On Oath Keeper Jeremy Brown’s Asymmetric Treatment

CNN got a lot of people in a tizzy by incorrectly claiming that a 404b notice filed Friday included new information about the Oath Keeper conspiracy (this story, from Kyle Cheney, makes no claim this is new information). None of the general allegations — that Jessica Watkins had explosives making recipe at her house, that Thomas Caldwell had a list targeting a Georgia election official, that the Oath Keepers did a variety of training sessions before the insurrection — are new. They’ve shown up in detention motions going back to January 2021.

Perhaps the most inflammatory allegation, regarding former Special Forces guy Jeremy Brown, describes that the grenade discovered in Brown’s RV when the FBI searched his property in September was in the RV as it drove to DC for the insurrection.

Jeremy Brown is currently an unindicted co-conspirator in the Oath Keeper conspiracy.2 In November 2020, Brown led the Florida chapter of the Oath Keepers in a training on “unconventional warfare.” See ECF No. 167 at ¶ 22. During this period, he messaged extensively with Florida-based co-conspirators on Signal.3 For example, on November 9, he messaged, “As I am sure you all have plenty of ammo and guns. What I suspect we are not deep on are burner phones and phone cards. These will be needed in great numbers as part of a clandestine comms plan.”

In preparation for January 6, 2021, Brown continued to participate on Signal chats with Rhodes and various Florida Oath Keepers, including Meggs, Kenneth Harrelson and Caleb Berry, regarding transportation to Washington, D.C. on January 6:

We have a RV an Van going. Plenty of Gun Ports left to fill. We can pick you up… If you can, come to my house anytime Saturday. You can stop by and drop stuff off, or stay the night. This way we can load plan, route plan, and conduct PCIs (Pre Combat Inspections). I would LIKE to depart by 0645 on Sunday morning, Jan 3rd. Push through to the NC linkup on the 3rd, RON (Rest Over Night) there, then push to DC on the 4th. This will give us the 4th/5th to set up, conduct route recons, CTR (Close Target Reconnaissance) and any link ups needed with DC elements.

On January 4, 2021, Brown supplied a helmet to Florida Oath Keeper Berry, who met Brown at Brown’s house, and then caravanned with Berry, Meggs, Harrelson and other Florida Oath Keepers first to North Carolina, where they rendezvoused with additional Oath Keepers, and then to the Washington, D.C. area.

The same day, January 4, Meggs informed Jessica Watkins and other co-conspirators via Signal that Brown would be assisting in the Washington, D.C. operation, writing, “Jessica you have 4 working the detail from Ohio. Padimaster you have 6 confirmed for detail from SC. If correct that gives us 27 man team I like it!! Perfect mi with 4-5 medics in the group. I’ll keep working on overall contact between Natl/congress team and stop the steal team for scheduling etc… Kenneth Harrelson runs the ground team. Whippit and Jeremy Brown will assist him especially when we are moving!” Upon arrival in the Washington, D.C. area, Brown deposited various weapons at the Comfort Inn hotel in Virginia that served as the staging area for the QRF. During this same period, Meggs informed Berry that Brown possessed explosives in his Recreational Vehicle (“RV”). 4

The government subsequently seized explosives from Brown. On September 30, 2021, pursuant to an authorized search warrant, the government seized two illegal short barrel firearms from Brown’s residence and military ordinance grenades from Brown’s RV—the same RV that Brown used to travel to Washington, D.C. on January 6.

4 The government is unaware whether Brown deposited the explosives at the Comfort Inn in Virginia or retained them in his RV, which he parked in College Park, Maryland.

Substantially that same information appeared in a detention dispute for Brown in February.

These details have, probably, gone largely unnoticed because Brown is, thus far, only charged for trespassing in conjunction with January 6; he is charged in Florida for his arsenal and some classified documents he kept from his service in Afghanistan. That trial is currently scheduled to start August 1.

Let that be a lesson not to sleep on the misdemeanor cases, because some of them are quite important!

