DOJ Arresting Their Way to Clarity on Joe Biggs’ Two Breaches of the Capitol

The Proud Boys Leadership conspiracy indictment describes that Joe Biggs breached the Capitol twice.

He entered first on the west side through a door opened after Dominic Pezzola broke through an adjacent window with a riot shield.

At 2:14 p.m., BIGGS entered the Capitol building through a door on the northwest side. The door was opened after a Proud Boys member, Dominic Pezzola, charged elsewhere, used a riot shield at 2:13 p.m. to break window allowed rioters to enter the building and force open an adjacent door from the inside. BIGGS and Proud Boys members Gilbert Garcia, William Pepe, and Joshua Pruitt, each of whom are charged elsewhere, entered the same door within two minutes of its opening. At 2:19 p.m., a member of the Boots on the Ground channel posted, “We just stormed the capitol.”

Then, Biggs left the building, walked around it, took a selfie from the east side, then forced his way in the east side and headed from there to the Senate.

BIGGS subsequently exited the Capitol, and BIGGS and several Proud Boys posed for a picture at the top of the steps on the east side of the Capitol.

Thirty minutes after first entering the Capitol on the west side, BIGGS and two other members of the Proud boys, among others, forcibly re-entered the Capitol through the Columbus Doors on the east side of the Capitol, pushing past at least one law enforcement officer and entering the Capitol directly in front of a group of individuals affiliated with the Oath Keepers. [my emphasis]

Understanding Biggs’ actions — including whether they were coordinated with the Oath Keepers who entered at virtually the same time as him (including fellow Floridian Kelly Meggs, who had just “organized an alliance” with the Proud Boys in December) — is crucial to understanding the insurrection as a whole.

That’s particularly true given that Biggs re-entered the Capitol and headed to the Senate, where Mike Pence had only recently been evacuated. That’s also true given how Biggs’ actions coincide so neatly with those of the Oath Keepers.

At the moment Pezzola breaks the Capitol window with a shield, Person Ten contacts Joshua James (from Alabama but seemingly affiliated with the Florida Oath Keepers). At the moment Biggs enters the Capitol, someone on the Oath Keepers’ Signal channel informed the list that “The[y] have taken ground at the capital [sic]. We need to regroup any members who are not on mission.” This is a quicker response than the Proud Boys Boots on the Ground channel itself had to the initial breach.

And that’s what happened. Both the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys regrouped and opened a new front on the assault on the Capitol.

Rhodes called Kelly Meggs. Person Ten called James. Then Rhodes had overlapping phone calls with Person Ten and Meggs. Around that time, The Stack started making their way to an entry of the Capitol on the other side of the building from where they were. And James and Minuta hopped in some golf carts and rushed to the Capitol (I’m not sure from where). During the period when The Stack, commanded by Kelly Meggs, was making their way to the Capitol and Biggs was walking around rather than through it, Roberto Minuta arrived and started harassing the cops guarding the door through which Biggs and The Stack would shortly enter, perhaps ensuring that the cops remained at their post rather than reinforcing the east side.

I had speculated here that Proud Boys in the initial breach — most notably former Army Captain Gabriel Garcia — were live streaming with the intent of providing tactical information to people located remotely who were performing a command and control function.

If you were following Garcia’s livestreams in real time — even from a remote location — you would have visibility on what was going on inside almost immediately after the first group of the Proud Boys breached the Capitol.

In a later livestream, Garcia narrated what happened in the minutes after the Proud Boys had breached the Capitol.

GARCIA states, “We just went ahead and stormed the Capitol. It’s about to get ugly.” Around him, a large crowd chants, “Our house!”

Then, as a standoff with some cops ensued, Garcia filmed himself describing, tactically, what was happening, and also making suggestions to escalate violence that were heeded by those around him.

At minute 1:34, a man tries to run through the line of USCP officers. The officers respond with force, which prompts GARCIA to shout, “You fucking traitors! You fucking traitors! Fuck you!” As the USCP officers try to maintain positive control of the man that just rushed the police line, GARCIA yells, “grab him!” seemingly instructing the individuals around him to retrieve the man from USCP officers. GARCIA is holding a large American flag, which he drops into the skirmish in an apparent attempt to assist the individuals who are struggling with the USCP officers.

