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Sticky Fingers McCain Does It Again

John McCain is an angry, mercurial, petulant and self serving man that believes that John McCain is entitled to say, do or take whatever John McCain wants and John McCain needs. That doesn’t sit real well with Jackson Browne, who is suing McCain for stealing his music. When McCain gets furious, veins start bulging in his neck and he turns red with anger. He won’t ever be Jackson’s friend, but lets hope that Browne causes another patented redneck explosion.

Kill Game: The Path Of Destruction From The Amerithrax Investigation

“Have you no sense of decency, … at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?” These prophetic words were spoken on June 9, 1954 by Joseph Welch, attorney for the United States Army, at the nadir of the shameful McCarthy hearings. George Bush, being a failure as a student of history, and Dick Cheney simply disdainful of it, our government has deigned to repeat history by persecuting, oppressing and causing the death of people, many of them innocents, common citizens and bystanders, all over the globe. Was Bruce Ivins yet another one of them?

Native Tears

Via the Washington Post, the verdict has been rendered at long last in the Cobell litigationA federal judge ruled Thursday that American Indian plaintiffs are entitled to $455 million in a long-running trust case, a fraction of the $47 billion they wanted. The Native Americans have been screwed once again by the white man.

Tortured Confession Evidence Tossed In First Day Of Hamdan Trial

The Bushco Torture Brigade is on a bad luck streak in dancing school. Four beatdowns by the Supreme Court on the legality/Constitutionality of their torture and trial program is beyond bad. But wait, there’s more; and it’s not good for Bushco’s cherished show trial dreams. Not even one full day into the show, and even the hand selected military judge, Keith Allred, is sending Bushco up the proverbial creek without their torture evidence paddle.

President Haney Loads Up And Fixes To Move Back to Hooterville

Remember the condescending caterwauling by the Republicans when the Clintons were winding down and leaving office? Of course you do. Heavens to Betsy, they were going to plunder the country right down to stealing the “W”s off all the keyboards and typewriters. So, what is George Bush up to as the sun sets on his catastrophic presidency? As Mr. Haney (Bush) and Fred Sanford (Cheney – It’s the big one Lynne, it’s the big one!) perpetrate their parting scams and thefts and move back to the scrubbrush of Texas, let’s make a list of what they are doing.

McCain: Is He Addled And Confused Or A Dishonorable Man?

Either John McCain is addled and confused in the face of trying to keep up with all that he must as a candidate for the most powerful position in the world, or he is a dishonorable cad that will blithely pass out confidential information and place important people’s lives in danger to serve his own vain powerlust. Either way, he is unfit for the job he is applying for, President of the United States.

The Post FISA Amendment Act Action Begins: ACLU Fires The First Salvo – A Working Thread

As all know by now, July 9, 2008 was a day that will live in infamy. It seems stark to use that historic phrase, but to a lot of us, it really feels that way. What many have been asking, and rightfully so, is where do we go from here. There are several projects such as Strange Bedfellows for the long term, but, by far, the biggest news you need to know about today is the activity by the ACLU. The ACLU has made two filings in response to the passage and signing of the FISA Amendments Act (FAA), one a new complaint in SDNY and the other an application to the FISA Court.

Emptywheel’s Famous Football Trash Talk Thread

Hello there sports fans and fanettes. You have probably been wondering what happens to the New England Patriots if Tom Brady is injured or out. The second string is a pretty severe step down; for those scoring at home, or even if you are alone (shameless rip off from Keith Olbermann), Brady’s backup is Matt Cassel, a perfectly fine chap, and by all accounts a good quarterback.