Trump’s “Receptionist of the US” Deletes Her Trip to Russia

When Chamberlain Harris’s name first started getting bandied about as the woman in whose possession additional documents with classified markings were found last year at Mar-a-Lago, her LinkedIn bio described how, in addition to a trip to Spain in summer 2018, she also made a trip to St. Petersburg in Summer 2019, immediately before she took an internship at the White House.

Since then — perhaps today, after the Guardian published a follow-up on the story of those classified documents — the reference to Russia was removed.

In its first story on the documents, Guardian described that Molly Michael, then Trump’s Executive Assistant, ordered the woman in question to make a digital copy of the documents.

Then, at Mar-a-Lago in December, the contractors found a box that mainly contained presidential schedules, in which they found a couple of classified-marked documents to also be present and alerted the legal team to return the materials to the justice department, the sources said.

The exact nature of the classified-marked documents remains unclear, but a person with knowledge of the search likened their sensitivity to schedules for presidential movements – for instance, presidential travel to Afghanistan – that are considered sensitive until they have taken place.

After the Trump legal team turned over the box of schedules, the sources said, they learned that a junior Trump aide – employed by Trump’s Save America political action committee who acted as an assistant in Trump’s political “45 Office” – last year scanned and uploaded the contents of the box to a laptop.

The junior Trump aide, according to what one of the sources said, was apparently instructed to upload the documents by top Trump aide Molly Michael to create a repository of what Trump was doing while in office and was apparently careless in scanning them on to her work laptop.

Today’s update, in addition to identifying the woman as ROTUS — a made-up title that Harris has not yet deleted from her LinkedIn bio — described that the aide in question first had the box at a bungalow at Mar-a-Lago, then brought it to an off-site office, then brought it with her to occupy the desk that Molly Michael once had (in which at least two classified documents likely were found during the August 2022 search).

Known internally as ROTUS, short for Receptionist of the United States, the junior aide initially kept the box at a converted guest bungalow at Mar-a-Lago called the “tennis cottage” after Trump left office, and she soon took it with her to a government-leased office in the Palm Beach area.

The box remained at the government-leased office from where the junior aide worked through most of 2022, explaining why neither Trump’s lawyer who searched Mar-a-Lago in June for any classified-marked papers nor the FBI agents who searched the property in August found the documents.

Around the time that Trump returned to Mar-a-Lago from his Bedminster golf club in New Jersey at the end of the summer, the junior aide was told that she was being relocated to a desk in the anteroom of Trump’s own office at Mar-a-Lago that was previously assigned to top aide Molly Michael.

The junior aide retrieved her work belongings – including the box – from the government-leased office and took them to her new Mar-a-Lago workspace around September. At that time, the justice department’s criminal investigation into Trump’s retention of national security documents was intensifying.


But the justice department was not satisfied, and it pressed the Trump legal team to get the contractors to conduct the third known search of Mar-a-Lago in early December – at which point the contractors discovered the box of presidential schedules, some with classified markings.

The Trump legal team alerted the FBI, which sent federal agents down to collect the box and its contents the following day.

A few weeks later, Trump’s lawyers started exploring whether they could get a better understanding of the sensitivity of the small number of schedules marked as classified, for the junior aide had kept sole custody of the box throughout that period.

It was at that point that the junior aide revealed for the first time that she could find out exactly what they were, because Michael – who left the Trump political team at the end of the summer – had told her to scan all of the schedules to her laptop.

Trump’s people are trying to shift the blame to her — but the documents were in Trump’s possession when he was subpoenaed last summer, so the failure to find them still arises from Trump’s failure to do a thorough search of the offices he controlled.

And this woman — whom Trump tried to forestall being subpoenaed in the laptop handover — just gave the FBI reason to look a whole lot more closely at her.

Update: Some have mentioned the report that this got uploaded to the cloud. That’s from this CNN report.

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  1. Peterr says:

    I am remembering Cassidy Hutchinson talking about a position in Florida with Trump’s staff post-Jan 20 — partly as a way of keeping her close and keeping her mouth shut. It appears Ms. Harris took one of those positions, which makes me wonder what she knows that Trump Inc does not want anyone else to know.