His inclusion in this 404b notice, however, does raise questions about his asymmetric treatment, thus far. He didn’t enter the building — but that’s true of Thomas Caldwell (who is accused of playing a leadership role) or Bennie Parker (who is not) as well. If he is treated as an unindicted co-conspirator, then why isn’t he a charged conspirator?

Indeed, Brown — who is representing himself but who as of recently had two pro bono lawyers expecting to share his discovery without filing notices of appearance — asked just that question in a status hearing on June 23. He noted that the full Oath Keeper team had been added to his case and was demanding the discovery from the sedition case, wanting to share it with those unnamed pro bono standby attorneys. He demanded to know whether he would be charged with sedition.

At the hearing, prosecutor Louis Manzo said there was no plan to add him to the sedition trial scheduled for September. When Brown noted that that didn’t preclude him being added to the lesser Oath Keeper conspiracy, Manzo said that as of now DOJ had no plan to add him to either of the existing conspiracies, though wanted to avoid committing to it.

Obviously, that could change. DOJ only recently added the field leader for the day, Michael Greene/Simmons to the lesser conspiracy. And if he were acquitted in the Florida trial, DOJ would likely charge him in DC to keep him detained — they believed he was dangerous even before the insurrection.

But I can’t help but wonder whether DOJ has some other plan for him.

Update: To clarify something for those claiming this asymmetry reflects a lack of seriousness on DOJ’s part, what DOJ has done is charge Brown with crimes that could represent ~80 years in jail (though would more likely end up in the 10-20 year range), all without having to risk him fucking up the main sedition case, even while allowing DOJ to use his actions against the accused seditionists. That is, this may reflect a way to hold Brown accountable in a way that gives him the least ability to fuck up the main case.

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  1. pizza says:

    I know it’s been asked before, but why are there so many grown-ass men and women (mostly dumbass men) who think it’s just so natural to dress up in full Ebay-bought gear and play little solder-person in the name of some Godforsaken, nutso conspiracy theory?
    I mean, they are all over the national, and international news looking like, I’m at a loss for words how dumb they allow themselves to look, but to them it’s like perfectly natural and not embarrassing at all. Some serious Russian/Chinese/North Korean/whatever sublimnal shit going on here for real. They should have all been so embarrassed (in more normal times anyway) by just seeing themselves on NBC news or what have you that this should have all been over many months ago. But no! It’s just not getting through how completely stupid they look – TO ALL THE WORLD!!!!

  2. pdaly says:

    Thanks for the heads up that Michael Greene/Simmons/’Person 10′ was finally indicted in late June 2022.

    From the Greene indictment (note: Greene/Simmons also went by the Signal handle “Whip” and “Whiplash”), this quote made me think of emptywheel’s comment that Simmons/Greene parked his car, in which Rhodes road to insurrection, near the Jefferson Memorial on 1/6/21 and emptywheel wondered what might be in the trunk:

    “48. On January 2, 2021, Rhodes messaged Kelly Meggs on Signal, “If you want to stow weapons with Whip you can. He’ll have a secure car trunk or his hotel room (or mine).””

  3. Thomas says:

    Recently, news organizations reported that Jan 6 defendants are demanding, in their discovery requests, sensitive, and even secret information about the security features in the Capitol, including measurements of specific areas that could be weaponized to provide mapping cababilities for drones.

    These individuals, it was reported, sought this information in order to put it in court filings that could be accessed by the public.

    These vicious, dangerous criminals are using what resources are availed to them to pass intel to outside accomplices to aid in another terrorist attack. That’s my opinion, but isn’t it obvious?

    The news stories reported that these individuals were not allowed to get the information that they sought, nor to file it for public access.

    The fact that they tried to do this, should be another charge. And it should be a heads up to the FBI that the organizations to which these individuals belong, and affiliates, are a red hot active terrorist threat.

    It is also my opinion that these crackpots can be very cunning, and that they are wary enough to realize that the Republican Party will lose the next election VERY BADLY.

    They are planning, in my opinion, another attack on the Capitol in the near future, as well as attacks on state capitols.