USCP officers maintain control of the line, holding out their arms to keep the crowd from advancing. At least one USCP officer deploys an asp. GARCIA turns the camera on himself and offers tactical observations regarding the standoff. [my emphasis]

Garcia’s livestream was such that you would obtain crowd size estimates from it, as well as specific names of officers on the front line, as well as instructions to “keep ’em coming,” seemingly asking for more bodies for this confrontation.

At minute 3:26, GARCIA, who is still in extremely close proximity to the USCP officer line again yells, “Fucking traitors!” He then joins the crowd chanting “Our house!” At minute 3:38, GARCIA states, “You ain’t stopping a million of us.” He then turns the camera to the crowd behind him and says, “Keep ‘em coming. Keep ‘em coming. Storm this shit.” GARCIA chants with the crowd, “USA!”

Soon after, GARCIA stops chanting and begins speaking off camera with someone near him. At minute 4:28, GARCIA says, “do you want water?” Though unclear, GARCIA seems to be asking the person with whom he is speaking. GARCIA is so close to an officer that, as the camera shifts, the only images captured are those of the officer’s chest and badge. [my emphasis]

Remarkably, Garcia filmed himself successfully ordering the rioters to hold the line — which they do — and then filmed them charging the police.

GARCIA yells, “Back up! Hold the line!” Shortly thereafter, the crowd begins advancing, breaching the USCP officer line. GARCIA says, “Stop pushing.” The last moments captured in the video are of the crowd rushing the USCP officers.

A filing arguing for detention for Ethan Nordean confirms that Proud Boys located offsite were monitoring the livestream and providing instructions.

When the Defendant, his co-Defendants, and the Proud Boys under the Defendant’s command did, in fact, storm the Capitol grounds, messages on Telegram immediately reflected the event. PERSON-2 announced, “Storming the capital building right now!!” and then “Get there.” [Un-indicted co-conspirator-1] immediately followed by posting the message, “Storming the capital building right now!!” four consecutive times.6 These messages reflect that the men involved in the planning understood that the plan included storming the Capitol grounds. This shared understanding of the plan is further reflected in co-Defendant Biggs’ real-time descriptions that “we’ve just taken the Capitol” and “we just stormed the fucking Capitol.”

6 UCC-1 and PERSON-2 are not believed to have been present on the Capitol grounds, but rather indicated that they were monitoring events remotely using livestreams and other methods.*

So at least on the Proud Boys side, there was this kind of command and control.

And the government has been arresting their way to some clarity on this point.

Sometime before March 1, the government got access to both the leadership Telegram channel the Proud Boys used to coordinate the insurrection and the “Boots on the Ground” channel, meaning they’ve got monikers for around 35 active Proud Boy participants in the insurrection who have not yet been arrested. In the weeks since the Biggs and Nordean conspiracy indictment disclosed that the government had these chats, the government has arrested several people with ties to one or another of these men (though without saying whether they identified them from the Boots on the Ground channel or whether they arrested them at this time for investigative reasons).

Two of these men just happen to be two of Joe Biggs’ co-travelers the day of the insurrection, Paul Rae and Arthur Jackman, both also from Florida. The complaints for both are very similar, possibly written by the same FBI agent. Both complaints go through the greatest hits of the Proud Boy actions that day, listing all the conspiracies already charged. While the affidavits include the testimony of acquaintances of both men (in Jackman’s case, obtained after a January 19 interview with Jackman himself, meaning that testimony couldn’t be the lead via which they IDed him), the affidavits also focus on their entries with Joe Biggs, with Rae entering the west Capitol door right next to Biggs.

And Jackman walking up steps with his hand on Biggs’ shoulder.

Each affidavit includes the photo obtained from warrants served on Biggs showing the selfie mentioned in the Leader indictment (bolded above).

In Rae’s affidavit, they’ve redacted out all but his face and Biggs’.

They use the same approach in Jackman’s affidavit, redacting the others (including Rae, who had already been arrested).

If I were one of the two other guys in this picture, I’d be arranging legal representation right now.

The affidavits show both men entering the Capitol on the east side, along with Biggs. As he did on the west side, Rae walked in beside Biggs (you can see Jackman just ahead of Rae in this picture).

And as he did elsewhere in the Capitol, Jackman walked with his hand on Biggs’ shoulder.

Jackman’s affidavit shows him in the Senate (where we know Biggs also went).

The government arrested Rae on March 24. They arrested Jackman on March 30. Again, I’d be pretty nervous if I were one of the other two guys.