    As for the ROTUS handle . . . One vibe I get is that this is a juvenile in-house joke, crafted by Harris or her similarly low level WH staff colleagues on a Friday night after a few drinks in a local DC watering hole. The other vibe I get, if this was given to her by Trump, is that of her being followed by a very creepy old man — and she doesn’t even realize it.

    • khollenCA says:

      Re: ROTUS handle, agreed. I feel like it’s the second, unfortunately, since she lists it on her LinkedIn.

      (Not sure if this is useful to anyone here, but there’s a way to look at LinkedIn profiles without an account using Google’s mobile-friendly webpage test tool. Have to have the profile’s URL, though.

      After running, the test results include a screenshot and the page’s HTML. The screenshot is cut off, but the HTML is for the whole page, you just have to wade through the tags etc.)

      • Wajim says:

        Wow. A BA, the new HS diploma. And Linkedim. Only the best hires, says the guy who paid his way to mediocre grades

        • BrokenPromises says:

          Also there is no such thing as a Summa Cum Lade.
          The distinction (word play on purpose) is ‘laude’. A BA is a high enough degree, especially as a receptionist for the POTUS to get your spellings correct. I would think most top companies would pass her by, despite work in an administration for that booboo.

          • bidrec says:

            There was a product that worked with a firewall to clean this sort of thing up called Net Nanny. It rendered the title as “Summa xxx Laude”.

    • AirportCat says:

      I was struck by the similarity of the acronym “ROTUS” to “ROUS” (“Rodents Of Unusual Size”) from “The Princess Bride.”

  2. pdaly says:

    Maybe spelling has changed over the years, but I’ve never seen summa cum laude spelled the way Harris chose on her linked in profile.

    And is Molly Michaels no longer working for Trump?

    • earlofhuntingdon says:

      A spelling error, obviously, from someone who apparently studied two foreign languages and graduated with highest honors from the State University of New York, Albany. The sort of background not ordinarily associated with being this sloppy, but then she works/worked for Trump, so standard operating procedure. Pity about the classified documents though, because mishandling those can have consequences beyond quiet mirth. She does look very much like someone thrown under the bus, also routine for Trump.

      • P J Evans says:

        She could have fixed it when she edited her profile. (And she also doesn’t seem to know how to verb “run” correctly.)

    • Maustin says:

      I have never known a student of such distinction so careless in regard to public writing, spelling, nor grammar. Perhaps such accolades are merely pipe dreams and not actual accomplishments. It isn’t unheard of in the circles she keeps to exaggerate one’s actual credentials.

      Imagine going to the bother of updating your profile so notably, and leaving such glaring errors intact.

      • Egyptian Cat says:

        After a career of ghostwriting and copy editing the work of people with Masters Degrees, lawyers and judges among them, seeing this does not surprise me.

  3. xbronx says:

    I don’t care where she went to school but if she wants to toot her own horn, it is and always has been Summa Cum Laude and not whatever Suma Cum Lade is which makes it look like some Santos-style embellishment.

  4. soundgood2 says:

    One story also had her uploading the scanned documents to the cloud. We really don’t know what the documents marked “classified” were and the suggestion is they were also scheduling docs. Who is saying that? Isn’t it possible something more interesting was inserted into those documents and given to her to “innocently” upload to the cloud? Am I being too conspiratorial? Why did she not give the box back as soon as she scanned it?

    • Bruce Olsen says:

      And, of course, there’s no such thing as “the” cloud, it can refer to anything from DoD-secure systems (would DJT even have access to those?) to Dropbox or OneDrive to systems hosted on a private machine no more secure than the GOP’s Russian-hacked email server.

      • khollenCA says:

        Dr. Wheeler’s added a link to the CNN article from today. Per that article, an unnamed “lower-level aide” used an Adobe app on her phone to scan documents, which she then transferred to a “Trump-owned laptop.” The article describes “a confusing chain of events…including having [the box’s] contents uploaded to the cloud…”

        I can’t tell from the article if the cloud storage upload is related to the scanning. It feels like the easy thing is that it is, and “the cloud” = maybe Adobe, the aide’s cloud phone storage, something like Dropbox/One Drive used to transfer the scans to the laptop, etc. But who knows!