    These organizations should be considered as much of a threat as Al-Queda was.

    If the government had evidence of 50k members of Al-Queda cells all over the country casing government buildings, stocking up military weapons and explosives, would they be allowing their leaders to spread disinformation and incitement to millions of people every single day, and just sit and wait for them to launch an attack?

    Make sure you give them EVERY accomodation, ok? You don’t want to look unfair, do you? Smoking ruins and blasted dead bodies are a good price to pay to make sure we are doing everything we can for the terrorists.

    And make sure that you preserve the “free speech rights” of organizations commiting wire fraud every day for the sake of these terrorists. They are entitled to incite violence, right? No laws about that, is there? Good job boys. You are doing a stand up job letting vicious violent criminals carry on.

    I’m looking at this and thinking “Surely this report will be followed by another showing that the FBI is on the case, rounding up terrorists”
    But no.

    The Republican Party is simultaneously passing laws at the state level to put more military weapons in the hands of their terrorist friends.

    The openly seditious Supreme Court is assisting in the project as well. They are currently planning to end democracy in September before the next election, too, in addition to prohibiting states from regulating the weapons.

    But just sit there, please! Stare into space a little longer, musing about the intent of the fascist leader.

    • Judy says:

      By September are you referring to SCOTUS coming back in to session and Moore vs Harper being argued?

      • LadyHawke says:

        Supreme Court sessions begin the first Monday in October: 10/3/22. Betting that crackpot, but dangerous “independent state legislature doctrine” case will be argued early in the term.

  4. Retired guy says:

    Thank you, Dr.Wheeler for the context.

    Speculation: Brown was not included in the recently superseded OK indictment, because he will be in the next level seditious conspiracy indictment. I propose this next indictment will accuse those who were involved in orchestrating the call of the militias and hundreds of random dudes to come to DC geared up, prepared for violence, and some of them maybe knowing they were going to break into the Capitol. This indictment may or may not include other threads of the stop the steal project, if the number of defendants is not too big.

    Analysis: Brown is on the boundary between the Florida OKs and the Florida Republican Party organization, as he had an unsuccessful run for US Rep. There were a lot of Republican charter busses from Florida. If the FL Republican Party and the Trump campaign had a role in the call for the breach, add in Roger Stone, and you got a tight link to the former president, and maybe others in the Willard.

    As prosecution of large criminal conspiracies goes from bottom up, we don’t yet know what the next level would look like. Using the Brown speculation, the next level might be individual states. The indictment for Pennsylvania might be a limiting case, with a large number of violent rioters, lots of busses, alternate electors, and strange actions by the state legislature, perhaps all mobilized by a small number of state party officials connected to the national campaign, a key nexus of the conspiracy.

    What a puzzle.

    • emptywheel says:

      I wouldn’t think of him as a higher level. Certainly, Tarrio has more ties with the institutional Republicans than Brown does. But in his arrest affidavit, they DID include a Parler text Brown sent to Stone, offering to drive him to insurrection.

      • Retired guy says:

        You are probably right. Brown is unlikely to show up as a defendant in new indictments, unless other, currently publicly unknown information makes for a stronger next level indictment.

        Another point in my comment is the notion of next level conspiracy indictments being structured by State, indicting a small number of party actors who had their fingers in the Capitol breach, alternate electors, and pressure on state legislatures to do unconstitutional things. Pennsylvania seems obvious, as many of the actions were in public view, by prominent officials, like Mastriano.

        It is speculation, but a top ring indictment that includes people like Mastriano and the former president’s immediate co-conspirators might have an unworkable number of defendants, if you consider crimes in at least 7 states.

      • Eureka says:

        “Not to be confused with Master Diver (United States Navy)”…

        Funny coincidence, when I was looking into this yesterday I located a Russian(-?) troll colony/botnet posing as USN specialist (EOD) divers. Most are sleepers; one last seen spewing Putin-related urls in 2014; another currently active (anti-vax anchored with Great Replacement).

