When the Preet Promotion Industry Speaks, the Nation Gets Nervous

In an article with the URL “when-preet-bharara-speaks-the-shady-get-nervous,” the WaPo repeats a now familiar formula for stories boosting US Attorney Preet Bharara’s fortune: lots of quotes from political powerful allies…

“If [Bharara] smells corruption, he’ll go after it and figure out a way to corral it,” [Chuck] Schumer said. “But he will not make up cases for the sake of making up cases.”

Lots of celebration of recent headlines (I mean, cmon, as I understand it, indicting corrupt NY officials has become the prosecutorial equivalent of shooting fish in a barrel)…

“For the second time in three days, we unseal criminal charges against a sitting member of our state legislature,” Bharara, 44, said during the Thursday afternoon news conference in downtown Manhattan. This time, the U.S. attorney accused a Bronx assemblyman of accepting bribes as part of a scheme to aid developers, which Bharara called “a fairly neat trick” that amounted to “a legislator selling legislation.”

And lots of hints that scream “Pick Preet! Promote Preet!”

It is now highly unlikely that the White House would forget about Bharara, as administration officials somehow did in 2009, when they failed to invite the Indian American powerhouse to the Indian state dinner.


Such concerns are unlikely to slow down Bharara. Considered politically astute by observers in Washington and New York, Bharara made a point of not taking sides in the 2008 Democratic presidential primary that pitted then-senators Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton. He has been rumored as a possible successor to his boss, Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr., either in the current administration or the next Democratic one.

But not one word about his failure to hold anyone accountable for the 2008 financial crash (aside from citing last year’s Time magazine story that falsely claimed “This Man Is Busting Wall Street”).

But Chuck Schumer and Preet’s other boosters appear to believe that’s the formula that will get Preet nominated to replace Eric Holder.

Sadly, they’re probably right.

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  1. P J Evans says:

    Apparently Wall Street wants Schumer to take over the Banking Committee. That means they’ve already got a good handle on him.

  2. masaccio says:

    We know he’ll get Chuch Schumer’s vote. Refusing to prosecute banks and their criminal employees is a plus with the Obama Administration.

  3. Nic108 says:

    I’d like to see Bharara indict Shmuck Schumer D-Wall Street, the sleaziest of all corporatist Dems.

  4. orionATL says:

    senator schumer wants a naturalized american citizen to be the next attorney-general?

    have we run put of candidates whose families have been here a tad longer – like maybe a generation or two?

    what would the number of qualified candidates be in this country of 360+ million?

    a dozen? a dozen and a half?

    and schumer wants to see his gunga din in power in order to protect wall street for another 4 yrs?

    “oh, it’s gunga this

    and gunga that,

    and gunga please fetch jaime daemon his hat.”

    the problem is not bhararar. it’s the slick, slippery senator up-chuck schumer.

    it’s time his bad judgement retired itself from the senate.

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