        • emptywheel says:

          Right: It’s likely — almost certain — that the scan did involve saving to the Cloud before putting it on a laptop. It’s a process question, not one of an attempt to load it to the cloud.

  5. Jharp jharp says:

    “the reference to Russia was removed”

    I don’t get it.

    No way could she think that trip is going to disappear if she takes down her LinkedIn reference to it.

    To me, she only drew more scrutiny.

    What am I missing? That these clowns are bumbling fools who have no idea what they’ve gotten themselves into?

    • emptywheel says:

      It’s one of the things that leads me to believe it’s nothing serious. No one with a problematic Russian tie would wait until now to delete it.

      That said, her ties to Turning Point say maybe there is a problem there.

  6. John Paul Jones says:

    So what exactly are these documents? The original story says they were found in a box that contained “presidential schedules,” and the source for the story said – “The exact nature of the classified-marked documents remains unclear, but a person with knowledge of the search likened their sensitivity to schedules for presidential movements.” By the time we get to the second story, the documents are being described as “presidential schedules.” Am I missing something here, or has a supposition turned into a fact? The first story seemed clear that the documents were not schedules, but rather that their level of confidentiality was similar to that of a presidential schedule. Weird.

    • emptywheel says:

      None of the stuff being reported on content should be trusted because Trump’s lawyers have been caught in so many lies already.

      • Thomas7777 says:

        The photos of documents seized at Mar-a-lago, released by the FBI, is the only credible source regarding the classification of the documents that Trump STOLE, and concealed.

        Among those classification markings are FISA documents, NSA signals intelligence, CIA covert operations and intelligence, military intelligence and highly classified Department of Energy documents.

        This is an espionage case and not a simple matter of “mishandling documents.”

        Anyone who thinks this can just be laughed off, or “both sides,” or less important than that fraudulent criminal and terrorist “ running for public office” is out of their minds.

        That ongoing threat to national security must be locked the fuck up and never see the outside of a cell except for trips to different jails and courts to face arraignments for his ever accumulating garbage piles of felonies.

        He was caught red handed cashing in on being a traitor, while under investigation for trying to overthrow the government, and his response to a search warrant was to try to whip up violence, dox FBI agents and a judge, and then attempt to send a threat to the attorney general.

        Why in the FUCK the media is still talking about his chances in the 2024 primary is ludicrous and disgusting.

        They talk about his standings in the polls INSTEAD of the FIVE Federal grand jury investigations and three state grand jury investigations, all of which are nearing indictments THIS YEAR.

        That’s not even naming ALL of the legal actions, some of which are civil actions that keep on turning up new evidence of felonies week after week.

  7. Matt___B says:

    “ROTUS” sounds like it should mean Supreme Leader of the Rotary Club. And a Suma Cum Lade – hmm…shipped goods are usually listed on a “Bill of Lading”…so maybe this degree refers to an institutionally-recognized talent for secretly shipping classified documents around to various insecure locations…<?)

    • earlofhuntingdon says:

      The way she writes her academic distinction, it sounds like the highest form of a stiff coffee drink made with steamed milk.

      Her job title is another example of Trump’s massive overestimation of his importance.

      The way she writes her c.v., it’s as if she knows she’ll never have to rely on it to get a job.

    • obsessed says:

      After reviewing the entry for rotus in the slang dictionary, I’m learning towards the misspelling of her academic distinction being more low-brow wordplay, although the most obvious joke bait is the one word she spells correctly. Another case of “are they kidding or are they just dumb” occurs on amazon where they advertise “rotus root powder” supplements, inadvertently (in the case of amazon) combining lotus root with the old-and-now-frowned-upon racial stereotype about Asians mixing up L and R sounds.

      Moving to another aspect of Trump’s legal problems, I recall a lot of legal pundits predicting that the Fulton GA indictments would be the first to drop but would quickly be complicated if not derailed by DOJ attempting to take over the case. Given that it seems more likely than not that Willis will soon indict Trump would any of the IAALs here care to venture an informed prediction?

  8. harpie says:

    “Schedules” and “Schedules for Presidential movements” made me think immediately of Cassidy HUTCHINSON’s testimony on 6/28/22, when she was asked about TRUMP planning to go to the CAPITOL on J6:

    HUTCHINSON: 1] A scheduled presidential movement is on his official schedule. It’s notified to the press and to a wide range of staff that will be traveling with him. It’s known to the public, known as the Secret Service, and they’re able to coordinate the movement days in advance.

