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Okay, I am going out on a limb here and moving trash up in the queue until tonights game, and any afterbirth, is over. Then either Marcy or I will return it to the bottom of the barrel where it was rescued from! Mostly, I wanted to post up this wonderful Norman Rockwell image, because it represents the greatness that is America!
THE BCS sucks, but it has a literal monopoly on major college football. It operates with the blessing of the NCAA, yet serves as a giant restraint of trade upon NCAA member schools and to the virtual exclusion of those schools which are not fortunate enough to have already bought their way into the six “BCS Conferences”. The single premise justifying this infernal setup has been that the BCS formula results in a true national championship between the two truly top teams and the best lineup for the four “BCS Bowls”, the Rose, Fiesta, Sugar and Orange.

The lineups for the games have never been necessarily that great though and, although much of the time the championship game seems to have the right two teams, it has certainly been nowhere near consistent in that regard. Friday and Saturday night blew it all to shit. First, Oklahoma State, the number 2 BCS ranked team got got beat by a very mediocre Iowa State. Then number 3 Oregon got licked by Tommy Trojan and Oklahoma got the RGIII treatment from Baylor. BOOM! The BCS rankings are in shambles, the nation is looking at another putrid rematch of that pitiful 9-6 LSU/Alabama game from earlier in the year and no telling how crappy the four named bowls will end up. There is even growing talk that the weak sister of the poor, Notre Dame, should be given a BCS bowl berth; which, although providing absolutely shitty football, always is a moneymaker.

Please, make it all stop. Now. This is the one place where I would be happy to have the idiots in the US Congress intervene. Go to it boys. End. This. Madness. Now!

Oh, hey, a shout out to Gulf Coast Pirate’s Houston Cougars, who ran up another big win against SMU to move to 11-0 for the year and will try to make it 12-0 with a season closing win over Tulsa. The Cougars deserve a nice BCS berth, they are exciting to watch. And, under protest, must also mention the confounded Wolvereenies, who actually looked competent on both sides of the ball in a big, really huge, win over Nebraska. This Brady Hoke may be the right guy in Ann Arbor, and residents/former residents there should thank the nice folks in San Diego!

On to more pleasant things where every team has the the option to play the games to win the games and take their chances in the playoffs. The NFL. Going to open the discussion with Cincinnati at Baltimore. The Bengals may not have won against the Stillers, but they sure held their own, as did rookie QB Andy Dalton. But they get another smash mouth perennial playoff division opponent today in the Ravens. Both teams are playing great defense and have competent, but far from flashy offenses. Like with the Stillers, look for the Ravens to win, but could really be a great game. Sheriff Ed Reed, meet Duelin Dalton. But in Duelin’s favor today, one cat he will not be meeting is Ray Ray Lewis, who, as Marcy commented, hasn’t missed a game in almost a Favre. But the Ravens still have Terrell Suggs and Reed, and that is a lot.

Bolts at Bears may well be the best game – potentially anyway – on the schedule this week. The Bears are clicking, the Bolts are hurting; but this is the time of year San Diego usually pours it on. Also interesting again is Carolina at Kitties. Can Cam shaft the Lions? Detroit has really fallen back to earth and one of the huge reasons has to be the nearly complete absence of a running game without Jahvid Best. Detroit should win this, but I dunno. The Iggies go visit the Gents in the “meh” game of the week, although I suppose Philly could open the door some for Dallas if they knock off Eli. Oh, and the ‘Boys are at the Skins where Sexy Rexy is baaaack. Grossman does give Washington the best chance to win (also best chance to implode), but hard to see that they have anything for Dallas at this point.

Oh, and the CheesePack tries to stay undefeated against the Buccos. Go Pack Go!! Don’t you just love the Little Jets Whiner?!

Well, there is a lot to discuss even though this is a football only Trash week, so get to jawing.

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  1. Sean Paul Kelley says:

    Houston is my alma mater so mega thanks for the shout out! It has been a fun season to watch my beloved, if often benighted, Cougars! And it is hilarious to note that there are now only two undefeated teams left in the top 25. A proper playoff would give Houston their chance.

  2. scribe says:

    @bmaz: So, they ran out of topics to cover on what has to be the boringest weekend of the No Fun League calendar, and pull out the new chestnut – Baby Jesus. This replaces the old chestnut – Favre – who could be brought up as a topic of heated discussion as needed (i.e., to fill airtime). BFD.

  3. rosalind says:

    during the Big Game broadcast last night the announcers said that several Colts reps had been hanging around the farm all week lurking around Mr. Luck.

    and injury plagued Stanford, whose receiving corps will be down to walk-ons by next week, held on for the win so, uh, yeah!

