Whip It Good: Impeachment Inquiry — Better than Half Way

[NB: Check the byline, thanks. /~Rayne]

You may have been following the impeachment inquiry whip count published July 1 with subsequent updates.

At the time we had 85 votes in support of an impeachment inquiry representing 39% of the needed 218 votes to pass a resolution authorizing an inquiry’s formal launch.

Today we’re better than half way to 218. The table below reflects the new tally of 118 House Democrats and one Independent in support of an impeachment inquiry. We now need 100 or 45% more of the House Dems.

It’s still on us to make this happen by showing up at town halls our representatives have over the summer recess, by calling their offices in D.C. or locally, by sending faxes or using Resistbot to make our sentiments heard.

Congressional switchboard: (202) 224-3121

This whip count will continue to be updated. Share in comments any new announcements by House members throwing support behind an impeachment inquiry.

House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler has said his committee has “in effect” been conducting an impeachment inquiry, but his statement does not have the full force that a majority-supported resolution would have. It’d be much harder for a federal court to deny Constitutional powers to an inquiry authorized by a majority of the House. Nadler and the Judiciary Committee (HJC)  filed an application for the release of grand jury materials (pdf) on July 26, relying on Watergate- and Clinton-era arguments to bolster this request. I’m not a lawyer but I think this could go either way after the recent McKeever v. Barr decision.

House Oversight is other committee steadily chipping away at Trump’s corruption. Chair Elijah Cummings must be making serious inroads if Trump’s bashing of Baltimore and Cummings as a Maryland rep is any indication. I saw a chart somewhere outlining the progress of Oversight investigations but I can’t find it now — it must have terrified Trump and his minions. Oversight’s work also looks like a precursor to an impeachment inquiry, but whether it can likewise wield clout like an impeachment inquiry remains to be seen.

The surest approach is an impeachment inquiry, freighted with authority directly from the Constitution. Let’s get one in gear — call your representatives. And do thank those who’ve already thrown behind an inquiry.