Because if the government can show that this second breach by Biggs was coordinated with the Oath Keepers, with The Stack led by the guy who arranged an alliance in December, Kelly Meggs, it will make these five separate conspiracies mighty cozy (in any case, the government is already starting to refer to the multiple Proud Boys conspiracies as one).

There’s at least one other action on which both militias may have coordinated: aborted efforts to launch a second wave after 4PM, something that Rudy Giuliani seems to have had insight into.

But for now, the government seems pretty focused on arresting their way to clarity about why Joe Biggs breached the Capitol, then walked outside and around it, and then breached it again.

* I had suggested in this post that UCC-1 might be Nicholas Ochs. But that’s not possible, because the government knows he was onsite. Moreover, the government is now treating defendants in one of the Proud Boys conspiracy indictments (most notably Dominic Pezzola) as co-conspirators with those charged in other conspiracy indictments (including Nordean), so Ochs would be an indicted co-conspirator. Another — far more intriguing possibility — is that it is James Sullivan (who might have a leadership role in Utah’s Proud Boys), who was in contact with Rudy Giuliani about the insurrection, and who inexplicably hasn’t been arrested. Certainly, Rudy seems to have had the information available on those chats in real time.

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    • emptywheel says:

      Sure. He was at a hotel, still in DC. Minuta was “guarding” him that day. Absolutely a possibility.

      • subtropolis says:

        I’m anxious to know whether the FBI has already confirmed where Stone and Flynn were as all of this was going down. And, everyone else who was with them, for that matter.

        I’ve no idea at all, though, whether they’d already have enough to justify subpoenas for doing so. I’m cautiously optimistic. And satisfied that the FBI would very much like to nail both of them.

      • Rugger9 says:

        If your Flynn theory is true, then Charles’ communications would potentially include older brother Mikey in that loop, and we already know Charles was “in the room” with DJT even though the Army tried to hide that detail. This would be a bombshell, since post-pardon Mike Flynn was an ardent advocate of the idea of overturning the election (in violation of his oath as an Army officer, but that’s only one of many violations) with the approval of DJT. That makes the link directly to DJT if this is true.

        OT, it’s been interesting to see Governor Kemp and the rest of the GOP sniveling about MLB yanking the All Star festivities out of Atlanta, citing the odious power grab by the GOP dressed up as a voter integrity law. Kemp might have had more traction if (IIRC) he hadn’t admitted on tape that the bill wasn’t really about voter fraud at all, or his pet GOP legislature hadn’t rammed this through in one day, literally. I would not be surprised to find out ALEC was the real author.

        In typically hypocritical fashion, the “market-solution” GOP is not amused that the market in the form of various companies have decided that they prefer fair elections, in GA, TX, etc., and the GOP legislators in those states are trying to punish the relevant CEOs for pushing back. There is even a bill to remove the MLB antitrust exemption in a classic mob move. DJT had something to say too, but who really cares what he thinks?

        • Tracy Lynn says:

          The MLB situation is probably a good call on the organization’s part, but isn’t going to accomplish much for two reasons- 1. The only people hurt by this move are the people whose jobs depend on the game being played: the vendors, ticket takers, hotel/hospitality workers. 2. I’m afraid it further feeds Kemp’s and the GOP’s whining aggrievement (“look, we’re trying to do right by our state and everyone hates us!”)

        • madwand says:

          Thought I saw somewhere where the Ga legislature, meaning majority Republican, reimposed a fuel tax on Delta, which is just passed on eventually to passengers. They do know how to hurt their own people.

        • Ginevra diBenci says:

          Charles Flynn was not in the White House. He was in the decision-making room with Sec-Def Miller and Kash Patel at DoD.

        • Burt Berman says:

          Wasn’t Miller away from DC that day, having left standing order: No commitment of troops/Fed resources without his contemporaneous, express authorization?

    • subtropolis says:

      My assumption is that Minuta and/or James were passing their mobiles to Stone, and possibly others. That’s something that Donald Trump has done for years, because he is cognizant of how the FBI can check phone records in just this way. Recall that Stormy Daniels said that she’d call Keith Schiller’s number when she wanted to talk to Trump. I think that savvy Stone likewise knew better than to have Rhodes calling him directly.

