The Hundred-Plus January 6 Defendants Accused of Assault

Yesterday, Merrick Garland marked two milestones in the January 6 investigation: 500 arrests, of which 100 were for assaulting police.

The Department of Justice reached several benchmarks in our investigation into the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol.

We have now crossed the threshold of 500 arrests, including the 100th arrest of a defendant on charges of assaulting a federal law enforcement officer. This morning, we arrested our first defendant on charges that include assaulting a member of the news media.

I could not be more proud of the extraordinary effort by investigators and prosecutors to hold accountable those who engaged in criminal acts that day. Particular credit goes to those serving as prosecutors and agents in Washington, D.C., as well as those in FBI field offices and U.S. Attorney’s Offices across the country, and with the Department’s National Security Division.

Our efforts to bring criminal charges are not possible without the continued assistance of the American public. To date, we have received their more than 200,000 digital tips.

I assure the American people that the Department of Justice will continue to follow the facts in this case and charge what the evidence supports to hold all January 6th perpetrators accountable.

I’ve been tracking the charged assaults (and a few related crimes). Here’s my list, which includes several people who really resisted arrest (but got charged under 18 USC 111). Note this list also tracks how the FBI identified the defendant, which shows that FBI has been relying on “Be On the Lookout” photos to identify assailants. As of right now, all these defendants have pled NOT guilty and are assumed innocent. [fixed typo]

As you read this list, keep in mind that FBI has released 410 BOLOs, most for assault, and well over 200 of those people remain at large. And of course, the FBI has not yet apprehended the pipe bomber.