    2] An off the record [OTR] movement is confined to the knowledge of a very, very small group of advisers and staff. Typically a very small group of staff would travel with him, mostly that are just included in the national security package. You can pull an off to — off the record movement together in less than an hour. It’s a way to kind of circumvent having to release it to the press, if that’s the goal of it, or to not have to have as many security parameters put in place ahead of time to make a movement happen.

    Also, there might have been something like this when TRUMP did his 6/1/20 walk to St. John’s church to be photographed holding a bible.

    Transcript: June 28, 2022

    But of course, as Marcy says above, we can’t believe what they say about these docs.

  9. khollenCA says:

    Apologies for the kind of dumb question, but the way these documents are described in the Guardian articles, they seem relatively innocuous (that is, not useful once the scheduled event occurred), and Guardian doesn’t mention them involving or referring to Russia. So it seems extra weird that Harris deleted specifically her Russia study abroad? Like, I’m not sure I would’ve found a summer study abroad suspicious, but I do now? Wondering if I’m wrong re: these documents and/or reading too much into Harris’s deleting.

    (ETA: I saw other people already answered my “how do we know these are schedules” question while I was slowly typing.)

    • emptywheel says:

      I really think the deletion is MOST LIKELY her really stupidly trying to avoid bad press.

      It was stupid legally. Stupid from a PR standpoint. And for those reasons, probably just stupid, because if she were legally worried, she wouldn’t have deleted it.

      But jeebus, how fucking stupid can you be??

      • Disraeli56 says:

        How fucking stupid can you be? I don’t know but it appears to be a competition.

        [This had better be aimed at the subject of this post and not the author. /~Rayne]

          • Rayne says:

            You replied to Marcy without specifying the subject. And we do get asshats here who’ll say that kind of crap to contributors.

        • SilverWolf501 says:

          I think that asking a contributor “How fucking stupid can you be?” is not nice and borderline to being somewhat disparaging. I think that you probably could do better. But, what do I know. /:-\

      • khollenCA says:

        Thanks, Dr. Wheeler. Next time, I’ll wait until I’m not on mobile to comment; both my questions were answered while my fat thumbs were typing away, and I missed it.

        A little sad, but I think that she actually listed the made-up title on her LinkedIn and the creative spelling work in her favor here. “No (intentional) problematic ties to Russia, just that dumb” = believable.

      • Peterr says:

        George Santos . . .
        Marjorie Taylor Greene . . .
        Lauren Boebert . . .

        Or go back a little further.

        Roy Moore . . .
        Steve King . . .

        Let’s face it. The GOP has a grand competition for the answer to “how fucking stupid can you be?”

  10. Savage Librarian says:

    If this obituary is her grandfather’s, then maybe he had some connections to help Chamberlain get her job with Trump. Here are some excerpts:

    “James “Jim” Harris passed away peacefully on August 21, 2022, at the age of 83, surrounded by his family.”
    “In 1972, Jim started his own business, Janitronics Facility Services. He spent the next 50 years working nearly every day on his business until 2022. In 1984, he was joined by his son. The company currently employs three generations of his own family, as well as many employees across upstate New York and Vermont.”

    “Their ethos, created by Jim himself, is, “You mind your business, we’ll keep it clean.” In 1979, he was approached by one of his best friends, Dan Bishop from Omaha, Neb., to expand Dan’s blooming business, The Maids.”
    “As one of the founding members of the Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI), he helped spread the story of the efficacy of cleaning around the world. …Jim’s guidance and leadership was in high demand as he served as the first chairman of the merged Albany Colonie Regional Chamber of Commerce.”

    “He was a founding member of the Center for Economic Growth. He also served on the board of Building Service Contractors Association International (BSCAI) for 12 years and was a founding member of the World Federation of Building Service Contractors. Jim was also a founding member of the Capital Region Building Owners and Managers Association (CRBOMA). He was committed to his community and his philanthropy efforts were spread wide.”
    “He served on numerous nonprofit boards, including the local American Cancer Society, St. Peter’s Hospital Foundation, Youth For Christ, and St. Anne’s Institute, just to name a few. His belief to give back to his community was always present on his mind.”
    “In his spare time, Jim loved to play a round of golf at the Albany Country Club where he was a member for almost 50 years, and he even once hit a hole-in-one on Hole 16. …On other days, you could catch him telling tales of his travels around the world, getting a speeding ticket from at least seven different countries, and meeting people like Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, and Jack Welch.”