  4. scribe says:

    I heard a report on one of the sports channels last night that a bunch of the big schools, or maybe the BCS itself, were/was looking to split off from being tied to the established major bowls – Orange, Rose, Sugar, etc. – and shop the putative national championship game around, not just to the rotating existing bowls, but also to sites like JerryWorld.

    Of course, none of the athletes will get a cent. Can’t have the plantation hands get some money, lest they get uppity.

    All that said, I’ve lost a lot of my enthusiasm for college ball, in part because it’s on every fricking night of the week* and in part because it’s so divorced from the aspiation of promoting mens sana in corpore sano as to be unrecognizable as anything other than a pure commercial enterprise. If I want commerce with my football, I’ll watch my Stillers, who are on bye this week.

    – – –
    * I got more entertainment last night out of watching reruns of a couple episodes from season 1 of Batman (the first appearance of Mr. Freeze, and B&R duking it out with 5 each impostor Batmans and impostor Mr. Freezes on an ice-covered floor) than I did from watching college football.

  5. Bob Schacht says:

    I’M A BELIEVER! Tebow’s 4th quarter TD on Thursday night was something to watch, as I did in a sports bar here in Honolulu. Tebow is still learning how to throw a Pro pass, but his running sure is interesting to watch. I wonder how long it will take Tebow to get the kind of mugging teams have been handing out to Michael Vick? But he shows surprising acceleration, and shows good sense in using his blockers. And he’s got something of a fullback’s attitude– he can run with power, too.

    Didn’t Elway secure his place in Bronco history with a number of 4th quarter comebacks early in his career?

    Bob in AZ
    Temporarily in HI

  6. Jim White says:

    Heh. Gators started their game against mighty Furman down 22-7 in the first quarter, and yet today’s Gainesville Sun dared run a headline “It Could Have Been Worse”. Gators did pull the game out 54-32, but I’m glad I was at a horse show and didn’t put out the $30 for pay per view for this horse turd.

    Don’t immediately assume LSU-Alabama for the title game. LSU still has to play Arkansas, and they’re playing REALLY well right now. It would just be the best addition to all the BCS chaos for Houston to wind up as the only undefeated team but still get cheated out of appearing in the title game.

    Hmmm. Houston-Tulsa. Wonder if it will wind up like the 1968 game, which Wikipedia tells me is the only game in the history of college football where one division I team scored a hundred on another division I team.

    And bmaz just needs to embrace the fact that Teboid success is pre-ordained and he might as well enjoy it.

  7. randiego says:

    @Bob Schacht: Eventually NFL defenses are going to adjust to the option. His running room is going to get smaller and smaller.

    Elway could hit deep outs, crossing patterns, everything. Tebow is pretty much limited to the deep ball as far as I can see. He looks awful on simple crossing patterns where the guy is right in front of him. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt due to his results so far, but it’s hard to see how he’ll be successful in the long term.

    I have Raiduhs Vikings. Here come the RAIDUHs!

  8. bmaz says:

    @randiego: Rayders are killing the Vikes. Looks like Carson Palmer is starting to get comfortable there. If he does, the Boys in Black might be pretty scary down the home stretch.

    Fish are killing the Bills. What happened to the Wagon Circlers?

  9. matt carmody says:

    @bmaz: Not the least of which are his enraging displays of piety after some lucky play. Maybe he isn’t familiar with the tale of the widow and the rich man in the gospels of Luke and Mark. His public displays are the very opposite of humility and piety.
    I watch enough college-level football during the week and on Saturday, don’t need to see it on Sunday.

  10. JohnLopresti says:

    what league is the har-bowl in; it’s played Thanksgiving this year.

    when I was in BC there was no big east. Then I looked it up on a sports site; must be about basketball. there is an adult joke which was published in ~1991 in the faculty newspaper about bc women and the big east conference which shall not be repeated in print here.

    However, there was something called the cotton boll, or cotton Bowl.

    the big deal for bc back then was a gig at the gotham bowl. where’s that in NYc? follow the signs at the OWS encampment, then turn left, way left.

  11. scribe says:

    @bmaz: They had that whole Amish beard thing going in the stands, like Fitzpatrick’s growth. Then there was that deal with the breakaway Amish in Ohio going on beard-cutting rampages against those they considered heretics.

    I can’t escape the thought there’s some cosmic connection.

  12. emptywheel says:

    If only the Kitties would ever show up for a first half they might have a shot at greatness.

    Thursday would be a nice time to start.

