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New Orleans Is Drowning. Again.

There are sad parallels between the flooding of New Orleans after Katrina and the situation now faced there with COVID-19. It appears likely that once again, our country will fail large numbers of those who most desperately need our help.

Donald Trump Just Killed A Man. Now He Wants To Kill A Million Americans.

Donald Trump’s touting of chloroquine as a COVID-19 cure on Friday resulted in a death Monday in Arizona when a couple ingested an aquarium version of the compound. Now, with 6 of his 7 most lucrative properties shut down, he wants to drop social distancing directives so he can “restart the economy”. Such a move so soon very likely will kill over a million Americans.

Trump’s Customs And Border Protection Just Created Hundreds Of New COVID-19 Superspreaders

Cutoms and Border Protection completely botched the rollout of Trump’s new “screening” of passengers returning from Europe. At least thirteen airports reported delays of 3-7 hours to clear Customs. During these delays, passengers were standing shoulder to shoulder, likely spreading a virus that can be very contagious even when the carrier shows no symptoms.

We Are In A Liminal Space In The COVID-19 Outbreak

We now enter the liminal space where public awareness of the severity of the COVID-19 outbreak is reaching most of the US population. Important measures for social distancing are now coming into place. How we act in the time while the outbreak gets even worse and we eventually reach the point of lowering the rate of new infections will have a huge impact on many lives. Please think about how you can help someone who needs it.

US COVID-19 Cases Now Spreading Due To Trump’s Testing Restrictions And Dismantling Of Pandemic Response Teams

In 2018. Donald Trump dismantled the pandemic response structure that Barack Obama had built during the Ebola outbreak. That, coupled with his administration needlessly restricting access to COVID-19 testing, has led to the virus likely spreading much more widely in the US than would have been the case with early widespread testing followed by appropriate isolation of infected individuals.

Ted Yoho Says Lynching Is Not A Hate Crime

To Ted Yoho, all we need to say is that your time for promoting hate in the US Congress is coming to an end at the end of this year. Your views will eventually lose out, and peace and justice will eventually come to our country. There are simply more people who are working for peace and justice than there are promoting hate. Even within our current Congress, which has many Republicans who endorse the bulk of the racist Republican agenda, you were outvoted by over 100-1 on the issue of lynching being a hate crime. The Senate and House versions of this legislation will soon be synchronized, and even if your racist President chooses to veto, there are enough votes to override this last-ditch effort to spread hate.