    “Jim was beloved by friends and especially his large family. He is survived by his children, James (Lori Anne) of Clifton Park, Jill Harris-Johnson of Latham, LanJin (Chris Astrouski) of Tucson, Ariz., and daughter-in-law Tina of Birmingham, Ala.”

    “He was predeceased by his son, Jeffery. Jim was the proud grandfather of Daniel, Brian, Brianna, Abigail, Chamberlain, and Braxton Harris. He is survived by his brother, Robert (Joy) Harris, and was predeceased by younger brothers, Edwin and Gerald Harris.”

        • Rayne says:

          Too early for a victory lap. Savage Librarian did a great job finding that obit, but how do we identify the contact network around Jim Harris?

          Ugh, what a tremendously common name, too, not helping if he happened to create a special entity to handle some contracts, operating at a couple layers deep masking ultimate chain of authority and ownership.

          Wonder if this cleaning outfit might have handled Trump’s courses in NY.

          ADDER: Bet the link is Dan Scavino who was formerly employed as a caddie at what is now Trump National Golf Club Westchester. The Westchester course is 130-140 miles directly south of Albany and the Albany Country Club where Jim Harris played regularly.

          • emptywheel says:

            Those are literally worlds away.

            I lived in Westchester as a kid. When I moved there, from Hyde Park, I didn’t understand ANYTHING about the culture of country clubs (having been raised at the IBM country club in Endicott NY). I had friends who couldn’t belong to the Westchester CC bc they were Catholic, and DEFINITELY people of color were not permitted. People cried about this stuff!

            The lesser classes had to belong to the Mount Kisco Country Club.

            Don’t even get me started on trying to figure out what Cotillion Dance classes were for.

            • earlofhuntingdon says:

              I suspect the Cotillion Cance classes were part of the networking intended to maintain the insular born-bred-and-wed class.

              • P J Evans says:

                Ballroom dancing, how to use a fan, how to curtsey, how to put on opera-length gloves. That’s my guess. (We did get dancing in my schools, but not that much. And certainly not “cotillion dance”.)

            • John Lehman says:

              Mmmm……seems a great setting for an
              “Animal House” sequel.

              If only John Belushi were still alive.

            • Rayne says:

              Golf is a different world at the intersection of business. Who cleans Westchester, especially if Trump has pissed off all local small businesses? Harris family managed to produce a ROTUS, so the family must meet whatever standard the Trumps have wrt to getting inside their fenceline. Did they also meet another standard — kickbacks on cleaning contracts, for example?

              Did Scavino the former Italian caddie at Westchester clear little ROTUS, who was then groomed by TPUSA?

              • BeingThere says:

                An unscrupulous cleaning service is a nice way to gather info on your opponents and competitors. Keep a few degrees of separation with connections and referrals.
                The above observations and questions might shorten those links.

            • Ginevra diBenci says:

              Old money (and real old golfers) used to gather at Winged Foot with Claude Harmon. Maybe before your time, EW, but still legendary among the hedge-fund crew and their betters.

  11. Leu2500 says:

    There’s got to be something more to this “box of schedules” than the Trump camp is letting on. Both the 1st CNN reporting & now this from the Guardian are so convoluted, when they shouldn’t be. They don’t seem to have their story worked out.

    The part about her taking the “box of schedules” from her 1st desk in the tennis bungalow to her 2nd desk, which I’m assuming is in GSA-leased office space that every ex prez has, makes sense: you’d consolidate all your files in the permanent/main office. But why, after she scanned them while at desk #2, did she haul them with her to desk #3 in MAL? They should have stayed in that probable GSA-leased office space. If she or anyone else needed to refer to them, they could have searched the electronic version.

    And do we (& DoJ) really believe that this is the *only* box of documents that she is hauling from pillar to post?