State Last First, Middle, Nickname Party Affiliation Impeachment Inquiry Y/N House Judiciary Committee
Alabama Sewell Terrycina Andrea “Terri” Dem
Arizona Gallego Ruben Dem Y
Arizona Grijalva Raul M. Dem Y
Arizona Kirkpatrick Ann Dem Y
Arizona O’Halleran Tom Dem
Arizona Stanton Greg Dem Y    🔺
California Aguilar Pete Dem Y
California Barragán Nanette Diaz Dem Y
California Bass Karen R. Dem
California Bera Amerish “Ami” Dem
California Brownley Julia Dem Y
California Cardenas Tony Dem Y
California Carbajal Salud O. Dem Y
California Chu Judy Dem Y
California Cisneros Gilbert “Gil” Dem
California Correa Jose Luis “Lou” Dem
California Costa Jim Dem
California Cox Terrance John “TJ” Dem
California Davis Susan A. Dem
California DeSaulnier Mark Dem Y
California Eshoo Anna G. Dem
California Garamendi John Raymond Dem Y
California Gomez Jimmy Dem Y
California Harder Josh Dem
California Hill Katherine Lauren “Katie” Dem
California Huffman Jared W. Dem Y
California Khanna Rohit “Ro” Dem
California Lee Barbara Dem Y
California Levin Mike Dem Y
California Lieu Ted W. Dem Y    🔺
California Lofgren Zoe Dem see comment
California Lowenthal Alan S. Dem Y
California Matsui Doris K. Dem Y
California McNerney Gerald Mark “Jerry” Dem
California Napolitano Grace Flores Dem Y
California Panetta James Varni “Jimmy” Dem
California Pelosi Nancy Dem
California Peters Scott Dem Y
California Porter Katherine “Katie” Dem Y
California Rouda Jr. Harley E. Dem Y
California Roybal-Allard Lucille Dem Y
California Ruiz Raul Dem
California Sanchez Linda T. Dem
California Schiff Adam B. Dem
California Sherman Brad Dem Y
California Speier Jackie Dem Y
California Swalwell Eric Michael Dem Y    🔺 (7)
California Takano Mark A. Dem see comment
California Thompson C. Michael “Mike” Dem
California Torres Norma J. Dem Y
California Vargas Juan C. Dem Y
California Waters Maxine Dem Y
Colorado Crow Jason Dem Y
Colorado DeGette Diana L. Dem Y
Colorado Neguse Joseph “Joe” Dem Y    🔺
Colorado Perlmutter Edwin G. “Ed” Dem
Connecticut Courtney Joseph D. “Joe” Dem
Connecticut DeLauro Rosa L. Dem
Connecticut Hayes Jahana Dem
Connecticut Himes Jim Dem Y
Connecticut Larson John B. Dem
Delaware Rochester Lisa Blunt Dem Y
Florida Castor Katherine Anne “Kathy” Dem
Florida Crist Charlie Joseph Dem
Florida Demings Valdez “Val” Dem Y     🔺
Florida Deutch Theodore Eliot “Ted” Dem Y     🔺 (2)
Florida Frankel Lois J. Dem
Florida Hastings Alcee L. Dem
Florida Lawson Jr. Alfred “Al” Dem
Florida Mucarsel-Powell Debbie Dem Y     🔺
Florida Murphy Stephanie Dem
Florida Shalala Donna Elvira Dem
Florida Soto Darren Dem
Florida Wasserman Schultz Debbie Dem
Florida Wilson Frederica S. Dem
Georgia Bishop Jr. Sanford Dixon Dem
Georgia Johnson Jr. Henry C. “Hank” Dem
Georgia Lewis John R. Dem
Georgia McBath Lucia Kay “Lucy” Dem
Georgia Scott David Albert Dem
Hawaii Case Edward E. “Ed” Dem
Hawaii Gabbard Tulsi Dem
Illinois Bustos Cheri Dem
Illinois Casten Sean Dem Y
Illinois Davis Danny K. Dem Y
Illinois Foster G. William “Bill” Dem
Illinois Garcia Jesus G. “Chuy” Dem Y
Illinois Kelly Robin L. Dem Y
Illinois Krishnamoorthi S. Raja Dem
Illinois Lipinski Daniel William “Dan” Dem
Illinois Quigley Mike Dem Y
Illinois Rush Bobby Lee Dem Y
Illinois Schakowsky Janice D. “Jan” Dem Y
Illinois Schneider Bradley Scott “Brad” Dem
Illinois Underwood Lauren A. Dem
Indiana Carson Andre D. Dem Y
Indiana Visclosky Peter J. Dem
Iowa Axne Cindy Dem
Iowa Finkenauer Abby Dem
Iowa Loebsack David Wayne “Dave” Dem
Kansas Davids Sharice Dem
Kentucky Yarmuth John A. Dem Y
Louisiana Richmond Cedric L. Dem Y    🔺
Maine Golden Jared F. Dem
Maine Pingree Chellie M. Dem Y
Maryland Brown Anthony Gregory Dem
Maryland Cummings Elijah E. Dem
Maryland Hoyer Steny Hamilton Dem
Maryland Raskin Jamin B. “Jamie” Dem Y    🔺
Maryland Ruppersberger III Charles Albert Dutch “C.A. Dutch” Dem
Maryland Sarbanes John Peter Spyros Dem
Maryland Trone David Dem
Massachusetts Clark Katherine M. Dem Y  (1)
Massachusetts Keating William Richard “Bill” Dem
Massachusetts Kennedy III Joseph Patrick “Joe” Dem Y
Massachusetts Lynch Stephen F. Dem
Massachusetts McGovern James P. “Jim” Dem Y  (5)
Massachusetts Moulton Seth W. Dem Y
Massachusetts Neal Richard E. Dem
Massachusetts Pressley Ayanna S. Dem Y
Massachusetts Trahan Lori Loureiro Dem Y
Michigan Dingell Debbie Dem
Michigan Kildee Daniel T. “Dan” Dem Y
Michigan Lawrence Brenda Lulenar Dem Y
Michigan Levin Andy Dem Y
Michigan Slotkin Elissa Dem
Michigan Stevens Haley Dem
Michigan Tlaib Rashida Dem Y
Minnesota Craig Angela Dawn “Angie” Dem
Minnesota McCollum Betty Dem Y
Minnesota Omar Ilhan Dem Y
Minnesota Peterson Collin Clark Dem
Minnesota Phillips Dean Dem
Mississippi Thompson Bennie G. Dem Y  (8)
Missouri Clay Jr. William Lacy Dem Y
Missouri Cleaver II Emanuel Dem Y
Nevada Horsford Steven Alexzander Dem
Nevada Lee Susan Kelley “Susie” Dem
Nevada Titus Alice Costandina “Dina” Dem Y
New Hampshire Kuster Ann McLane “Annie” Dem Y
New Hampshire Pappas Christopher C. “Chris” Dem Y
New Jersey Gottheimer Joshua S. “Josh” Dem
New Jersey Kim Andrew “Andy” Dem
New Jersey Malinowski Tom Dem Y