  13. emptywheel says:

    Also, I can’t decide who to root for in the Bolts-Bears.

    Part of me wants the Bears to win and the NFC North to get both the wild cards (we can hope).

    Part of me wants some space between the Kitties and the Bears.

  14. scribe says:

    @matt carmody: American fundamentalists operating under the moniker “Christian” are known for a total absence of humility and true piety. “Pharisaical” is a better adjective to describe them.

  15. emptywheel says:

    @scribe: 4, as compared to his 1 TD pass and 2 TD runs. Stafford had 2 picks (a huge improvement over last week–maybe he’s learning to throw with a broken finger), and 5 TDs.

    Plus, the Kitties had a bit of a run game; Kevin Smith had 140 years.

    Still not enough to beat the Packers, but who knows. Sometimes we play out of our skull on Turkey Day.

  16. randiego says:

    Holy christ. A winnable game, yet the Chargers can’t get out of their own way to get it done.

    With FOUR starting OLs out this week, there was no way they were going to win, and yet they were within range at the end. Yet they still managed to give away the gifts the Bears kept handing them. That double timeout call by Norv was a thing of beauty.

    From 4-1 to 4-6. “The Lost Season”, Norv’s last.

  17. GulfCoastPirate says:

    Thanks for the shout out. Yesterday was a tremendous day for us old Coogs who remember how things used to be before some of our fellow Texas brethren decided we needed to be shut out so those who couldn’t beat us on an equal playing field could stack the field in their favor. You fucking assholes know who you are.

    There were a lot of Sugar Bowl and Orange Bowl people down here yesterday. Word today is they’re talking about, if everything works out and the right people keep winning (Alabama and LSU rematch in championship game) they want a UH – Michigan matchup in the Sugar Bowl. I don’t follow the Big 10 enough to know if this is possible but it should make for a great trash talk around here and we can meet at my house for the drive to New Orleans (got plenty of room).

    I think it is safe to say that ESPN’s Gameday at UH produced two of its most memorable moments. Corso’s ‘fuck it’ shoutout to UH and Heisman Boy.

  18. GulfCoastPirate says:

    @Jim White: No, we won’t put a hundred on them this time. We just want to win. Tulsa’s only loses have been to Boise, OU and Okie Lite. They’re a damn good team that runs under the radar, so to speak. They have a very good QB (a transfer from the whorns during the Colt years) and an offensive line that protects him. Should be a great game.

  19. GulfCoastPirate says:

    @emptywheel: We don’t have to make a case we’ve been robbed. Everyone down here knows it whether anyone else in the country does or doesn’t. I HATE getting ahead of myself but I think UM would be a greeat oppenent. They have a big following, a good QB and the game would get plenty of TV exposure. At this point that’s good enough for us.

    Plus, I’d get to buy you dinner in New Orleans. How about Restaurant August? One of John Besh’s places that we’ve been to and like a lot. You couldn’t see your boys head to New Orleans and not go could you?

    Frak, there I go getting ahead of myself. Got to beat Tulsa first. I had Elaine laughing like crazy coming back from the game last night. I told her the stories of when we were kids playing football/baseball that when you won you wouldn’t let your mother wash your socks, jock or underwear because it was bad luck when you were on a winning streak. If anyone came to the games looking clean we got pissed and figured we were going to lose. I’ve got my ‘uniform’ put away and she knows if she washes it I’m going to get pissed. You can put the stuff in the dryer to freshen it up but no washing.

    Not that I’m superstitious or anything …………….

  20. Jim White says:

    Okay, that was cool. NBC showed the chalk on the football to prove it hit the ground on a yard marker. Like the old shoe polish on the baseball to prove the batter fouled the ball off his foot.

  21. Bob Schacht says:

    Hey, the Iggles’ QB committee is doing OK, and their defense is playing pretty well. Add in all those passes the Giants’ receivers are dropping, and things look OK for the Iggles.

    Bob in AZ
    temporarily in HI

  22. emptywheel says:

    @scribe: I know! I was on Virtually Speaking and missed a whole half of Bad Eli?

    I think it’s return on the bad karma of NYPD’s stupid terror porn.

