Byron York Confirms that Many Names and Sources Implicated Carter Page as an Agent of a Foreign Power

Adam Schiff’s complaints that Republicans won’t release his FISA memo in tandem with the Devin Nunes being reviewed for release at the White House must be doing damage: a bunch of Republicans, including Tom Rooney, ran to Byron York to try to spin the release process as a fair application of process.

But there was also a rare moment of bipartisanship for the bitterly divided panel. At the same meeting, Republicans and Democrats voted unanimously to make the Democratic memo — the counter-memo to the Republican document — available to all members of the House.

That is the same process Republicans, under chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., followed with their memo. First, make it available to House members. (That happened on Jan. 18.) Later, after members of both parties have had a chance to read the memo, decide whether to release it to the public.

But along the way, an anonymous source who might be Rooney had this to say:

“It was written by attorneys as a rebuttal to our memo, but it’s not going to move their argument forward,” noted one Republican member who has read the Democratic paper. “It’s too detailed, too confusing, and far more personal — they go after [Nunes] again and again.

The member noted that that Democratic memo contains far more classified information — names and sources — than the GOP paper. “It is much more revealing [of classified information],” he said. “It’s going to have to be heavily redacted before it can be released. We wrote our memo with the hope that it would be released to the American people. Their memo will have to be heavily redacted.”

The anonymous source who might be Rooney admits that the Schiff memo contains far more references to names and sources than the Nunes memo.

What the anonymous source who might be Rooney admits is that there are far more names and sources that implicated Carter Page as an agent of a foreign power than what Nunes’ memo — which reportedly focuses primarily on how the Steele dossier served as one source for at least three FISA applications against Carter Page — admits.

Thanks for clearing that up, Congressman Rooney.

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  1. Trip says:

    “We wanted to release our memo without context and supporting references/docs”.

    And did you see Paul Ryan, when asked why he wouldn’t release the Dem memo, he responds by saying they followed procedure? Which was not the question. They could have followed procedure and approved its release as well, with redactions, if need be. What an absolute farce.

    You’re right, Marcy. They don’t want this info out there, but it’s gonna seep out.

  2. pseudonymous in nc says:

    Nice to see the Bouffant Brigade at work.

    “We wanted to test ‘Falsehood flies, and the Truth comes limping after it’ and wrote our memo accordingly.”

  3. SpaceLifeForm says:

    ‘too detailed, too confusing’

    And the memowars continue.

    Apparently, ‘too detailed, too confusing’ means that it is not simple enough to just be a talking point on Faux Noise.

    The Greedy Old Party is really worried about midterms.

  4. Alan Conley says:

    Russian spies used tickets and hats to try to hide New York activities, FBI says @CNN

    According to Rachel Maddow last night on her show she stated this is where Carter Pages name came up and the reason why he had FISA and being surveiled. I cannot find any confirmation of that. I do remember this when it happened. They gave the russians information in notebooks and thenotebooks had microphones in them. If this is the case he deserved to survieled.

  5. earlofhuntingdon says:

    Translation of Republican talking points:

    “We used short words and sentences the president could have read to him, no information, all bilge. 

    The Democrats’ rebuttal is more than one page, uses too many words the president can’t pronounce or remember, and rebuts lies based on facts we only implied.  Ours flew off the shelves.  Theirs’ll never sell.”


  6. SpaceLifeForm says:

    Did Nunes get a vowel handed to him today?
    JIT to talk to potus b4 sotu?

    Apparently, Schiff and Pelosi went to SCIF today, then Pelosi left, then Nunes went in.

    Recall the Boyd letter, inadvertent reveal of ‘stuff’. Boyd knows that Nunes did *NOT* have clear picture. Recall that the memo was put together by Nunes’ staff. Kash Patel and Doug Presley.

    Why do Patel and Presley have clearance?

    Re-threading ‘stuff’.