        Who’s really working on those (good research/surveillance) these days?

    • earlofhuntingdon says:

      PADI is an acronym for the Professional Association of Diving Instructors. It’s been around for over 50 years, and is one of the major associations that certifies ratings for recreational scuba diving (and some, more advanced, technical diving).

      Covers diving up to 130 feet, but usually less than 100. Most rec divers descend less than 70. The greater the depth, the more training and specialist gear/air mixes needed. Sadly, the organization is now owned by private equity.

    • Eureka says:

      I meant what is Padimaster’s identity — who is (I assume) he? From the quoted excerpt:

      The same day, January 4, Meggs informed Jessica Watkins and other co-conspirators via Signal that Brown would be assisting in the Washington, D.C. operation, writing, “Jessica you have 4 working the detail from Ohio. Padimaster you have 6 confirmed for detail from SC.

      Yes, I’m quite familiar with PADI (so says the card in my wallet). And given the possible coastal origins of this person, I did initially wonder if this moniker was diving-related. [Aside: “Padimaster” (as a would-be contraction for a Master Diver so-certified, or of a certain type of PADI trainer/instructor) is not a common term in the diving community; there’s an old PADImaster hashtag with like three entries, it never really took off. And divers usually don’t describe their level prefaced with their certifying org.] If so, it would be a readily-self-identifying name. There are lists…

      However, particularly in the OK context, “Padimaster” as a nickname may more likely refer to a type of pistol (or pistola, as it is discussed mostly in Spanish / Mexican contexts / maybe replica contexts — not donning an internet condom big enough to precisely nail that down). If such was the association, perhaps it refers to one with a fondness for such a weapon, or of like personality, or of related heritage. Or something.

      Upon learning that there’s a gun of the same name, I’m leaning that way as to the name’s origins. Especially because _recreational_ divers *tend* to be a more chill people / caveats, clusters, exceptions, yada yada. [For all I know, rec diving certs have become yet another way for these militia types to become mil-adjacent pseudo-SEALs.]

      • earlofhuntingdon says:

        Learning to breath from a tank without a regulator – open the valve carefully – does not a SEAL make, but it might allow you to dress like one.

        • Eureka says:

          Words worth a thousand frames of highly amusing imagery (at shallow depths, of course; The Libs are peaceable folk), thanks.

          Same goes for cracked O-rings, and lots of these guys aren’t into that type of unsexy finish work. Plus there are all those weps to clean & burnish.

          Always thought the illustration of ‘the panicked diver’ was a cartoonish exaggeration, until I helped fish one back into the boat.

        • earlofhuntingdon says:

          Panic’s a scary thing. Can happen to anybody, owing to fatigue, hyper- or hypothermia, undiagnosed medical condition, etc. It can be expressed as lassitude as well as through frantic movements.

        • Eureka says:

          Indeed, and it was a real lesson to witness in such an experienced diver. It was the eyes turned in a sour shape I’d never seen in a human being — besides in that teaching illustration.

          To defy our atmospheric limits is no casual matter.

        • timbo says:

          The problem is when a cocky diver gets in waaay over their head after getting away with being an underwater nut for years. There are smart divers and foolish divers. The smart diver will always attempt to take stock of their own actions and limitations in any given situation. The foolish diver will assume they are always in control when the situation is growing dangerous by the minute or second. And when the bubble of over-confidence bursts, watch out. At minimum, you’re risking the bends (if you have a clear path up at all). And that’s the minimum thing at risk.

          “How safe is diving? Is it safe?”
          “Probably safer to jump out of a plane with a parachute frankly…on to dry land.”
          “But I’ll have an experienced dive partner with me!”
          “Experienced you say—experienced how?”
          “Well, they’re certainly here telling me how experienced they are so…”
          “Are they bragging? Or are they trying to convince you that it’s very dangerous and that all safety cautions and procedures are incredibly important prior to getting into the water, etc?”
          “It’s only a shallow night dive on the Sea of Cortez…”
          *facepalm* “Ah… about that…”

      • Silly but True says:

        Trying to get meaningful info on whole collective of the (presumably 7) SC Oath Keepers is surprisingly hard to come by, and the 6+Padimaster numbers are already wonky to begin with.