New Jersey Norcross Donald W. Dem Y
New Jersey Pallone Jr. Frank Dem
New Jersey Pascrell Jr. William J. “Bill” Dem Y
New Jersey Payne Jr. Donald M. Dem Y
New Jersey Sherrill Rebecca Michelle “Mikie” Dem
New Jersey Sires Albio Dem
New Jersey Van Drew Jeff Dem
New Jersey Watson Coleman Bonnie Dem Y
New Mexico Haaland Debra A. “Deb” Dem
New Mexico Lujan Ben Ray Dem
New Mexico Torres Small Xochitl Dem
New York Brindisi Anthony J. Dem
New York Clarke Yvette D. Dem Y
New York Delgado Antonio Dem
New York Engel Eliot Lance Dem Y  (3)
New York Espaillat Adriano Dem Y
New York Higgins Brian M. Dem Y
New York Jeffries Hakeem S. Dem
New York Lowey Nita M. Dem Y  (4)
New York Maloney Carolyn Bosher Dem Y
New York Maloney Sean Patrick Dem
New York Meeks Gregory Weldon Dem
New York Meng Grace Dem Y
New York Morelle Joseph D. “Joe” Dem
New York Nadler Jerrold Lewis “Jerry” Dem
New York Ocasio-Cortez Alexandria Dem Y
New York Rice Kathleen M. Dem Y
New York Rose Max N. Dem
New York Serrano Jose Enrique Dem Y
New York Suozzi Thomas R. “Tom” Dem
New York Tonko Paul David Dem Y
New York Velázquez Nydia Margarita Dem Y  (9)
North Carolina Adams Alma Shealey Dem Y
North Carolina Butterfield Jr. George Kenneth “G. K.” Dem Y
North Carolina Price David Eugene Dem
Ohio Beatty Joyce B. Dem Y
Ohio Fudge Marcia L. Dem Y
Ohio Kaptur Marcia Carolyn “Marcy” Dem
Ohio Ryan Timothy J. “Tim” Dem Y
Oklahoma Horn Kendra Dem
Oregon Blumenauer Earl Dem Y
Oregon Bonamici Suzanne M. Dem Y
Oregon DeFazio Peter Anthony “Pete” Dem
Oregon Schrader Walter Kurt “Kurt” Dem
Pennsylvania Boyle Brendan F. Dem Y
Pennsylvania Cartwright Matthew Alton “Matt” Dem
Pennsylvania Dean Cunnane Madeleine Dem Y    🔺
Pennsylvania Doyle Michael F. “Mike” Dem Y
Pennsylvania Evans Dwight Dem Y
Pennsylvania Houlahan Christina Jampoler “Chrissy” Dem
Pennsylvania Lamb Conor James Dem
Pennsylvania Scanlon Mary Gay Dem Y    🔺
Pennsylvania Wild Susan Ellis Dem
Rhode Island Cicilline David N. Dem Y   🔺
Rhode Island Langevin James R. “Jim” Dem
South Carolina Clyburn James Enos “Jim” Dem
South Carolina Cunningham Joseph K. “Joe” Dem
Tennessee Cohen Stephen Ira “Steve” Dem Y    🔺
Tennessee Cooper James H. S. “Jim” Dem
Texas Allred Colin Dem
Texas Castro Joaquin Dem Y
Texas Cuellar Henry R. Dem
Texas Doggett II Lloyd Alton Dem Y
Texas Escobar Veronica Dem Y    🔺
Texas Fletcher Elizabeth Pannill “Lizzie” Dem
Texas Garcia Sylvia R. Dem
Texas Gonzalez Vicente Dem
Texas Green Alexander “Al” Dem Y
Texas Jackson Lee Sheila Dem Y     🔺
Texas Johnson Eddie Bernice Dem
Texas Veasey Marc Allison Dem
Texas Vela Filemon B. Dem Y
Utah McAdams Ben Dem
Vermont Welch Peter F. Dem Y
Virginia Beyer Jr. Donald Sternoff “Don” Dem Y
Virginia Connolly Gerald Edward “Gerry” Dem
Virginia Luria Elaine G. Dem
Virginia McEachin Aston Donald “Donald” Dem
Virginia Scott Robert Cortez “Bobby” Dem
Virginia Spanberger Abigail A. Dem
Virginia Wexton Jennifer T. Dem Y
Washington Del Bene Suzan Kay Dem Y
Washington Heck Dennis “Denny” Dem Y
Washington Jayapal Pramila Dem Y    🔺
Washington Kilmer Derek Dem Y
Washington Larsen Richard Ray “Rick” Dem Y
Washington Schrier Kim Dem Y
Washington Smith David Adam “Adam” Dem Y  (6)
Wisconsin Kind Ronald James “Ron” Dem
Wisconsin Moore Gwendolynne S. “Gwen” Dem Y
Wisconsin Pocan Mark Dem Y
Alabama Aderholt Robert Brown GOP
Alabama Brooks Jr. Morris J. “Mo” GOP
Alabama Byrne Bradley Roberts GOP
Alabama Palmer Gary GOP
Alabama Roby Martha GOP
Alabama Rogers Michael Dennis “Mike” GOP
Alaska Young Donald E. “Don” GOP
Arizona Biggs Andy GOP
Arizona Gosar Paul Anthony GOP
Arizona Lesko Debbie GOP
Arizona Schweikert David GOP
Arkansas Crawford Eric Alan “Rick” GOP
Arkansas Hill James French “French” GOP
Arkansas Westerman Bruce GOP
Arkansas Womack Stephen A. “Steve” GOP
California Calvert Kenneth S. “Ken” GOP
California Cook Paul GOP
California Hunter Duncan Duane GOP
California LaMalfa Doug GOP
California McCarthy Kevin GOP
California McClintock Thomas “Tom” GOP
California Nunes Devin Gerald GOP
Colorado Buck Kenneth R. “Ken” GOP
Colorado Lamborn Douglas L. “Doug” GOP
Colorado Tipton Scott Randall GOP
Florida Bilirakis Gus Michael GOP
Florida Buchanan Vernon “Vern” GOP
Florida Diaz-Balart Mario GOP
Florida Dunn Neal Patrick GOP
Florida Gaetz Matt GOP
Florida Mast Brian GOP
Florida Posey William “Bill” GOP
Florida Rooney Francis GOP
Florida Rutherford John GOP
Florida Spano Vincent Ross “Ross” GOP
Florida Steube Greg W. GOP
Florida Waltz Michael “Mike” GOP
Florida Webster Daniel “Dan” GOP
Florida Yoho Theodore Scott “Ted” GOP
Georgia Allen Richard Wallen “Rick” GOP
Georgia Carter Earl Leroy “Buddy” GOP
Georgia Collins Douglas Allen “Doug” GOP
Georgia Ferguson IV Anderson Drew “Drew” GOP
Georgia Graves Jr. John Thomas “Tom” GOP
Georgia Hice Jody B. GOP
Georgia Loudermilk Barry D. GOP
Georgia Scott James Austin “Austin” GOP
Georgia Woodall III William Robert “Rob” GOP
Idaho Fulcher Russ GOP
Idaho Simpson Michael Keith “Mike” GOP
Illinois Bost Michael J. “Mike” GOP
Illinois Davis Rodney L. GOP
Illinois Kinzinger Adam GOP
Illinois LaHood Darin McKay GOP