      • subtropolis says:

        To expand on that, note how, several times, Person Ten will call James, followed very soon after by a call from James to a Person Ten. That could be because James took thirty seconds or so to get some info that P10 wanted, or it might be that James sought out Stone — or someone else — then called P10 back and handed his mobile over.

  1. John Lehman says:

    “Certainly, Rudy seems to have had the information available on those chats in real time.”


  2. harpie says:

    63. BIGGS subsequently exited the Capitol, and BIGGS and several Proud Boys posed for a picture at the top of the steps on the east side of the Capitol.

    I don’t know how I thought they managed it, but when I read this, I thought they had gone through…but that’s impossible, right?
    I think that sentence is not clearly written.
    Why have a comma there and not a period with a second sentence?

    I’ll have to go back and note the error on some previous comments…uggh

    • emptywheel says:

      Note that because of the way the indictment was OCRed it gets copied in garbled fashion. I’ve been trying to clean it up on when I copy it, but have introduced errors of my own along the way that I have tried to clean up.

      • P J Evans says:

        OCR does that – I spent some time, one year, cleaning op OCR’d text for an insurance-law publisher.
        Some of the errors were amusing. It scrambled “District” into “Omelet” and turned “legal obligation” into “lethal obligation”. (Well, that was DC, so maybe…)

    • Eureka says:

      Related to that and associated timestamps, I’d just commented amidst your timeline collation tree on the prev page. (Main issue: OKs listed as entering at both 2:40 and 2:44 and related ???s.)

    • subtropolis says:

      Those wondering why he went around, and not through, the Capitol: consider that the first mission of the Proud Boys that day appears to be to punch holes in the security and count on the mob to pile in. That’s evident from the first moment that the barricades were breached, still well away from the building and long before the majority of the mob had arrived. Just a few of the PBs were able to agitate the relatively few protesters enough to force the cops to retreat. Later, at the northwest window, PBs busted their way in, and the mob followed. Biggs and others then made their way around the complex so as to open another front, increasing the pressure on the cops by keeping them from reinforcing the other side. And, of course, creating a new path into the building for the mob.

  3. Peterr says:

    To the extent that any of these folks had a military service background, if I were in the DOJ, I’d be looking to talk to their former COs to get a sense of their training, expertise, and anything else they could share.

    I’d also be asking someone at the DOD to look at everything they’ve got about how this attack unfolded, and see what wisdom they could bring with regard to both the tactics and the strategy involved here. They may see patterns of behavior in the attack that non-miltiary folks might miss, and might also be able to suggest avenues of investigation related to command and control.

    The key question remains “What was the strategic goal of the attackers?” Having someone at DOD with a good strategic background look at this attack (what did they plan? what did they bring? what did they do? how did they act afterwards?) might help answer that question.

    • emptywheel says:

      A ton of these guys have military experience: Biggs, Chrestman, Garcia, another of the KC Proud Boys (I get confused which is the ex-cop and which the veteran). My guess is Jackman is military too.

      That’s it as a minimum.

      • Peterr says:

        Right. And all those guys had old COs who can probably give you chapter and verse on their tactics, their skills, their weaknesses, and their military inclinations. Start with their files, and then do interviews with those former COs and others.

        There’s a big military intelligence operation waiting to happen, if it hasn’t happened already. For DOJ, it helps them advance their investigation; for DOD, it helps them analyze their own exposure to white supremacists in their ranks.

  4. harpie says:

    Marcy: A filing arguing for detention for Ethan Nordean confirms that Proud Boys located offsite were monitoring the livestream and providing instructions.

    TARRIO left DC in the late afternoon and went…where?
    He’d be a perfect candidate for “monitoring the livestream and providing instructions”.

  5. Eureka says:

    James Sullivan is a super intriguing possibility for UCC-1.

    Which reminds me has there been any Ali Alexander news lately?

    Is there any indication whether Person Ten is onsite, peri-site, off-site?

      • Eureka says:

        I should note that they were intended as separate Qs though their adjacency now has me wondering if AA has the type of leadership skills to tactically direct more than goad and long-con and I suspect not but who knows. [Plus I don’t think the timing could work for AA to have been much involved like that given his other activities. I have person/s in mind for P10 though EW is pointing towards FL connections so — again — who knows…And their scheme was fundamentally quite simple so no special skills from a bird’s-eye-view were perhaps necessary.]

        Thank you for your earlier comments, I was away and would like to affirm that you were directly en pointe in your follow-up remarks.