        So I attacked it from the various Jan. 6 databases, which is also problematic.

        NPR shows 16 named SC residents charged for any reason.

        Subtracting out the three named Robinson family members whom DoJ alleges no OK ties (Brittany Robinson, Linwood A Robinson, Linwood A. Robinson II; fourth Brian Robinson was arrested but apparently remains uncharged; a fifth Robinson involved was an uncharged minor and not included in count).

        This leaves 13.

        Now take out the two Citadel students, Elias Erizarry & Elliot Bishai.

        We’re down to 11.

        Clifton & David Johnston traveled together; DoJ is not alleging OK ties, and Clifton alleges he went “just for experience of lifetime.” They’re charged only with the trespassing/parading/disorderly conduct.

        Down to 9.

        The Getsingers (John & Stacie) also are not alleged to have OK tours; they each pled to single charge of parading and their sentencing is set for today (7/12/2022).

        So we’re down to seven

        Paul Colbath
        Derek Gunby
        Andrew Hatley
        Nicholas Languerand
        James Lollis
        William Norwood
        George Tenney

        Of these, Colbath pled guilty to 1 charge parading and was sentenced on 4/6 to probation. Same for Hatley. And Lollis. Languerand pled to single count of assault and sentenced to 44 months. None are alleged to be OK or in sentencing have any indication of cooperating against OK in larger conspiracy.

        Tenney pled guilty to 2 charges, obstruction and civil disorder, and was just in pair with Darrell Youngers not of SC; his sentencing is set for 10/22. DoJ says as of 12/12/20 he was not any member of OK but had expressed interest in being part of group for Jan. 6.

        So no matter how I slice charged SC residents, I can’t get 6 SC OK, plus their presumably SC OK chapter lead. Either the six never manifested, or DoJ has been keeping any SC associations out of charging documents.

        • Eureka says:

          Yeah, your opening and closing paras. pretty much say it all, though worth extensionalizing aloud ‘? cooperating witnesses’ as one of those reasons for silence. Thanks for showing the intervening work.

          {Slipping an aside in here about William “Robbie” Norwood [East doors detail; also the OKs’ entry point] obfuscating who he was staying with at the Hampton — see EW’s post a few pages back: https://www.emptywheel.net/2022/07/05/south-carolinans-converging-at-the-east-door-and-hampton-inn/ }

          Padimaster himself might also be a Floridian (or other southerner) who could have rendezvoused with the SC party. Though I may have a few BINGO squares on an SC-based person (not a named or known participant; a type who’d want to avoid trouble), and he’s likely an SC-ian in any case (all things considered).

        • Silly but True says:

          I’ve not wrapped my head yet around the complete dichotomy between the significance of the SC people vs. how little exists in Jan. 6 prosecutions & DoJ information.

          They opened the doors. 6+1 would account for a quarter of the OK force on the ground; it’s what, like the second largest single contingent outside of FL OK.

          Yet all we seemingly had is Norwood being prosecuted as relatively low-level disorderly offender disassociated from OK conspiracy.

          He was one of handful first in, at key doors and led group straight to Pelosi’s office. Maybe DoJ already exploited everything out of him they can get, but he stands out from the rest as being more than he seems.

  5. harpie says:

    [This comment is in moderation on the TENNEY/YOUNGERS post, but is might fit in just as well here…]

    CapitolHunters recently posted this very informative thread, taking off from Marcy’s post:

    4:05 PM · Jul 5, 2022

    In unpicking the organization of the Jan 6 Capitol attack, we look for events that are not random. @emptywheel reminds us: the two breaches of the Columbus Doors, at 2:25 and 2:38 PM, were initiated by South Carolina men from the same group – who even shared a hotel room. [PHOTOS: 2:25 PM TENNEY; 2:38 PM NORWOOD] 1/