Illinois Shimkus John M. GOP
Indiana Baird James R. “Jim” GOP
Indiana Banks James E. “Jim” GOP
Indiana Brooks Susan W. GOP
Indiana Bucshon Larry D. GOP
Indiana Hollingsworth III Joseph A. “Trey” GOP
Indiana Pence Gregory J. “Greg” GOP
Indiana Walorski Jackie Swihart GOP see comment
Iowa King Steven A. “Steve” GOP
Kansas Estes Ron GOP
Kansas Marshall Roger W. GOP
Kansas Watkins Steve GOP
Kentucky Barr Garland “Andy” GOP
Kentucky Comer James R. GOP
Kentucky Guthrie Steven Brett “Brett” GOP
Kentucky Massie Thomas H. GOP
Kentucky Rogers Harold Dallas “Hal” GOP
Louisiana Abraham Jr. Ralph Lee GOP
Louisiana Graves Garret GOP
Louisiana Higgins Clay GOP
Louisiana Johnson James Michael “Mike” GOP
Louisiana Scalise Stephen J. “Steve” GOP
Maryland Harris Andrew P. “Andy” GOP
Michigan Amash Justin IND Y
Michigan Bergman John W. “Jack” GOP
Michigan Huizenga William P. “Bill” GOP
Michigan Mitchell III Paul GOP
Michigan Moolenaar John GOP
Michigan Upton Frederick Stephen “Fred” GOP
Michigan Walberg Timothy L. “Tim” GOP
Minnesota Emmer Jr. Thomas Earl “Tom” GOP
Minnesota Hagedorn James “Jim” GOP
Minnesota Stauber Peter Allen “Pete” GOP
Minnesota Stauber Peter Allen “Pete” GOP
Mississippi Guest Michael Patrick GOP
Mississippi Kelly John Trent “Trent” GOP
Mississippi Palazzo Steven McCarty GOP
Missouri Graves Jr. Samuel B. “Sam” GOP
Missouri Hartzler Vicky Jo GOP
Missouri Long Billy GOP
Missouri Luetkemeyer W. Blaine GOP
Missouri Smith Jason T. GOP
Missouri Wagner Ann L. GOP
Montana Gianforte Greg GOP
Nebraska Bacon Donald John “Don” GOP
Nebraska Fortenberry Jeffrey Lane “Jeff” GOP
Nebraska Smith Adrian M. GOP
Nevada Amodei Mark Eugene GOP
New Jersey Smith Christopher Henry “Chris” GOP
New York Collins Christopher Carl “Chris” GOP
New York Katko John M. GOP
New York King Peter T. “Pete” GOP
New York Reed II Thomas W. “Tom” GOP
New York Stefanik Elise M. GOP
New York Zeldin Lee Michael GOP
North Carolina Budd Theodore Paul “Ted” GOP
North Carolina Foxx Virginia Ann GOP
North Carolina Holding George Edward Bell GOP
North Carolina Hudson Jr. Richard Lane GOP
North Carolina McHenry Patrick Timothy GOP
North Carolina Meadows Mark Randal GOP
North Carolina Rouzer David Cheston GOP
North Carolina Walker Bradley Mark “Mark” GOP
North Dakota Armstrong Kelly M. GOP
Ohio Balderson Troy GOP
Ohio Chabot Steven J. “Steve” GOP
Ohio Davidson Warren GOP
Ohio Gibbs Robert Brian “Bob” GOP
Ohio Gonzalez Anthony E. GOP
Ohio Johnson Bill GOP
Ohio Jordan James D. “Jim” GOP
Ohio Joyce David P. “Dave” GOP
Ohio Latta Robert Edward “Bob” GOP
Ohio Stivers Steve E. GOP
Ohio Turner Michael R. “Mike” GOP
Ohio Wenstrup Brad R. GOP
Oklahoma Cole Thomas Jeffery “Tom” GOP
Oklahoma Hern Kevin R. GOP
Oklahoma Lucas Frank D. GOP
Oklahoma Mullin Markwayne GOP
Oregon Walden Gregory Paul “Greg” GOP
Pennsylvania Fitzpatrick Brian K. GOP
Pennsylvania Joyce John GOP
Pennsylvania Kelly Jr. George J. “Mike” GOP
Pennsylvania Marino Thomas Anthony “Tom” GOP
Pennsylvania Meuser Daniel P. “Dan” GOP
Pennsylvania Perry Scott G. GOP
Pennsylvania Reschenthaler Guy L. GOP
Pennsylvania Smucker Lloyd K. GOP
Pennsylvania Thompson Glenn William “G.T.” GOP
South Carolina Duncan Jeffrey D. “Jeff” GOP
South Carolina Norman Jr. Ralph W. GOP
South Carolina Rice Jr. Hugh T. “Tom” GOP
South Carolina Timmons IV William R. GOP
South Carolina Wilson Addison Graves “Joe” GOP
South Dakota Johnson Dustin “Dusty” GOP
Tennessee Burchett Tim GOP
Tennessee DesJarlais Scott Eugene GOP
Tennessee Fleischmann Charles J. “Chuck” GOP
Tennessee Green Mark E. GOP
Tennessee Kustoff David GOP
Tennessee Roe David Philip “Phil” GOP
Tennessee Rose John W. GOP
Texas Arrington Jodey Cook GOP
Texas Babin Brian GOP
Texas Brady Kevin Patrick GOP
Texas Burgess Michael C. GOP
Texas Carter John Rice GOP
Texas Cloud Michael J. GOP
Texas Conaway K. Michael “Mike” GOP
Texas Crenshaw Daniel “Dan” GOP
Texas Flores William “Bill” GOP
Texas Gohmert Jr. Louis B. “Louie” GOP
Texas Gooden Lance GOP
Texas Granger Kay N. GOP
Texas Hurd William “Will” GOP
Texas Marchant Kenny Ewell GOP
Texas McCaul Michael T. GOP
Texas Olson Peter Graham “Pete” GOP
Texas Ratcliffe John Lee GOP
Texas Roy Chip GOP
Texas Taylor Nicholas V. “Van” GOP
Texas Thornberry William McClellan “Mac” GOP
Texas Weber Randy GOP
Texas Williams Roger GOP
Texas Wright Ron GOP
Utah Bishop Robert William “Rob” GOP
Utah Curtis John GOP
Utah Stewart Chris GOP
Virginia Cline Benjamin Lee “Ben” GOP
Virginia Griffith H. Morgan “Morgan” GOP
Virginia Riggleman III Denver Lee GOP
Virginia Wittman Robert J. “Rob” GOP
Washington Herrera Beutler Jaime Lynn GOP
Washington McMorris Rodgers Cathy Ann GOP
Washington Newhouse Daniel Milton “Dan” GOP
West Virginia McKinley David Bennett GOP
West Virginia Miller Carol Devine GOP
West Virginia Mooney Alexander Xavier “Alex” GOP
Wisconsin Duffy Sean P. GOP
Wisconsin Gallagher Michael John “Mike” GOP
Wisconsin Grothman Glenn S. GOP
Wisconsin Sensenbrenner Jr. Frank James “Jim” GOP
Wisconsin Steil Bryan George GOP
Wyoming Cheney Elizabeth “Liz” GOP
North Carolina Jones Jr. (RIP) Walter B. GOP Open
North Carolina GOP Vacant Office