  1. Daniel Page Adams, whose arrest affidavit describes engaging in a “direct struggle with [unnamed] law enforcement officers” (his cousin, Cody Connell, described the exchange as a “civil war”). Tip SM
  2. Zachary Alam, who pushed cops around as he was trying to break into the Speaker’s Lobby. BOLO 79
  3. Michael Alberts, who was arrested for gun possession the day of the riot but who had an assault charge added in a superseding indictment
  4. Wilmar Alvarado, who pushed cops in the mob trying to get in from the West Terrace. BOLO 65
  5. John Anderson, who after taking two riot shields from cops, needed their assistance after getting maced.
  6. Thomas Ballard, who used a police baton and threw a table in the Lower West Terrace. BOLO 325
  7. Logan Barnhart, who pulled one of the cops out of the Capitol.
  8. Craig Bingert, who allegedly helped shove cops with a barricade. BOLO 105
  9. Brian Glenn Bingham, who scuffled with two cops after Ashli Babbitt got shot. BOLO 93
  10. David Blair, who poked a cop with a lacrosse stick with a Confederate flag attached. Onsite arrest
  11. Michael Brock, who hit two cops with a four-foot rod. BOLO 319
  12. Nicholas James Brockhoff, who sprayed a fire extinguisher from the Terrace at cops. BOLO 255
  13. Benjamin Burlew, who participated in a 6-person assault on an AP journalist.
  14. Jamie Buteau, whom surveillance video showed throwing chairs at cops several times in the Capitol. (BOLO 188)
  15. Alan Byerly, who allegedly beat up a cop and then beat up an AP cameraman. BOLO 193
  16. Daniel Caldwell, who was filmed macing 15 cops. SM
  17. Steven Cappuccio, who pulled Daniel Hodge’s gas mask and beat him with his own baton. BOLO 123
  18. Matthew Caspel, who was filmed charging the National Guard. Tip SM
  19. William Chrestman, who is accused of threatening a cop as Proud Boys pushed their way past the original line of defense (charged with 18 USC 115). NM
  20. Reed Christensen, who was videotaped swinging at cops. BOLO and video 191
  21. Luke Coffee, who was videotaped beating several cops with a crutch. Tip SM and BOLO 108
  22. Cody Connell, who with his cousin was in a direct confrontation with cops. Tip SM
  23. Lance Copeland, who admitted to fighting with cops on the barricades.
  24. Matthew Council, who was arresting for shoving cops the day of the riot.
  25. Kevin Creek, who was filmed hitting and kicking officers on the West Terrace. BOLO 296
  26. Bruno Cua, who was filmed shoving a cop to be able to get into the Senate. Tip LE
  27. Matthew DaSilva, who fought over shields with cops in the Lower West Terrace. BOLO 230
  28. James Davis, the Proud Boy with a big stick who charged some cops.
  29. Nathan DeGrave, whom security cameras caught threatening to fight cops. Network Sandlin
  30. David Dempsey, a Proud Boy with a history of assaulting anti-Trump protestors who used a crutch to assault police in the Tunnel. Sedition Hunters
  31. Josh Doolin, who is part of Johnny Pollack’s cell that assaulted multiple cops. Network Pollack
  32. Michael Eckerman, who pushed an officer down a small flight of stairs, thereby opening a new hallyway. Tip anon
  33. Daniel Egdvedt, a large man who took swipes and grabbed at several officers as they tried to remove him from the Capitol. BOLO 76
  34. Scott Fairlamb, who was caught in multiple videos shoving and punching officers (one who whom is identified but not named); Cori Bush has said she was threatened by him last summer. Tips, including SM
  35. Joseph Fischer, a cop who got in a tussle with another cop. Tip SM
  36. Kyle Fitzsimons, who charged officers guarding the doorway of the Capitol. BOLO 139
  37. Michael Foy, a former Marine who was caught on multiple videos beating multiple cops with a hockey stick. Tip SM
  38. Kevin Galetto, who allegedly knocked an MPD officer to the ground in the Tunnel. BOLO 146
  39. Robert Giswein, who appears to have ties to the Proud Boys and used a bat to beat cops. NM
  40. Vitali Gossjankowski, who was interviewed about whether he had tased MPD officer Michael Fanone, causing a heart attack; instead he was charged with assaulting CPD officer MM. BOLO 98 — with a second one mentioned
  41. Daniel Gray, who got into several confrontations with officers inside the Capitol, including knocking down a female cop. Tip SM
  42. Brian Gunderson, charged with assault while committing a felony on a superseding.
  43. Alex Harkrider, who after being filmed fighting with police at the door of the Capitol, posted a picture with a crowbar labeled, “weapon;” he was charged with abetting Ryan Nichols’ assault. Tip SM
  44. Richard Harris, who assaulted a journalist in Oregon weeks before threatening cops, Nancy Pelosi, and Mike Pence during the riot.
  45. Uliyahu Hayah, who was in the vicinity of Ashli Babbitt’s death and shoved a cop on his way out. NM
  46. Albuquerque Cosper Head, accused of assaulting Michael Fanone.
  47. Dillon Herrington, who threw a 4X4 at cops, then threw a barrier. Sedition Hunters picture
  48. Joseph Hutchison, who is part of Johnny Pollack’s group, but who was caught via his own BOLO. BOLO 320
  49. Emanuel Jackson, whom videos caught punching one officer, and others show beating multiple officers with a metal baseball bat. BOLO 31
  50. Shane Jenkins, alleged to have used a crowbar to break in a window, later threw things including a pole, a desk drawer, and a flagpole at cops.
  51. Douglas Jensen, the QAnon who chased Officer Goodman up the stairs, got charged with resisting him. NM, BOLO 10
  52. Taylor Johnatakis, charged with 111.
  53. Paul Johnson, who carried a bullhorn and was in the initial assault from the west side with Ryan Samsel. BOLO 49
  54. David Judd, who threw a firecracker at cops in the tunnel. Tip and BOLO 137
  55. Julian Elie Khater, who allegedly sprayed Brian Sicknick and two others with very powerful bear spray. BOLO 190
  56. Freddie Klein, the State Department employee who fought with three different officers while trying to break through police lines. BOLO 136
  57. Edward Jacob Lang, who identified himself in a screen cap of a violent mob attacking cops and who was filmed slamming a riot shield into police and later fighting them with a red baseball bat. Tip SM
  58. Nicholas Languerand, accused of throwing a bollard, a can of pepper spray, and a stick at cops in the Lower West Tunnel.
  59. Samuel Lazar, who was caught on video spraying chemicals and cops and claimed to be the tip of the spear.
  60. Mark Jefferson Leffingwell, whom a Capitol Police officer described in an affidavit punching him. Onsite arrest
  61. Joshua Lollar, who described fighting cops and was caught in pictures showing himself in the front lines confronting cops. Tip SM
