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The Structure of the January 6 Assault: “I will settle with seeing [normies] smash some pigs to dust”

The effort to spark an insurrection at the Capitol was one implemented not by “foot solders,” but some highly trained veterans, including an alarming number of Marines. And the network of people who stoked the normies to serve as useful bodies to this effort ties via just one or two steps right to Trump. 

After a Six Hour Hearing on Lawsuits against Trump, the Only Clear Thing is Don Jr Is in the Clear

A long hearing in several lawsuits against Trump and others for January 6 leaves just two key takeaways, in my opinion: Don Jr is probably in the clear based on his fruitless effort to get his dad to call the riot off, and it’s fairly uncontroversial to claim the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys entered into a conspiracy together.