Emphasis indicates those who have committed to supporting an inquiry since the last whip update.

(1) Vice Chair, House Democratic Caucus

(2) Chair, House Ethics Committee

(3) Chair, House Foreign Affairs Committee

(4) Chair, House Appropriations Committee

(5) Chair, House Rules Committee

(6) Chair, House Armed Services Committee

(7) Member, House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence

(8) Chair, House Homeland Security Committee

(9) Chair, House Small Business Committee

99 replies
  1. Rayne says:

    Thanks to long-time community member harpie for staying on top of the whip count in comments.

    Take note of the states in which few Dems have committed. What’s going on there?

    EDIT: Oh nuts. When I looked before publishing Marcy was still in editing. I guess you folks now have two fresh posts. Treat this one as an open thread, bring the goofy off-topic stuff here — after you contact your rep, though.

    • Rayne says:

      Reply to Eureka:
      Before you even start, figure out disposal methods — like where to take excess bedding, table linens, towels, kitchenware, clothing, so on. Decide if you need a receipt for tax purposes. We plunged into this before my mother had figured out what to do with the excess and it just blew up once it was pulled out of closets. Ended up giving away 12 bushels of bedding to a homeless shelter and there was still more to be donated.

      Ditto itemizing content for disposal on moving/downsizing/death. My mom hadn’t thought about who should get what, who might want something other than what she earmarked, and identifying the specific items in photos along with providing provenance (like the Mission/Arts and Crafts oak bookcase which will go to me or the lamp my grandfather made which is up for grabs).

      At least my folks are both still healthy and able to talk about their assets and what they want done. My inlaws have been a totally different situation. MIL lost her speech and then her competence before she died; my FIL is pretty useless at helping with provenance and distribution of their assets because she always did the emotional labor of keeping track of their household contents. Frustrating.

      Next summer I am working on the basement/garage. Gods help me.

      • Eureka says:

        Well, the first thing my husband said is that we need to rent a dumpster, so there is that. (I do have a shelter/donations-taker in mind as well.)

        We’re doing three rooms for accessibility purposes/ building-making more adaptations, so there is a limit to what (how much activity/how many decisions and draft-mess-piles) will be tolerated as well. I hope the mood stays positive for long enough to make a difference.

        Also hoping to access some of that info re Quebec that I need :)

        In-law situation: oh do I have stories to tell. Wish we could sit down for some stiff drinks over that one, I bet you’d have great advice there. That will have to be for another day and will require even more “thoughts and prayers.”

        Thanks for the tips and warnings. I’ll also check out that link; I love reading organizing/ planning pages anyway.

    • harpie says:

      Thanks for getting all of this together, Rayne.
      Yeah, the rest of the Dems in my state will be hearing from me. I’ll also ask my Rep, who has declared for an inquiry, to talk to his fellow caucus members.

  2. Eureka says:

    I saw that Oversight chart, too, and will attach if I can find it again.