        • subtropolis says:

          Ali Alexander is a dipshit, bigmouth rabble rouser. People like Rhodes and Caldwell would not count on him to be a part of their mission. His culpability in this lies elsewhere.

        • Eureka says:

          As I said.

          With the exception that in briefly entertaining some accessory role, I’m not convinced that much more than dipshit-level intellect would have been required. As a relevant aside as to Stone, for example, much of his 2016-ing was written-out or otherwise finessed/facilitated by others (like Corsi). This is the stupid coup attempt-longue we are talking about, after all.

        • Leoghann says:

          As subtropolis pointed out, Ali A is primarily a mouth. He knows how to work the alt-right media machine. And, besides never having had experience as an organizer or commander, his personality is such that he certainly wouldn’t be anywhere, or doing anything, where he might get dirty or hurt. I suspect his fate will lie in later prosecution for one of the fraudulent enterprises he’s so fond of.

        • Eureka says:

          Is Mercury in retrograde, or whatever it is that people who’re into that stuff say when conversations go strange.

          _I_ pointed that out initially here (as elsewhere on these pages). I think we’re in general agreement as to the shape of AA’s slither.

          I would like to know if DOJ is going deep enough into the Trump-adjacent 1/6 planning comms, as they are doing with some of the militia comms, to look at AA & Alex Jones’ “dry run”* “storming” of the Georgia state Capitol November 18th. There, AA, AJ, and helpers kept — or had to keep — their troops leashed and made a show of having them drop their weapons prior to entering.

          *Whether one might characterize this as a split task or different type of test in a set of dry runs (cf. the PBs 12/12 in DC) — prospectively or in fortuitous retrospect, from their POV — or cover story (it was “peaceful” as they are wont to cry; theatre-as-excuse) depends… No question, however, that it was part of the planners’ and participants’ storyline stoking into 1/6, as with all of the StopTheSteal events.

        • Ginevra diBenci says:

          Thanks, Eureka, for giving me a new contraction: “who’re”! What verve, what audacity it takes to cram two words into one like that when it’s never been done before!

        • Eureka says:

          Ooh: verve and audacity, I will take every bit of that, thank you Ginevra! Now that you’re attuned you’ll see I make up words all the time, it just comes out that way. Once in a great while if one becomes salient and pleases me, I’ll search it to find zero results. So your kind words beat anything Stewart Smalley could pull off on his best day.

          Spouse quit playing Scrabble with me decades ago over a then-fondness for manipulating gerunds. English is a living language, fair game!

    • Eureka says:

      SS3 paragraph 110: “not long after 4pm” Person 10 along with Rhodes (P1) and bunch of the named OKs/other breachers are gathered together ~ 100 feet from the Capitol building near the northeast corner.

      That’s the only reference I see to P10’s location.

      Besides the arrowed photo of OKs near Capitol earlier (above), it’s worth reviewing that CNN video of OK (leaders) exiting at dusk/dark (I’ll try to relink that tomorrow). Compare & contrast…

      ETA: you can get to the CNN video thru DB link here:

      • Eureka says:

        The arrowed photo (what time was that from?) was in EW’s prior post, not above:

        For economy of links: see here for just before 4p, scroll up for earlier, scroll down for 5:13 PM CNN video of OKs leaving (via CT Exposers, QT’d):

        Christiaan Triebert: “Minor update for those following the Oath Keepers story closely: Stewart Rhodes was on the Capitol’s northeast steps between 3:35-3:41 p.m., these previously unpublished photos by @Er_Woods show. Around him already several of those that entered the Capitol. [photos]”
        7:42 PM · Feb 3, 2021

        • Eureka says:

          LOL I collided with that hot mess of a situation yesterday, someone rt’d drawings her kid’s friend made towards the effort (or something). Dunno if I want to know that weird or not [to draw a comparison to another founder/leader and his weird, see Gavin McInnes, add “NSFW” (oops, turns out there’s too much to see there. Try this thread where he waxes violence and “proves” that the PB aren’t “antigay” — despite charges criminal and otherwise from LGBT+ victims

          This all reminds me of a convo we had here about the neo-reactionary movement, other far-right extremists, and the premium on graphic, celebratory displays of masculinity. IOW, a digression to the center of the matter].