    • BruceF says:

      It was not my practice to have anyone on my clerical staff scan old schedules to a lap top…but that is just me!

      My guess…there is more to this!

  12. harpie says:

    I did a rough TL of HARRIS’s known employment history here:
    Added this morning: after TRUMP left office:

    [unknown start date > present] Assistant, “45 Office”, SaveAmericaPAC

    Marcy said [above] re: TPUSA: That said, her ties to Turning Point say maybe there is a problem there.

    SEE this THREAD by CapitolHunters about the trajectory of Candice OWENS
    6:11 PM · Nov 16, 2022

    Candace Owens, former bland lifestyle blogger abruptly transformed to a MAGA troll mid-2017, booted out of TPUSA for saying approving things about Hitler… now has things to say about Putin (good) and Zelensky (bad). These are not thoughts she just had. These people are paid. 1/ […]

    That’s not an organic pattern. That’s someone being recruited and platformed as an influencer. […]

    By October [2017] Candace was groomed for the big-time and went to Washington DC to be interviewed by Ginni Thomas. One year after her transformation started. Note that Jack Posobiec was on nearly the same trajectory (mid-2016 beginnings); they often echo each others’ talking points. 5/ […]

    By Dec. 2017 she is officially with Charlie Kirk’s Turning Point USA and seems to outrank Ben Shapiro. 6/ [MORE]

  13. Silly but True says:

    This makes me curious as to the regulating statutes, amount, and procurement process and regulating federal agency by which the USA pays now-private citizen former POTUSes for their outgoing-transition efforts.

    If for example, a former POTUS owns a temp staffing agency, warehouse, and temp-office business, could he contract with I don’t know, NARA or GSA or whichever agency handles this to tune of hundreds of thousands of thousands of dollars a year to “process” the documents?

    • timbozone says:

      Of greater concern is that the documents are supposed to be turned over to the Archives when a President leave’s office. It’s been more than two years now and still documents are showing up that were not turned over to NARA. This is an ongoing violation of the Presidential Records Act by Trump and his associates. It’s basic contempt for federal laws that are there to prevent the loss by the government of an out-going Administration’s records and actions while in office. The “schedules” or whatever they are should have been at NARA the day that Trump left office. They should not be being processed now (nor over the past two plus years since Trump left the White House) outside of NARA by anyone.

      • Silly but True says:

        What’s been clear to me, especially in the DoJ filings of the signed vs. unsigned versions of records in DoJ vs. Trump custody is that what is in place for nonzero amount of these docs are simple copies, and everyone should be transparent about who has what in those cases.

        I’m nearly certain Trump’s boxes aren’t the only copies, and whether NARA has the schedules or not strikes to your points. If they do, then that whole basis evaporates: we really just need one copy of a record archived to satisfy all of those particular reasons.

        That a POTUS had a copy of an unsigned draft of a letter that did not get delivered squirreled away, while the US government did have the signed final record that got sent is the way things are supposed to work.

        • Rayne says:

          Did the POTUS create a document while in office, relevant to the operations of the executive branch but not the official record of an agency? It’s a presidential record. Even the chicken scratching in black Sharpie on white stock torn and flushed is a presidential record if the POTUS wrote the scratching about an executive branch function. See Definitions under PRA.

          As for arguments about multiple copies: they may reveal the evolution of policy, or of crime. Just look at the unexecuted pardon of Stone which was in Trump’s possession. Keeping only the final copy does not necessarily serve the US public’s interest.

          If this stuff he tried to flush was about executive branch activities, they’re presidential records.

          Gods but we don’t pay the National Archives enough to deal with this.

          • Ginevra diBenci says:

            Whoever kept those toilets so spotlessly clean sure earned their pay. I wish I could afford to hire them.

    • Egyptian Cat says:

      There’s no “there.” SUNY is a system of NY state colleges and universities. It is not in itself a brick and mortar establishment. I wonder which university within the SUNY system she actually attended.

    • Fl Resister says:

      There’s a simple typo or more seriously a grammatical error in the second line of Chamberlain Harris’s abstract:
      “It seeks to answer the questions of how are similar or different the Trump and Obama campaign communication strategies are and how these strategies have changed from campaigning to governing mode.”