    Also re Baltimore and the attacks on the place and on Rep. Cummings, see this screenshot of text written by Jeff Sharlet, incorporating some of the Baltimore RWNJ-Q-Trump mythos:

    “I wrote a bit about #baltimore & Trump in the treatment for my upcoming Netflix series THE FAMILY. According to an evangelical Trump adviser, it was the Baltimore uprising that led Trump to run: (screenshot)”

    “Surprised people are denouncing this as false. Of course it’s false! This is Christian Right mythology. The point is that in the Christian Right mythology Trump implicitly rises to suppress black people in Baltimore.”

    The title of the book from which he quotes– _God’s Chaos Candidate: Donald J. Trump and the American Unraveling_– pretty much tells us all we need to know about how they have prepared the flock.

    How lovely that they can all sleep at night…

    • Democritus says:

      Oh FFS, what absolute fucking garbage. I saw a post about how Trump can’t dare do it to Detroit given he needs Michigan, so Baltimore and good old Chicago are his go to for examples to dehumanize people.

      Instead of a chance to explain systemic racism, generational wealth, and on the other hand, generational trauma, and then a whole host of things I’m not really qualified to go into because I’ll end up over my head, but anyone with eyes knows fucking a black kid from the South side of Chicago is going to from being more likely to have a mom with less access to affordable good prenatal care, not to mention the grossly higher Black maternal mortality rates, to going to a school with mold and lead in the water pipes, and from there every other disadvantage compared to a white kid from whatever the nice section of Chicago is? By the lake?

      FFS I read an article that a district argued in court years ago that they didn’t have an actual obligation to EDUCATE their poorest students with up to date texts.

      Let’s Impeach this fucker and build something better. It won’t be easy, but we need hope.

      *Stops with the w/ run-on sentences ands wanders off grumbling*

      • Eureka says:

        Well, we’ll have to see how the campaign wends on. At the time of the first of the two recent ICE raids announcements, I had shared Will Bunch’s observation that Trump was attacking cities in non-swing states (the one exception: FL).

        However, in 2016 he went hard after Philadelphia and Detroit, along with Chicago, for his voter-suppression efforts/turn out the MAGAs (though that was targeted at a national audience as well).

        Guess it all depends on what Parscale, Fabrizio, et al. have cooked up for him at any given time.

        Adding: has anyone figured out yet who/where his “invaders” FB ads were targeting?

        • Democritus says:

          Not that I’ve seen, but Natalie Martinez at MM4A is who uncovered them first, and she may know and is likely somewhat accessible Devon how badly you want to know.

          It’s a good question.

          Did you see the articles on the concerns of the Presidential race sucks up the money for statehouse races, which given its census term are super important given gerrymandering in the House?

          I remember Obama and DOJ guy were gonna work on setting up the Dems for the census. I hope Obama is still working on that and was glad to see the flag go up.

          The Dems should start a 2020 census defense fund on ActBlue or something, with an agreed upon state split by some measurable relevant stat

    • Rayne says:

      Yeah, I loved that though I think those were cobras in actuality. (I’m still trying to master Python for an archiving project.)

      • P J Evans says:

        I didn’t think cobras got *that* big. (I’m not at home, so I can’t check my impeachment spreadsheet.)

    • Eureka says:

      Oh, I loved the wild boars tweet (oops sorry that was the resolution of the BS “feral hogs” hashtag). Because as any of us with deep farm or rural experience know, the *real* risk to kids is mean-ass kids (goats) and the errant rooster here and there.

      Attempting to support his point, the OP dunked himself by posting a yt video where wildlife/ conservation guys incidentally dispel his claims within the first 30+ seconds (they try to avoid people; also hunting isn’t sufficient is the point of vid, and the video’d hunting doesn’t depict spraying one’s property (and kids!) like rambo. Etc.).

      Plus, the fastest fact-check is really that none of us, from all our social networks, have heard legendary stories of the time when 30-50 feral hogs charged the children playing outside (and all was resolved with an AK/AR).

      Yes, I am making this assertion based on lack of anecdote, because I can make any ‘argument’ I want when dealing with nuttery– but also dragging the ‘gotta have muh military-grade guns trope’ part which was the point of Rayne’s thread.

        • Democritus says:

          Seconded on thread, I read that thread this am in my am reading round. He even has a book, 😂.

        • Eureka says:

          Another good (and briefer) thread, here from Abe Gibson. I do enjoy when scientists and other experts come out of their niches for this stuff:

          “Since the internet cannot get enough #feralhogs content, here are a few stories from my book to help augment the excellent thread by @gnrosenberg on the history of feral hogs in the US… …”

          “Some of the legends turned out to be fake. When this photograph of “Monster Pig” started making the rounds via forwarded emails in 2007 (this was before social media), scientists were skeptical. …”

          “Finally, tell your reps that you support #GunControlNow. You don’t need an AK-47 to hunt feral hogs”

        • Democritus says:

          I never cease to be amazed at how much there is out there, the sheer knowledge that has been accumulated on just, well everything, is so awesomely cool when you think about it.

          It makes me happy to think about, and back before Trump and the sheer angst of current events, I used to enjoy diving into random things for the hell of it.

          I’ll have to check the other thread out :)

  3. Democritus says:

    Hey, thank you for the post and hope you have been well. When I finished Pride and Prejudice at the end I had a deeper understanding of the worried mother.