        • Eureka says:

          I also had an OT music question for you and others savvy about the industry. They played some songs after the Women’s NCAA final — I tracked an unfamiliar one down but it’s one of those produced for TV things. Can’t find a lyrics entry (they’re super trite, but the point was to find more info) or the singer. Curious who she is and how to find this stuff.

          Maybe around 2:20- is the clip they played:

          I am apparently the sports-show music clip tracker-downer of EW Trash and usually get the song/cover/artist but need some *assistance* with the last here.

        • bmaz says:

          There are a couple more on YouTube, here and here, which is where found that second one. But not figuring out who in the world they really are. I like it though!

        • Eureka says:

          Yes, they’re really appealing — and thanks for that 2nd one*, hadn’t heard it and they’re serving them up kind of slapdash — and a great example of something ‘corporate’ working for a change. But all I have is visions of some artists under draconian secret contracts. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE! FREE THEM!

          Adding: and the others: this is a different set than the ones I’ve clicked through

          Whole playlist here:

          Light it Up male female

        • bmaz says:

          Lol, I am old enough and been around music enough that I ought to be able to grok this. I like it a lot and still can’t figure out exactly who they are. Am kind of embarrassed.

        • Eureka says:

          I just saw that you outsourced our quandary to the interwebs and I hope someone comes a’ answerin.

          This is some sports music side portal to the Bermuda Triangle.

        • vvv says:

          Their Uchoob page gives this:

          “SATV Music is a premium music library with the media industry at its core.
          We work with a diverse and ever-expanding range of artists and composers to deliver music internationally across the whole media industry.”

          I heard that “Fearless” track in another context, mebbe on a Netflix series?

        • Eureka says:

          As long as we’re doing Mystery Sports Music 3k, one I can’t identify at all is the backing track to NFL clips on Sports Center w/ Van Pelt. In that track, there’s an ~underbeat track reminiscent of an old song I can’t place and it’s all driving me nuts. I found a site with ESPN instrumental clips but that wasn’t included and I just can’t find it.

          I’d be eternally grateful if anyone can figure that one out.

  6. harpie says:

    There’s a call missing on the chart

    76. At 12:58 p.m., MINUTA placed a phone call to PERSON ONE, which lasted approximately 1 minute and 11 seconds.

    • harpie says:

      Minuta called Rhodes FIRST [as far as we know].
      WHERE was he, and WHOM was he with?

      TRUMP was still talking at the RALLY until about 1:10 PM.
      I DID read somewhere that they had golf carts there. I think that was in the Federal Protective Services FOIA Marcy posted.

  7. harpie says:

    Something NEW [end snark] from FLORIDA yesterday: CORRUPTION:
    7:18 PM · Apr 4, 2021

    Campaign finance reports obtained by 60 Minutes show that weeks before Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced a partnership with Publix grocery stores to distribute the vaccine in its pharmacies, Publix donated $100,000 to his PAC. [VIDEO]

  8. harpie says:

    Oh MY! [Thanks for the laugh, bmaz]

    Roger Stone and allies seek to destroy fellow GOP operative in bizarre personal feud
    Suddenly Roger Stone is worried about “single women” succumbing to the charms of former MAGA pal John Cardillo 4/5/21

    […] A potential clue to the Stone-Cardillo feud emerged in another post, when Stone expressed anger that Cardillo had not spoken up for an NYPD officer named Sal Greco, who reportedly received money from Stone’s wife and is now under “investigation by NYPD’s Internal Affairs.” […]
    Notably, following a Salon’s inquiry to Stone via email, all the Parler messages in question disappeared from the social media site. […]


    We talked about Sal GRECO here, on a thread about the
    The INSURRECTION and the WILLARD Hotel:

    • Leoghann says:

      The NY Daily News has been keeping pretty good track of Detective Greco and his various alt-right affairs, as well as his Internal Affairs investigation. They had yet another good article on him today.

  9. Leoghann says:

    With all the speculation about who UCC-1 and Person 10 might be, I read with interest that the government has filed papers with the court regarding Jon Schaffer of Indiana. He was wearing a cap reading “Oath Keeper for Life” when arrested, although of course the Indiana Chapter denies any knowledge of him whatsoever. His charges are pretty serious, and fit the profile of others who now have conspiracy indictments. But his plea negotiations have been proceeding apace, and today’s filing indicates that he may make a pre-indictment pleading.

    Might he be UCC-1?

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