tortora is a journalist who’s been following f1 since the late seventies, when Gilles Villeneuve was running. He’s live from the track while animation and commenting is happening in studio in Montréal. Come to think of it, these three guys have been doing this since 78, non-stop. Tortora spoke about the oppressive atmosphere. We even got the whole Hamilton-ex girlfriend gossip this morning. In the end, we’re lucky to have a really good broadcast over here, these guys know what they’re talking about.

  56. freepatriot says:


    “You love Frank Gore”

    if I’m satan, I don’t gotta love anybody

    An I’ll see your Raider hatred and raise you a good case of fortyniner hatred too

    I was happiest back before 1982, when 30 million fortyniner fans came out of the closet

  57. randygorsuch says:

    then you are the real deal. When Monty Clark was coach,(before Bill W.)and Bill Ring was the running back. Before everyone and their sisters “happinin” boyfriend jumped on the 49er”s coattail.

  58. randygorsuch says:

    I was happiest back before 1982, when 30 million fortyniner fans came out of the closet. OK, I’ll give you that. But then they started to play pretty good football!

  59. emptywheel says:

    @freepatriot: I’m actually thankful to Baby Jesus for 1) getting the Kitties back on their winning ways, and 2) giving Stafford an extra quarter to heal. I’d be particularly grateful if Baby Jesus would have just healed Stafford’s ankle outright.

  60. randygorsuch says:

    as your well aware. The lord works in mysterious ways. See the Rams hammering win over the Saints.

  61. randygorsuch says:

    Who is hosting this site? Clearly you are not football people. Who are you really. Your BS about the Harbaugh’s completely give’s you away as someone who knows anything about sports, let alone about football. You have my e-mail address. What the f— .

  62. Petrocelli says:


    If you think the air in Delhi looks brutal, you should try standing in it. Pollution is down to ground level and it stinks 24/7. Same for every major City in India and even some medium-sized ones.

    On another note, whoever thought it was a good idea to put Lions & Christians together in a Stadium ?

    *Ducks and runs*

  63. scribe says:

    Jerry Jones’ “look forward, not back” about tonight’s asswhipping by the Iggles merely means that the Owboys have accepted losing as their fate, place and purpose, from the top down.

  64. Bay State Librul says:


    Our apt radio announcers (we lost power) Gil Santos and his buddy Gino Cappalletti (2 pees, 2 l’s and 2 tees)thought they should have kicked deep with the two minute clock, and three time outs left. Another 4th and two mistake?

    Best quote, the Patsies came in their September collapsable Red Sox uniforms…

  65. JTMinIA says:

    I’ve always loved the silliness surrounding Miroslav Satan’s name. It peaked for me in 2009 when the Pens won the Cup and there was a great picture (that I can’t find on teh google) of him hoisting it above his head, shot from behind, so you could see his name, that caused the most grief.

  66. Petrocelli says:


    The first year that the New Jersey Devils played, every time they came to play up here, there’d be a deluge of calls from “concerned Christians”, asking why the NHL allowed such a despicable name …

  67. bmaz says:

    Alrighty here. As you can tell, I moved Trash up for ease of trashing purposes.

    So far, the RanDiego Norvals are only behind 10-0 early in the 2nd quarter.

    Happy Halloween you Wheelie Hobgoblins!!

  68. Jim White says:

    @bmaz: Good idea moving it up. I think we might need to recruit a crew to clean up the football cave and restock the likker cabinet before Marcy gets back in a couple of days.

  69. rosalind says:

    handed out the candy, turned out the lights, now for the 4th quarter.

    and a very appropriate Halloween celebrity encounter at my local grocery store earlier. Harold of “Harold & Maude”, i.e. actor Bud Cort. Right next to me in the check out line. As a mega fan of the movie from its first release, and not as an ironic affectation in my college years, my inner fangirl was very happy. when he bid hello to the checker in the same “harold” voice i almost lost it.

    hollywood out.

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