    On to a different prejudice, Eddie Glaude taking on NC GOP McReady squarely and bravely. Which is what we need, honesty. Video, worth a watch and I’m not Todd fan:

    Also either enough fire in the belly against the terrorist attacks, or optimism to keep fighting the good fight using the tools our founders gave us. I say this clip with Warren and Van Jones on how she gives him optimism, and on what optimism is:


    We can’t give up, we have to try at least to stop this cycle of racism, or at least leave the world on a better footing. I’ve know I’ve been worried about some of my loved ones when they are out in public with the rhetoric escalating for a while. Our growing income inequality and politics exploiting scarcity compounded with racist fears is toxic. Another thing Glaude said just about an hour ago was to combat this by building something better. THAT we can control.

    So things are pretty shit right now yeah, but let’s take Warren’s and Eddie Glaude advice, and plan then build something better. It does NOT have to be perfect, but better.

    202-224-3121 Let’s get whipping!


    (Sorry so long edited out a bunch! I try to keep short paragraphs, but more space and I do prattle with some of my meds…like there ;-)

  4. Eureka says:

    On the Achinsk explosion (news gaining steam overnight) that experts say would be the largest conventional explosion known:

    Informative thread/discussion which links videos:

    Dr. Kevin Peter Hickerson: “This is absolutely terrifying and HUGE! I did a rough calculation of the fireball diameter based on the shock wave propagation speed and found it to be about 0.2 km! That’s the same as a 10 kT yield nuclear bomb! The video was filmed ~3.4 km from the blast.…”

    Julia Davis links her thread here:

    “The locals are reporting that it rained – and the rain was black. #Russia #Achinsk …”

    Olga Lautman comments at videos thread:

    “There is a town there with a developed nuclear facility”

    Adding: separate topic– check out these creatures, they look like primordial star-nosed moles, kind of:

    Nicholas Thompson: “A lunar crash in April put thousands of Tardigrades—microscopic animals known as water bears that can survive almost any environment—on the surface of the moon. Crazy @DMOberhaus scoop. (Wired link)”

    • Democritus says:

      Yeah, that was freaky eh? It was hard to find good facts, and plenty of trolls running amok with disinfo. I saw the Olga tweets last night but with comments poofing I figured if we needed sodium-iodine which is about all you could do someone would have said something before 12 hours had passed.

      This fucking world.

      Julia Davis, who is legit imo, just confirmed they are sending some residents home.

      Over 16,000 people have been evacuated from the area of #Achinsk, #Russia. Today, the authorities have cancelled a state of emergency and told most residents they may safely return to their homes. The exclusion zone has been shortened to 7 km.”


    • earlofhuntingdon says:

      For comparison, the initial measurement of the Achinsk blast was 10 Ktns.

      The uranium fission bomb dropped on Hiroshima yielded 13-18 Ktns. The plutonium fission bomb dropped on Nagasaki yielded 20-22 Ktns. Subsequent nuclear explosions were much bigger.

      • Eureka says:

        Right; that’s also why I lead with “conventional,” hoping no one would be mislead by the physicist’s reference to nukes (per size) as an indication that the explosion _was_ nuclear.

        Hickerson has some additional photos and updates on his timeline today.

        *or nucular, in the Bush Shrub tongue.

      • earlofhuntingdon says:

        I was, too, just giving a context for the size of the explosion. For a conventional, non-nuclear explosion, this one was huge. A MOAB has a yield about 1/1000th of this explosion.

        It’s early days, but the explanation that this was an uncontrolled explosion at a weapons dump seems incomplete.

        From what I understand, a fixed site would ordinarily be honeycombed, with protective walls, blast doors, and other means to separate ordnance caches. The intent is to lower the risk of knock-on explosions from a single accident. They might not have existed, might not have worked properly, or might not been sufficient to contain the initial explosion.

        Air quality and radioactivity monitoring will disclose a lot about what chemicals and types of explosives were involved.

        • P J Evans says:

          The aerial before-photo I saw of the site showed a lot of bunkers of the usual type for weapons, like you see at US weapons storage locations. (A lot of trees between them, though, which we don’t usually have.)
          My first thought was something like the Roseville freight yard explosion, back in around 1973, when part of an ammo train caught fire. (Fortunately, it had been split on arrival, and it was the smaller part that went up. But they still occasional find an explosive device from it.)

        • Eureka says:

          “Incomplete” is a good word choice for the explanation thus far. It leaves room for an intentional lack of firewalling– which is not necessarily what happened, but is also compatible with the theory of some that Putin needed an emergency distraction.

          Incidentally, when looking for any updates on air quality testing, I got just old news stories with now-too-familiar names: RUSAL Achinsk, Achinsk Cement (and Deripaska’s then-interest in same), and the local Rosneft-owned oil refinery.

          I’ll add this one, from November 2014, because harpie is having a (well-founded) 2014 fetish and it shows just how well sanctions worked– and how desperately did they need to be “adjusted” with help from the next US admin:

          Putin’s created an economic crisis and left Moscow no easy way out

          Also saw that Huntsman submitted his resignation letter earlier today, per NBC News.

          Pivoting back to the sub-thread topic: I await those air quality/ radioactivity testing data…would that old conventional-type munitions were the only junk in there.

  5. klynn says:

    Rayne, your retweet about the GOP using same RU digital operative as Wikileaks…I posted similar info here dating back to Connell and Ohio election. Lyndsey Graham’s email was one handle by SmartTech. My point about the claim that the GOP email was hacked the same time as Dems is I think it was made to look like the GOP were hacked at the same time when they had it all along:

      • Democritus says:

        Not just one consultant, tons of official elected GOP email traffic is hosted in Russia now I was reading yesterday.