    Their story also shows us how small crews were built to do ‘jobs’ in the attack. Tenney & Norwood did not know each other, but were recruited & paired up in the weeks before Jan 6 by the admin of the “PowerHouse Patriot” FB page, who attended but let others do the dirty work. 2/
    Adding: the “distributed crew” model explains many puzzles about Jan 6. For ex.: Marine Chris Warnagiris plays a role at the Columbus Doors, then looks lost afterwards. But that can make sense – if he had only one job. (h/t @emptywheel who called it.) 7/ [end]

  6. skua says:

    Probably of little consequence:
    The photo for this thread – that Brown?
    Are those the black handles of a large pair of scissors sticking up from his chest-pack?

    tactical trauma shears scissors
    websearch produces possible matching handles.

    • Rayne says:

      No idea about the shears, but I want to know about the woman to his left (our right). Who is she, has she been charged?

      Can’t help think of the videos of the person who is believed to have placed the pipe bombs at DNC and RNC-Capitol Hill Club. They were not tall and were slight of build.

      EDIT — 1:42 PM ET —
      DOJ refers to the shears as “surgical trauma shears” on pages 13 and 14 of the Statement of Facts affidavit against Brown.

        • Rayne says:

          She’s wearing an Oath Keepers’ t-shirt — yellow logo over black background like the logo on back of an Oath Keepers’ shirt/jacket in Picture 1 on page 7 from Jessica Watkins’ Statement of Facts affidavit.

          Her body language – close and leaning toward Brown with body stance open to him – in the photo used on EW front page with this post from Statement of Facts affidavit against Brown (page 13).

          She’s also touching his upper right arm familiarly while her back is to the body camera which took the photo on page 14 of the affidavit.

          I don’t see any mention of a female partner in the affidavit or the indictment, unless she’s Defendant 4 and her indictment and possible plea are sealed, but I suspect Defendant 4 is a different Oath Keeper (I’m nowhere near as on top of the cross references between the indictments as Marcy). She’s inside the Restricted Grounds, though, right alongside Brown in that page 14 photo.


          As an aside: I want to note also the name of the file locations for Watkins’ and Browns’ Statement of Facts affidavits – maybe it’s something, maybe it’s nothing.

          Watkins: www. justice. gov/ opa/ page/ file/ 1360991/ download

          Brown: www. justice. gov/ usao-dc/ case-multi-defendant/ file/ 1438141/ download

        • Savage Librarian says:

          I’m not familiar with the website I’ve cited, but it does have footnotes and links to its sources (scroll down below the embedded CNN video to access them.) In his Linked In profile, he mentions a girlfriend/partner, but he doesn’t share her name:

          “Jeremy Brown biography: 13 things about US Capitol riot suspect from Tampa, Florida” – CONAN Daily, 10/8/21


        • Rayne says:

          Thanks. When I have a bit more time I need to look more closely at her jacket with the pink logos on black. One looks like a breast cancer ribbon (on her left sleeve) but I don’t know about the logo on the chest. I recall Women for America First used a pink logo.

        • Fran of the North says:

          The logo on her jacket sure looks like The North Face, but hard to definitively tell at that resolution.

        • timbo says:

          Interesting. Yeah, does DOJ or J6 Committee know who that likely female gendered individual is? Excellent question.

        • Rayne says:

          Odd, huh? I mean, she’s right there touching him while he’s confronting law enforcement who’s pushing him away. And yet she’s vaporware.

        • Rayne says:

          Thanks for that, very helpful. After reading the text of that order I’m more puzzled that she wasn’t indicted.

        • Alan Charbonneau says:

          FYI-a twitter user called “The Absolute Truth with Emerald Robinson” posted a tweet on June 20. Tylene is interviewed by Emerald Robinson. In the one-minute teaser, she claims Brown was arrested in retaliation for not going undercover.

