Where Is Abu Zubaydah?

Am I the only one who is disturbed that our government has disappeared all the Al Qaeda leadership rather than dealing with them transparently?

I just finished James Risen’s new book in which Abu Zubaydah features prominently. First there’s the anecdote where, a few days after Abu Zubaydah’s capture and transfer to Thailand, Bush asked Tenet what kind of intelligence they had gotten from Zubaydah. None, Tenet explained, he’s still so doped up for his injuries he can’t talk coherently.

Bush turned to Tenet and asked: "Who authorized putting him on pain medication?" (22)

Then there’s the story near the end of the book about finding–and not pursuing–Zubaydah’s ATM cards. Don’t want to know who’s filling Zubaydah’s bank accounts, you see, for fear you’ll discover it’s your crack oil dealer.

Reading of Zubaydah’s capture made me ask, for the umpteenth time, why haven’t we hard of Zubaydah’s military tribunal and execution? Why are we still holding him in an undisclosed location, almost 4 years after we captured him, and presumably long after he’s been of any intelligence value?

Exhuming Atta