    [This points back to Dutch IC, finding APT29, aka Cozy Bear and informing FBI. Note ‘year ago’ would be 2015]

    The material was marked with additional restrictions and assigned a unique codeword, limiting access to a small number of officials who needed to know that U.S. spy agencies had concluded that two Russian intelligence agencies or their proxies were targeting the Democratic National Committee, the central organizing body of the Democratic Party.
    [‘small number of officials’ – Gang of Eight?
    That would not include Patel or Presley in my book]


    Nunes also said the information collected was not part of an investigation into Russia and that he believed it was obtained legally.
    [This does not seem to be his tune past months. If obtained legally, why all this memowar bs now? Maybe Pelosi is spot on]


    Schiff told reporters Thursday he would go read the documents the White House is providing, but that the timing of their finding concerned him, as they came on the say day as the Times report. He added that he received the White House letter on surveillance just as Spicer was announcing at his daily briefing that the correspondence had been sent.

      • Trip says:

        To add a rich level to the refusal to answer questions, Devin Nunes and Paul Ryan want the memo released as an act of “transparency”.

        Paul Ryan: “But I think disclosure is the way to go. It’s the best disinfectant. And I think we need to disclose, that brings us accountability, that brings us transparency…” ah-hah.

        So will he be directing full disclosure from Nunes, or are there some things he would like kept in the dark and contaminated?

        • SpaceLifeForm says:

          However that angle turns out, unless someone buys potus all of the vowels (including the letter ‘y’) before sop friday eve dump, all kinds of ‘stuff’ will become visible.

          I’m going with an over/under of five “peices of ‘stuff’ ” that I will be able to discern.
          (not to imply that I would point them out, just that plenty of others will be able to also. This will probably confirm ‘inadvertent reveals’ also)

          Potus should say no, but it’s a pik’em.

          He should *NOT* do a pocket-NONveto.

          Two more days of metadata before mess.

        • Trip says:

          A little cryptic there, @ Space. Some of it I get, a lot not.  A tiny bit more of a hint, please on the 5 pieces. Will this have something to do with 5 eyes?

        • SpaceLifeForm says:

          No, not FVEY. 5 pieces of intel ‘stuff’.

          It will not matter if it is the original memo, the doctored version (Surgeon Nunes), or a final redacted version (redacted from original or the Surgeon Nunes version will be an issue btw), it just won’t matter.

          One will be able to carefully parse and find ‘stuff’ that will be inadvertently revealed. ‘Stuff’ that surely is classified.

  7. klynn says:

    So Russian intel comes for a secret visit to the US…And then Nunes produces this document that aims at the FISA order on Carter Page? Oh for crying out loud…We are being played by the Russians.

  8. NABNYC says:

    The Trump people are essentially claiming that the Fisa warrant issued to wiretap Carter Page was improperly issued because it was based on the Steele dossier, which contains allegations which are unproven or false.  If the warrant was improperly obtained, they suggest, that means the FBI and DOJ are motivated by bias against Trump, and at least Rod Rosenstein must be fired.  A new attorney will be appointed to head the Mueller investigation but will also be assigned 5000 trials on other matters, with no assistance, so will be unable to move forward on the Mueller investigation.  I also think they plan to go to court and argue that the entire Mueller investigation must be terminated and all the evidence destroyed because the Fisa warrant was improperly issued (discussed above), so everything that flows from that is the fruit of the poisonous tree and cannot be used in any proceeding.  I think this is where they are headed.  Remember, Trump has the support of some big legal brains outside the white house.  Another way to push this along would be for Sessions to simply instruct the DOJ to not submit a brief arguing against termination of the proceedings.  That means we really need amicus briefs.  Or maybe it just means we lose.

    • bmaz says:

      First off, senior officials at DOJ main do not do trials, so that is baloney. There is no court jurisdiction to shut Mueller down or to mandate what happens with his work product, so “they” (your term) won’t be availing of that. For the same reasons, there will be no “briefs” or “amicus briefs” either.

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