  23. stephen dossick MD says:

    Hi bmaz, Wheel,

    Since my first post to you 6 1/2 weeks ago when the cops sprayed the hippy chicks that Saturday on 12th street below my office window, I have become the volunteer psychiatrist to OWS, Zuccotti version. (yes, I have stories). Well today, I had to leave my beloved Dolphins in the 3rd qtr to go downtown to our Medical Support group meeting–it’s me and a bunch of commie docs. BTW, they allow my fins back on TV now, and Matt Moore can play! They must have been going nuts at the official fins NY bar, Third and Long. Anyway, I want to give you an update on those brain dead cops. Monday night they completely destroyed our new medical tent and supplies as well as our treatment records. They dragged out a woman who was sleeping there because she recently had heart surgery. But the worst thing I heard at our meeting was that some of the peoples’ dogs are missing after the raid, and people are saying they were swept up with the tents. The motherfucking NYPD threw the doggies in the trash. That is seriously bad law enforcement.

  24. stephen dossick MD says:

    Remember this was related as a rumor, and that’s sick, but it’s not so different than the attitude of some of the police towards the protesters. they live in another world and they’re nasty to begin with. And violence is everyday real to them.

  25. stephen dossick MD says:

    That’s right. We’re actually trying to do something about that. Putting something together this week and getting it out. They were acquainted with the medical tent, but given the signal they felt free to act any way they felt. The cops treat Occupy like they’re running an operation against potential terrorists. It’s crazy. I was there Thursday night doing reception near 1 Police plaza for the kids being released from the arrests earlier. They were mostly bright super nice kids in their early to mid 20s. They’re willing to put themselves on the line for everybody’s future. This the NYPD meets with riot gear and guns. they go into churches tracking where they are. Since when can’t Americans protest in front of the NYSE? The barricaded streets around the Exchange was to prevent terrorists access. Now that’s how non-violent American protesters are treated

  26. freepatriot says:

    jes makin a late night epu to correct some misconceptions

    1st, there’s this; Didn’t Elway secure his place in Bronco history with a number of 4th quarter comebacks early in his career?

    it was something like 47 fourth quarter comebacks

    an elway could throw a football 90 yards right handed an 70 yards left handed

    tebow jesus has got a ways to go …

    2nd, houston is gitin HOSED

    an to finish up, the cops at uc davis might face assault charges for the pepper spraying bullshit, so it ain’t all bad

  27. Govt Mule says:

    @randiego: Touchdown Jesus has one of the weakest arms I have ever seen. He can’t throw the ball more than 20 yards in the air and even the shorter throws look like a wounded duck. I’ve seriously seen Pee Wee QBs w/ more arm strength. The only reason why he has even won any of his starts is because he’s a glorified RB and NFL defenses are not geared to stopping running quarterbacks. They really should put eight or nine men in the box and dare him to throw.

  28. bmaz says:

    @jo6pac: Hey, we already gots an onside kick! On a quick trick set too!

    Oops, the Piolis not execute shock onside kick so well.

    You know, it is always a good plan to give Tom Brady a short field.

  29. emptywheel says:

    @bmaz: This has always felt like the Kitties game last year: Backup QB on a team that depended on him. If you recall, the Kitties did very well for themselves.

    NE’s D sucks ass. Really, really sucks ass. Why did we get rid of Merriweather again?

  30. emptywheel says:

    Did you see that? Romeo’s brought his A game. Which every team will repeat now.

    Basically: Dare an injured Brady to throw to 85.

  31. bmaz says:

    Just in case you all have not heard, these items are open for discussion:

    1) The University of Arizona Wildcats, who could have hired Rick Leach for almost nothing, shunned him and hired loser Rich Rod, ex-coach of some Weenies in Ann Arbor.

    2) Penn State hired one of the chippiest, more money and oxygen consuming techno-turd assholes in the history of law and law enforcement, backstabbing pouty butt Louis Freeh, as its “investigator”. Bleech.

    3) Chicago needs some new Cutlery. Can you say Favre?

  32. emptywheel says:

    @bmaz: 2, continued: Louis Freeh doesn’t like computers. One of the big questions in this case is how The Second Mile’s computer files disappeared.

  33. emptywheel says:

    Hey, the PAts just showed up, after letting the Foxboro High JV team play the first half.

    Just in time, too.

  34. GulfCoastPirate says:

    @bmaz: Why do these schools hire people that have no recruiting experience in their areas? Has Rod ever had a kid from Arizona play for him anywhere else? When UH hired Sumlin it was mostly because he was the SE Texas/LA recruiter for OU (plus Stoops made a lot of calls on his behalf). He already knew all the HS coaches and where the kids were located. Is there not a young guy somewhere who is a promising coach and has some built in AZ recruiting ties? The Stoops in AZ was a good coach but you can’t make chicken salad out of chicken shit. You still need someone that has an ‘in’ with the high school coaches so you can find the kids you need to round out a squad.

    I also hear Urban will be taking the Ohio State job. Does this mean they’re going to get off like Auburn?

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