When “They” Go Low, The WHCA Grovels In The Gutter With Them

So, Trump accused the American press of being “enemies of the state”:

“A few days ago I called the fake news the enemy of the people, and they are — they are the enemy of the people,” Trump told the annual Conservative Political Action Conference.

Well, golly, what did that mean?? Yes, it is soooo hard, hard, to tell….OH, maybe not!

The White House on Friday barred news outlets — including CNN, the New York Times, Politico and the Los Angeles Times — from attending an off-camera press briefing held by spokesman Sean Spicer, igniting another controversy concerning the relationship between the Trump administration and the media.

Yes, it is so hard to tell, for the press, when all your love is in vain. But it is. From the WaPo:

President Trump will not attend the White House correspondents’ dinner this year.

Trump announced his decision on Twitter late Saturday afternoon. The dinner is scheduled for April 29.

Despite many people long advocating that the White House Correspondents Association get out in front of this, they, via their “leader”, Jeff Mason, remained cluelessly behind the Trumpian Eight Ball. The ostrich like action by Mason and the WHCA is almost comical, if not a total clownshow.

Here is the deal Mr. Mason, if you and the WHCA want to get your collective heads out of your asses, there are a LOT of people that would fund your scholarships at a LOT higher level that you do from your craven “Nerd Prom”.

So, does Jeff Mason and the WHCA continue on in the face of total humiliation, or do they do the right thing, cancel their yearly shitshow, and direct the resultant love to their precious scholarships?

I, personally, will be waiting to hear from the recalcitrant Jeff Mason. America wants to love the press. But not if they are unrepentant stenographer fools. So, Jeff Mason, what kind of leader of the WHCA are you? A stenographer, or a fool? Times have changed. If you cannot, you and the organization you purport to lead are dead fish.

What are you going to be, Mr. Jeff Mason? A toad, or a hero that reacts positively to strife? You could have gotten out in front of this blindingly obvious shitshow, but you diddled and twiddled your thumbs. What are you going to do now Jeff?

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  1. earlofhuntingdon says:

    So famously thin-skinned Donaldo refuses to be roasted by famously supine White House reporters.  Would that those reporters roasted him in absentia, using the  term broadly.

    • bloopie2 says:

      Absolutely.  They can put together a one-hour back and forth.  Show a quick video of a Trump lie, then a correspondent stands up and tells the truth.  Again and again and again and again.  Think there’s enough material so far to fill an hour?  Bet he’d never let a single one of them in again.

      • Desider says:

        They could skip the whole thing – just donate 1/10o0th of the money made each time providing Trump free media coverage – should be in the 10s of millions.

        Since they’re not going to stop doing it, nor is it likely it will get that much more intelligent, at least the next generation can try to cut its teeth funded from illgotten Pennies from Bannon.

        [PS – software glitch – to respond to X, you actually click respond to the post before X or it does nothing]

  2. bloopie2 says:

    Oh, and one more thing.  Presidential press conferences are almost always news-less.  Why glorify them any longer?  Instead of all those reporters standing there, just have an empty room with a single small video camera on a tripod, broadcasting a feed.  Trump, of course, needing a crowd to feed off of, would go nuts.

    • bmaz says:

      It is a benefit. For scholarships for journalism students. My suggestion was that all news agencies boycott it and, instead, donate the money to the purported scholarships the  event is supposed to sponsor.

      I will bet dollars to donuts though that covering the actual proceeds that go to scholarships could be easily crowdfunded.

      • Desider says:

        But think of the dent it’ll make in the comedy sector – all those joke writers have their biggest challenge of the year making both politicians and journalists look witty and entertaining while promoting the myth that either are interested in doing their jobs.

        Of course with Fox pulling in $2.3 billion, CNN $1.2 billion and MSNBC $580 million, with CNN especially surging on the back of Donald tweets, it’s anyone’s guess why they have to go through the charade of a fund-raiser “Nerd Prom” to support new journalists, rather then just pulling out a megasize roll of money and peeling off $10 or $20 million for an obviously self-serving cause.

  3. Bitter Angry Drunk says:

    Big-media journalists by their nature are thin-skinned pricks who make everything about them. Notice the baseball writers never cared about Curt Schilling’s unending vile bullshit until he said mean things about journalists. Now they’ll keep him out of the Hall of Fame — an honor he actually earned over his playing career — for spite.

    In this case, they have to have their nerd prom, and they’ll spend this next one so ceaselessly and lamely mocking that loathsome POS in the White House that he’ll come out looking sympathetic. I’m thinking Samantha Bee and Glenn Beck as co-emcees…

    • bloopie2 says:

      That’s the thing.  It’s got to be done right.  Don’t mock him, and do get away from the “roast” aspect of it.  Then, you won’t be accused of bias.  Instead, just tell the truth about him.  Calmly, factually, and devastatingly counter every one of his lies, straight up, one after another, for all the world to see. No mocking, no jokes (his lies alone will get plenty of laughter), and the reporters will come off looking honest and clean, and he will come off as “Lyin’ Don”.  It’s got to be done that way.  An hour of Rosie and Alec Baldwin won’t win over any minds, but this will.

  4. earlofhuntingdon says:

    Mr. Trump is more devout than Dick Cheney in avoiding any venue that is not adulatory. In a politician, indeed ANY position of leadership, that’s a laughable attribute. It ought to be the lede in any roast of el presidente. So should a list of other politicians, largely from among Asian, African and Latin American dictators, who share Mr. Trump’s acute aversion to criticism. Needless to say, it’s also an aversion shared by feuding White House cliques vying for Mr. Trump’s ear, all of whom depend on anonymity as they aspire to unaccountable power.

  5. lefty665 says:

    Very nice bmaz. Glad to see you’ve shed your reticence and come out with a real opinion:)  Journalists contributing the cost to their education fund would likely net more money than the WHCA dinner, but it would not allow for the preening and self aggrandizing that the show provides. Not sure how to replace that “added value”. OTOH a Trumpless event mc’d by Colbert could be a “really big show” as Ed Sullivan used to say and would provide all the necessary opportunities for puffery and ego stroking.


  6. Brad says:

    Well I’ll enjoy watching the MSM get a dose of what they’ve dished out to the left for decades. Exclusion.  How’s it feel now that you’re out on your own?  Like a rolling stone?

    You used to be so amused.

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