      Probably more expected from an undergraduate but in an “honor thesis” causes a raised eyebrow.

      While I’ve yet to see a clear picture of this young woman, I won’t seek one out since she is twenty-three, possibly lost her father as a teenager, and is likely being set up to take a rap for more powerful people like Donald Trump or one of his bozos.
      She fits a type Trump likes to use for his purposes though this is the youngest female yet.

      • soundgood2 says:

        There are numerous grammatical mistakes in it which makes me wonder about the caliber of the honors program. She is just more grist for the mill that grinds up young women like this and spits them out when they are no longer useful. Receptionist of the United States…ROTUS, sigh…

    • Doug in Ohio says:

      Thanks, soundgood2. There’s a bad typo in the abstract of her honors thesis; in the second sentence, the first instance of the word “are” should have been removed for the sentence to make sense. Pretty sloppy, in keeping with her “Suma Cum Lade” (sic) LinkedIn profile credentials.

    • Purple Martin says:

      There’s a coffee house a couple blocks from the small college a couple blocks from my house. As you might imagine, they hire a lot of college students. I’ve heard them mention to each other they’re getting their degrees Magna Cum Latte.

    • Artzen Frankengueuze says:

      As a capital district resident, I am always excited when a story of this magnitude develops a local angle. I have yet to see any local news source cover this.

  14. timbozone says:

    I wonder what all the spelling and grammatical errors mean exactly. Some people have learning disabilities that make it hard for them to get all this stuff down accurately and consistently. On the other hand, connected people can just skate into and through nepotistic institutions of learning by connections and glad-handing, etc.

    • Rayne says:

      If either of my two adult kids made these kinds of errors I’d have to wonder if they were ill. There’s no excuse for this crap when nearly every word processing app autocorrects or notes errors, when other applications like Grammarly check grammar as well as spelling.

      This smacks of hubris on her part, like she huffed too much of her own supply.

      • bmaz says:

        I can’t get through even a Tweet without one or more typos. Or on work here. And I don’t care. But a thesis or CV/LinkdIn?? That’s pretty sloppy.

        • earlofhuntingdon says:

          Doubly so for someone who became a WH intern for any administration, and sometime employee of a former president. Hard to imagine a Dick Cheney or Barack Obama relying on a person with such disregard for detail. Perfect casting for TFG though.

  15. harpie says:

    Speaking of spelling, it does not seem that important to These People:
    1:00 PM · Feb 25, 2023

    The Florida Department of Education releasing a list of approved books, but spelling “ninth” [“nineth”] and “twelfth” [“twelth”] wrong on the document, is the most Florida thing I have seen…[screenshots]

    I’m thinking of keeping an eye @TheJFreakinC… her twitter bio [I actually lol]:

    Running for U.S. congress in 2025. Political humor on Tiktok.
    The problem with political jokes is they get elected.

    • P J Evans says:

      They aren’t people who think education is important, so the public schools don’t teach well (and usually to standardized tests).

  16. flounder says:

    When the Biden “documents with classified markings” story popped. I predicted they would largely be dumb things like old travel schedules that were classified prior to initiation, which is similar to the H. Clinton “emails with classification markings” scandal that turned out to be “call sheets” and nothingburgers in the big scheme of things. Given what’s going on with Trump here, I still think this is the case.

  17. Just Some Guy says:

    The deletion of the summer trip to St. Petersburg reminded me of Carter Page. Lo and behold, this is still on Bard College’s website:

    Bard Globalization and International Affairs (BGIA) Program
    Please welcome new Program Director Carter Page, the former Chief Operating Officer of the Energy & Power Investment Banking Group at Merrill Lynch. Until July 2007, he was Deputy Branch Manager of Merrill Lynch’s representative office in Moscow which he opened in 2004. He is a co-founder and partner of Global Energy Capital, a New York-based financial institution focused on the energy sector in frontier emerging markets. Carter is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, where he was a former International Affairs Fellow and co-director of the Council’s study group on the Caspian Sea region. He has served as an adjunct faculty member in the Master of Science in Global Affairs program at New York University. Carter is a Distinguished Graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy where he was a Trident Scholar. He holds an MBA from New York University, an MA from Georgetown University and is currently completing requirements for a PhD from the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies.

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