  62. Michael Lopatic, who allegedly assaulted some cops with Stager and Sabol, then took a BWC to hide the assault. BOLO 133
  63. Clifford Mackrell, who attempted to strip an officer’s gas mask after someone else sprayed bear spray. BOLO 124
  64. Logan McAbee, who was part of a gang assault on a cop pulled out of the Capitol.
  65. Patrick Edward McCaughey III, who was filmed crushing MPD Officer Daniel Hodges in one of the doors to the Capitol. BOLO 62
  66. James McGrew, who shoved some cops in the Rotunda then bared his King James belly tattoo, Tip Network
  67. Sean McHugh, accused of spraying some yellow substance at cops and using a sign as a battering ram, BOLO 59
  68. Jeffrey McKellop, a former Special Forces guy accused of assaulting 4 cops, including one by using a flagpole as a spear. BOLO 215
  69. David Mehaffie, who directed the assaults in the Tunnel
  70. Jonathan Mellis, who used some kind of stick to try to jab and beat police. Tip SM
  71. Jalise Middleton
  72. Mark Middleton, the Middletons fought the cops outside the West entrance to the Capitol. BWC
  73. Garret Miller, who pushed back at cops and then threatened both AOC and the cop who killed Ashli Babbit. Tip LE
  74. Matthew Ryan Miller, who released fire extinguisher in close quarters. Tip SM
  75. Jordan Mink, who used a pole to assault the police.
  76. Brian Mock, who kicked a cop when he was down and bragged about it. BOLO and Tip SM
  77. Patrick Montgomery was charged with assault against MPD officer DJ in a follow-up indictment.
  78. Robert Morss, who in addition to tussling with a cop, was a key organizer of shield walls in the Tunnel. BOLO 147
  79. Aaron Mostofsky, possibly for stripping a cop of his or her armored vest and riot shield. NM
  80. Clayton Mullins, alleged to be part of the mob that assaulted AW and two other police. Tip
  81. Jonathan Munafo, alleged to have fought with cops in two different locations, including punching one in the Lower West Terrace. (BOLO and video 170)
  82. Ryan Nichols, who was filmed wielding a crowbar and yelling, “This is not a peaceful protest,” then spraying pepper spray against police trying to prevent entry to the Capitol. Tip SM
  83. Grady Owens, who allegedly hit a cop in the head on the Mall with a skateboard, as he was heading to reinforce the Capitol. BOLO 109
  84. Jason Owens, accused of assaulting a second officer after his son attacked one with a skateboard. Network Owens
  85. Jose Padilla, who shoved cops at a barricade, then helped use a Donald Trump sign as a battering ram against them. Tip SM
  86. Robert Palmer, who sprayed cops with a fire extinguisher then threw it at them.
  87. Michael Perkins, who is part of the Pollack group. Network Pollack
  88. Dominic Pezzola, a Proud Boy who stole a shield from cops. NM and BOLO 43
  89. Johnny Pollack, who serially assaulted cops and then went on the lam. BOLO 144
  90. Olivia Pollack, Johnny’s sister who also allegedly punched a cop. Pollack network
  91. Mark Ponder, filmed repeatedly attacking cops with poles.
  92. Christopher Quaglin, accused of assaulting cops both at the initial breach of the barriers and later in the Lower West Terrace.
  93. Stephen Chase Randolph, who shoved cops at the initial barricade and later bragged about a female cop’s head bouncing off the pavement. BOLO 168
  94. Daniel Rodriguez, whom videos appear to show tasing Michael Fanone. Sedition Hunter-based reporting
  95. Edward Rodriguez, who sprayed pepper spray at cops while wearing a suit. Sedition Hunter-based reporting
  96. Greg Rubeacker, Tip SM
  97. Jeffrey Sabol, helped drag a cop from the Capitol and beat him while prone. LE arrest (erratic driving)
  98. Ryan Samsel, who set off the riot by giving a cop a concussion; he appears to have coordinated with Joe Biggs. BOLO 51 (though not IDed by BOLO)
  99. Salvador Sandoval, Jr, who went to the insurrection with his mother and shoved some cops.
  100. Robert Sanford, who was filmed hitting Capitol Police Officer William Young on the head with a fire extinguisher. Tip NM
  101. Ronald Sandlin, who tried to wrestle cops to keep the door to the Senate open. MPD tip
  102. Troy Sargent, who appears to have punched some cops holding a line. Tip SM
  103. Peter Schwartz, a felon who maced several cops. Tip NM (BOLO 120)
  104. Dan Scott, AKA Milkshake, who shoved some cops in the initial assault. Network.
  105. Christian Secor, a UCLA self-described fascist who helped shove through some cops to break into the Capitol and then sat in the Senate chamber. Tip NM
  106. DJ Shalvey. The details of the assault charged against Shalvey are not public, but he did get charged for lying about it to the FBI.
  107. Barton Wade Shively, who pushed and shoved some police trying to get into the Capitol, punched another, then struck one of those same cops later and kicked another. BOLO 55
  108. Thomas Sibick, accused of being among a group of men who attacked Michael Fanone and stole his badge.
  109. Geoffrey Sills, alleged to have used both a pole and a baton in several assaults on cops in the tunnel.
  110. Audrey Southard-Rumsey, the talented singer deemed one of the main agitators in the Statuary Hall Connector. Tip SM
  111. Peter Francis Stager, who was involved in beating a prone cop with a flagpole. Tip SM
  112. Ezekial Stecher, whom videos showed pushing in the Lower West Tunnel.
  113. Tristan Stevens, who fought cops with a shield and baton. Video
  114. Isaac Sturgeon, who is accused of using a barricade to attack some officers.
  115. Andrew Taake, who is accused to have used a metal whip and pepper spray against the cops. Tip SM
  116. George Pierre Tanios, who allegedly conspired with Julian Khater to attack Brian Sicknick and two other cops. BOLO 254
  117. Kenneth Joseph Owen Thomas, who organized a MAGA Caravan from AL and then selfied himself attacking cops. BOLO 214
  118. Christopher Warnagiris, the Marine Major who fought to keep the East door open. BOLO 241
  119. Thomas Webster, who attacked a cop with a flagpole. BOLO 145
  120. Wade Whitten, accused of dragging AW down the steps of the Capitol and hitting him with a crutch. BOLO 130
  121. Ricky Willden, who allegedly sprayed cops with a chemical.
  122. Duke Wilson, accused of assaulting several officers in the Lower West Tunnel. BOLO 87
  123. Jason Woods, who allegedly used the same tripping attack on a female cop and a cameraman. BOLO 238
  124. Christopher Worrell, a Proud Boy who apparently sprayed pepper spray at a line of police.
  125. Kyle Young, accused of attacking Michael Fanone and another officer, and stealing Fanone’s weapon.
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  1. Quake says:

    As of right now, all these defendants have pled guilty and are assumed innocent.
    Perhaps you meant…

    As of right now, all these defendants have pled NOT guilty and are assumed innocent.

      • Richard Kohal says:

        pretty much off topic, but what do you make of seth abramson’s reporting at ‘proof’ about the ‘strategy meetings’ held at trump international and the willard hotel jan. 5 & 6?
        his research looks thorough and convincing to me.

  2. Duke says:

    “As of right now, all these defendants have pled guilty and are assumed innocent.”

    Not guilty?

  3. klynn says:

    A “little” OT:
    Anna Morgan-Lloyd is not “changed” and her “homework” was performative. She deserves jail time for her “best day ever.”

    • Rugger9 says:

      While I agree with your sentiment, perhaps some of the probation conditions will be violated and to jail she goes. Dirtballs always give you another chance to discipline them.

      • Rugger9 says:

        It seems our heroine went on Faux today to yuck it up in so many words, how she pulled the wool over Judge Lamberth’s eyes. Anyone else in front of him going forward may have to deal with his wrath about being played (even in small ways like denial of motions).

        It makes me wonder what the full terms of her probation were, such as gun ownership or interviews, etc. that may create opportunities for her to be sent back into custody on probation violations. The fact she did this the next day tells me it’s merely a matter of time before she does give Judge Lamberth a reason to clamp down.

        Tom Sullivan at Digby’s joint has it at the end of this post about CRT:

        • bmaz says:

          Naw, Royce Lamberth does not get played. He may have a sip of scotch and curse at this person, but he sentenced her openly and fairly. He will not let it affect separate cases. She may be full of Fox shit, but that is free speech and is okay.

          • I Never Lie and am Always Right says:

            But if you piss off your probation officer…..

            I have a client who is headed to Club Fed for a short time because of a probation violation. No question that there was a technical violation, but the only reason my client is going back to the clink is because the probation officer does not like my client. In a normal situation, the probation officer would have let it go.

            • bmaz says:

              Ooof. Yes. And that goes for pre-trial consideration, but especially post-sentencing. They are mini-gods.

  4. Roux says:

    Am I misreading? You write “As of right now, all these defendants have pled guilty and are assumed innocent.” I mean, if someone pleads guilty then he/she is not assumed innocent anymore. And I don’t think “all” these defendants have pleaded guilty.

  5. Silly but True says:

    Under DoJ Guidelines, defendants may only plead guilty if they actually committed the crime and admit to doing so in open court before the judge.

    If this has occurred, I’ll go ahead and assume they’re guilty (insofar as the plea agreement which led to their plea wasn’t coercive by prosecution, which does happen but I have no idea if it’s happened here).

  6. person1597 says:

    Oh, those devilish details…
    “Wagon train, mile-long train
    Four hundred mules, six hundred men
    They didn’t know the devil was in
    This mile-long train, wagon train (hee-yah!)
    Mile-long train, wagon train (hee-yah!)”

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