          “According to J6 defendant Jeremy Brown, the FBI attempted to make him an asset prior to January 6–and he’s got the tape to prove it! Jeremy’s girlfriend, Tylene Aldridge, joins Emerald Robinson to discuss”

          https ://twitter. (dot)com/ AbsoluteWithE/status/1538992768487407616

        • Rayne says:

          LOL I don’t think the person in the affidavit photos is Aldridge, if that’s her in this video. I wonder if any reporter has asked Aldridge point blank if that’s her standing next to Brown inside the restricted area in front of the Capitol Building.

          I love how stupid yet manipulative they are about being asked to cooperate in exchange for knocking down years off Brown’s sentence. I guess Brown wants to stay in detention and gamble for the maximum sentence.

        • Alan Charbonneau says:

          Yeah, the woman standing next to him in the picture has dark hair and looks way younger than the one in the video.

          A Google search shows Tylene is 54 years old and lives in Tampa. The woman in the affidavit photo is younger than that.

          There is also a Facebook post made by her sister, Carla Aldridge Boyce, referencing a breast cancer fund raising walk in which she mentions her sisters walking with her and mentioned Tylene by name. There is a photo of them together

          https: //www.facebook .(dot) com/groups/milesformoffitt/posts/648916086278244/

          As to the woman in the affidavit photo, maybe she’s girlfriend #2?😁

      • Alan Charbonneau says:

        I don’t know anything about her, but while the pipe bomber is female, I don’t think it’s her. The pipe bomber looks to me to have smaller breasts and chunkier thighs.

        https: //twitter. (dot) com/LobsterWayne/status/1546303623344398339

        • Tracy Lynn says:

          The alleged bomber looks like s/he is wearing something around the waist underneath the sweatshirt — but the person does look very petite. Perhaps not as slender and as leggy as the woman in the Brown photo, though.

        • Alan Charbonneau says:

          Yes, I’ve seen it. I don’t like conspiracy theories, but I think that MTG is the pipe bomber!
          I can see her doing this so clearly, that I can’t see anyone else!

          In any event, I think the FBI know who it is. The bomber is definitely female. In one clips she adjusts her bra straps after they slid over her shoulders. You can see this at 1:20-1:22 of this clip:
          https://www. youtube.com/watch?v=YJ80LJIOn3E&t=3s

          In this clip, from 0:20 to 1:14, she puts on her glasses and stands on her tiptoes to look at something across the street. She’s in front of a townhouse at 418 Capitol Street SW (about 1/2 block from the DNC) and there is nothing to look at across the street. There is only a parking lot and it’s not a multilevel lot, but all on ground level. This was all to waste time until the dog walker went past.

          At the DNC she is sitting on a bench texting. With the OpSec of this group of clowns, I suspect the FBI knows who was sending and probably knows who received it.

          Dr Jack Brown has multiple Twitter threads on this. His “body language” analysis seems to be hit-or-miss, perhaps even pseudo-scientific, but it’s interesting nonetheless. He pointed out that the “RNC bomb” was actually behind the Capitol Club. It is adjacent to the RNC, but the Capitol Club would have taken the brunt of any explosion.

      • skua says:

        bussinessinsider November 2021:
        “living in an RV on his property and had also recently purchased a trailer, both of which were registered under his girlfriend’s name.”

        Though self-reveal of Browns planning (see businessinsider) has “flashbangs” but no “pipebombs”.

        The shears come up clear, and look longer than search results, at login-needed-to-read-fully
        https: //www. theepochtimes. com/ exclusive-letter-from-jan-6-prisoner-to-americans-dont-do-nothing_4399831.html

        [FYI, link you shared has been ‘broken’ with blank spaces to prevent accidental clickthrough by community members. Not keen on a Falun Gong-affiliated media outlet tracking back to this site; we also don’t vet the site or content, consume with caution. /~Rayne]

      • skua says:

        If the pipebomb-placer was from Florida then the cold in DC, or/and a wish to disguise appearance, may have had multiple layers being used on both torso and legs. Three pairs of tracksuit pants and a tight stretch shirt as a base-layer, with more shirts and pocketed jackets on top, might give chunkier thighs, fabric bulging at the waist due to the multiple waistbands and layers of pockets, and a less contoured chest.
        There was also talk of ice-spike soles being used – if so does the gait of the bombplacer indicate experience with ice-spike walking?

