DOJ Is Silent that Enrique Tarrio Is a “Friend of Stone”

There’s something curious about the Proud Boys trial.

Thus far, DOJ has made no mention of the Friends of Stone thread that Enrique Tarrio was part of, along with Alex Jones, Owen Shroyer, Ali Alexander, and Kellye SoRelle, as well as the rat-fucker himself.

That’s true even though it was mentioned repeatedly at Stewart Rhodes’ trial. DOJ submitted some texts Rhodes sent, including one seeming to ask Stone to get Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act.

And DOJ used those comms as part of their graphic showing the ties between all the alleged co-conspirators.

I find the silence about Tarrio’s involvement in the FOS list especially interesting given some Telegram texts submitted yesterday at trial.

In a thread of Telegram texts showing how the Proud Boys went from being called out by Donald Trump to planning for actions in DC, it included an exchange between Tarrio and Jeremy Bertino from November 7, showing their response to the media calling the election for Joe Biden.

Bertino immediately says, “should we roll out to the state houses?”

“Yes,” Tarrio says.

At the time, Ali Alexander, another participant on the Friends of Stone list, was working on a series of events at which mobs intimidated election workers.

On the 8th, Bertino informed Tarrio, “we[‘]re going to Raleigh this afternoon.”

Tarrio instructs, “Make sure…no colors,” meaning not to wear Proud boy yellow and black.

“Why not?” Bertino asks.

“The campaign asked us to not wear colors to these events,” says the guy whose relationship with Donald Trump’s rat-fucker goes back years.

Defense attorneys renewed their fight yesterday, without success, to prevent prosecutors from introducing Trump’s Stand Back and Stand By comment. It’s now officially an exhibit in a seditious conspiracy case, along with Trump’s December 19 tweet announcing January 6 that has been introduced in scores of January 6 cases.

But thus far, DOJ has made no move to mention Tarrio’s tie with Trump’s rat-fucker. Or to explain whether the Proud Boys were coordinating these efforts to intimidate election workers with Stone’s protégé, Alexander.


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  1. Andrew says:

    Do you think the goal here is to avoid foiling a prosecution of Stone they’re working toward, or that they don’t want to bother complicating the narrative for the jury? Or just that they’ll mention this tomorrow?

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  2. Peterr says:

    Could it be that DOJ might be holding the FOS stuff back in order to use it at the end of their presentation of the case, to cap things off with a big splash?

  3. gknight1 says:

    On October 23, 2022, Marcy posted the ‘Friends of Sedition…” on this site. It posited that the Friends of Stone group seemed to be coordinating the sedition planning and execution with numerous groups.

    Stone in the Willard and Meadows in his office may have been communicating with Trump…I speculate. Tarrio was networking Proud Boys and the Friends of Stone list.

    But where is the ‘smocking’ gun? Spoiler alert: It all is. All of it

    (I previously posted as gknight…and in compliance with site requirements I will henceforth use gknight1 if acceptable.)

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  4. harpie says:

    I wonder who else was a “Friend of STONE”.
    BANNON? Alex JONES? Junior DON? Mike FLYNN? Junior MIKE? Garrett ZIEGLER?

  5. harpie says:

    11/7/20 SATURDAY Election is called for BIDEN
    [TRUMP is at his golf course in VA]

    11:25 AM AP calls race for BIDEN
    11:52 AM CNN calls race for BIDEN
    11:57 AM TRUMP campaign releases statement:

    [Biden is] “rushing to falsely pose as the winner” [] [the race is] “far from over.” [] “Beginning Monday, our campaign will start prosecuting our case in court to ensure election laws are fully upheld and the rightful winner is seated.” [] “I will not rest until the American People have the honest vote count they deserve and that Democracy demands”

    12:38 PM
    BERTINO to TARRIO: They called it. Now we have to mobilize. Should we roll out to the state houses?

    < TARRIO: Yes. I’ll be available after Sunday. [1/8/20]

    1:30 PM [Leigh] DUNDAS reports on the conference call with TRUMP campaign lawyers, which she “just got off”

    […] and what Donald Trump wants the world to know, at this point, is this is no longer, at this juncture, a fight about a president or a presidency. This is a fight about the very bedrock of our Constitutional Republic and the democratic process.

    1:54 PM CNN: BIDEN has not heard from TRUMP
    3:28 PM TRUMP is back at the WH from his VA golf course
    10:09 PM [TZ unknown] Nick FUENTES tweets:

    I will be attending the Million MAGA March next Saturday! Join me there. [image of event poster


    11/8/20 10:08 AM

    BERTINO: By the way we’re going to Raleigh this afternoon.
    TARRIO: Make sure…no colors
    B: Why not? Those wheels are already in motion.
    T: The campaign asked us to not wear colors to these events
    B: Ok
    T: Keep identifying colors to a minimum.

      • Jharpjharp says:

        “The campaign asked us…”

        With you. Huge.

        So how does that work?

        Does anyone get to ask him who from the campaign told you no colors?

        Like before sentencing does he get a chance to sing for a more lenient sentence?

  6. chum'sfriend says:

    In a (referencing a WSJ article), it was stated that prosecutors were insisting that those pleading out for a lesser sentence accept a conviction for Seditious Conspiracy.
    At minute 12:00. Needs https://www in front of bloomberg

  7. Savage Librarian says:

    Is there a witness list for the Proud Boy trial? It has been mentioned that Kellye Sorelle may be cooperating. I think she has/had a trial date set but now I can’t find it. Of the 47 names allegedly on the FOS chat list, these are pointed out in the article below:

    Ali Alexander
    Ty Bollinger
    Jacobs Engels
    Alex Jones
    Marsha Lessard
    Ivan Raiklin
    Stewart Rhodes
    Pete Santilli
    Owen Shroyer
    Christina Skaggs
    Kellye Sorelle
    Enrique Tarrio
    Tyler Ziolkowski

    • harpie says:

      Thanks for that, Savage Librarian! I realize now that I actually had read that, but it somehow got Lost in Space. lol! ack!

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