        • skua says:

          JB’s female Jan 6 partner and the bombplacer appear to have similar shaped shoulders and both appear to have legs with knees that touch in standing upright (as opposed to legs where the ankles touch before the knees).

        • skua says:

          Scrub that about the bomblayer’s knees – video from the alley shows a different pattern IMO.

        • timbo says:

          I think the shoes of the bomber could be intentionally designed to alter gait. Seems to me like that would be standard spy stuff when you want to obfuscate things like height or gender, etc.

        • Rayne says:

          Could simply be a case of a too-big unlaced sports shoe on someone used to wearing smaller and possibly heeled shoes. No design required.

    • Peterr says:

      Shears like that are great for (among other things) cutting zipties off, quickly cutting duct tape, and cutting through clothing.

      • timbo says:

        Yeah, the ziptie thing came immediately to my mind. (Decades ago, Wackenhutt security contractors at Mercury used similar ones to cut zipties…and ironically, were dressed somewhat similarly too, although those gentlemen were serious, fully geared ex-Ranger types with technically a more righteous, legally less shaky mission… and (we should all hope!) not insurrectionist clowns.)

  7. earlofhuntingdon says:

    WH Comms Dir. Kate Bedingfield is being obtuse and reactionary. She slams hated “activists” for criticizing Biden’s tepid, delayed response to Dobbs, but claims he wants the same thing they do. She personifies the corporatist Dem establishment: when in doubt, bash a hippy. Claim to want what hippies have been working for for decades, but exclude them from the coalition that supposedly aims to achieve it. A classic recipe for failure.

    “Joe Biden’s goal in responding to Dobbs is not to satisfy some activists who have been consistently out of step with the mainstream of the Democratic Party. It’s to deliver help to women who are in danger and assemble a broad-based coalition to defend a woman’s right to choose now, just as he assembled such a coalition to win during the 2020 campaign.”

    Bedingfield’s framing is Freudian: she describes the left as being out of step with what the Democratic Party leadership wants. That’s true, but it’s not the issue. The issue is that a solid majority of Americans want their privacy and civil rights restored. The left solidly supports that. It is establishment Dems who have been slow, reluctant, and out of step. When Bedingfield leaves the White House, I assume she will work for her spiritual mentor, Rahm Emanuel.


    • earlofhuntingdon says:

      A similar fracture line exists between the left and establishment Dems regarding the climate crisis, forgiveness of student debt, enforcing anti-trust and anti-price gouging legislation, doing away with blue slips and the filibuster, ad nauseum.

      • Ginevra diBenci says:

        And Saudi Arabia.

        Typically I defend the necessity of compromise. But I agree with you, earl, bashing potential allies rather than the real opposition helps no one–least of all those you claim you’re trying to help.

        • earlofhuntingdon says:

          A cheap stunt by someone already on their way out of the White House.

          If you prefer to bash members of your own team – because you think them insufficiently loyal to a reactive president – rather than attack the egregious behavior of your existential opponent, you have bigger problems that how to craft and promote a single policy.

  8. Peterr says:

    who is representing himself but who as of recently had two pro bono lawyers expecting to share his discovery without filing notices of appearance

    IANAL, so I am very confused by this. How does anyone get to share in discovery without filing a notice of appearance? “No, I’m not officially working for him – I’d just like to peek behind the curtain.”

    • earlofhuntingdon says:

      Those two “pro bono” lawyers would have to be lawyers and retained by the client, presumably under a written retention agreement. That might allow them access to discovery obtained by the client – they would not get it from the court or prosecutors – and to have it covered by A-C privilege.

      Not having filed notices of appearance, those lawyers would be background consultants rather than defense counsel in this case. But I don’t see how that would authorize them to share information with lawyers for someone else. Not that that would stop a Trumpist lawyer from fabricating a reason, on the assumption that the supposed rationale would never be tested in court.

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