        I’ve been on edge, I literally spent about 12-14 hours scrolling news and twitter feeds yesterday. Disabled and can’t work. (Hence my understanding of Mrs Bennett’s fears with the entailment. I too am dependent)

        That’s one thing I’ve wondered if I could help I thought about contacting media matters and seeing if I could be one of their scouts or whatever her reports that they see cause I see plenty of bad shit online, and am amazing at pattern recognition etc.

        Was it this, along with the tweet klynn posted which also caught my attn.


      • Vicks says:

        Too much!
        My imagination is in overload..
        Starting with the wayback machine screenshot….
        Are these GOP lawmakers stupid enough to bite on a marketing pitch from an email hosting company and jump on board because of their claim of subpoena resistant email servers?
        Do they get 6 months free hosting if they refer a friend?
        Is this how they communicate with the rest of their dark and evil network?

      • harpie says:

        So, according to that JamesFourM thread:

        […] To be completely clear here, nsamail[.]us has been hosted on that same Russian IP belonging to Mir Telematiki a/k/a Hostkey since 2014.
        The question is why.
        WikiLeaks[.]org was first spotted using Mir Telematiki in early 2014. They’ve been using them ever since.

        References to the year 2014 starting getting my attention [well, to be honest, I became somewhat obsessed] in early 2018. That’s when we started hearing the name Trump juxtaposed with the words “hundreds of millions in cash”:

        • harpie says:

          Also, the nsamail[.]us reminded me of something I read last week, in the following [really good] article:
          On The Mueller Report, Vol. 1
          How they got away with it
          MARK GREIF July 22, 2019

          […] While gaining ground among the crowded field of candidates for the Republican nomination in 2015, Trump got news that a new Tower opportunity might be in the making. Felix Sater, an organized crime figure who had previously helped Trump explore a Tower and worked on other Trump properties, had found a new Russian partner company, called I.C. Expert. Trump signed a formal “letter of intent” with them in November 2015. […]

          …nsamail and I.C Expert…

          • harpie says:

            And, just because…the first of two references to 2014 in the GREIF article comes just before the above quote:

            Since the 1980s, Donald Trump had made efforts toward a Trump property in Moscow. It was a longtime, fundamental ambition for him. He had most recently pursued the Trump Tower Moscow in 2014 with a father-son team of Russian real estate developers, Aras and Emin Agalarov, with whom he’d recently brought his Miss Universe pageant to the city. But that effort had ended.

            The second reference to 2014:

            Trump’s figure of “30,000 missing emails,” later “33,000 emails,” referred to a conspiracy theory. The FBI and Congress had investigated Clinton’s period of private email usage for two years and reviewed all available emails to and from her servers for classified information. In her lawyers’ initial disclosure of emails to investigators in 2014, they had sorted her messages into “business” and “personal” using headers and keywords, then provided 30,000 to the government and relegated 30,000 more to be deleted on schedule by her service provider.

        • Eureka says:

          harpie, I got a chance to read your re 2014 links quite late, so just wanted to jot a few things related to your comments before I forget. (We share some interest in 2013/2014, also early/mid aughts for me for some of these topics, and some of your comments point back there as well.)

          ● multiple Trump Tower deals with “300 million” attached, coincidence (in the March comment linked here):

          (made me wonder if the TT Moscow version was billed as a 300 mil. opportunity for Trump because it’s a meaningful number to him; also, did the backers/ money for his failed TT builds transmorgrify into golf-course cash? I’m not up on the golf course purchases timeline; that’s Rayne’s jam.)

          ● the Marsha Blackburn links we posted from 2014 (—> throughline), 2016

          ● Lukoil got into some interesting states in early/mid aughts (currently in at least thirteen states):

          (by “it’s complicated,” they’ve owned different stations under different names at different times in different states. The spread is hard to ascertain without visiting ru-hosted sites, among other work; recalling one wiki map, it was coastal incl TX and NE/Mid-Atlantic and dotted into the midwest.)

          ● Jennifer Cohn: “In 2014, Wylie & Bannon “began testing slogans like ‘drain the swamp’ & ‘the deep state’ & ‘build the wall,’ & found a surprising number of Americans who responded strongly to them.” “All they needed was a candidate to parrot them.” – @suehalpernVT (link)”

          ● Incidentally saw today a reminder of how badly Putin’s economy was doing in 2014 due to sanctions, linked above in honor of your 2014 obsession :) :

          • Eureka says:

            *clarifying, Lukoil got into owning US gas stations _period_ in the early/mid aughts (_and_ in some interesting locations).

          • harpie says:

            Eureka, and ALL:
            Thanks for getting all of this in one place, where we’ll be able to check back more easily.

            The TRUTH is out there! [somewhere] ;-)

  6. Hops says:

    Getting rid of Trump isn’t sufficient. We need to repair all the damage he’s done. The Dems need the Senate, the House, and the Presidency.

    I suspect Pelosi’s calculus is to get into the 2020 election with a weakened Trump, demoralized Republicans, and energized Dems. As opposed to angry Republicans and Dems who think the problem was solved.

    But if the courts do come back with “not without an impeachment inquiry” then we’ll see Pelosi whip up the votes to get into an inquiry.

    • Vicks says:

      It is my understanding that the hang up for grand jury material is that an impeachment is not a judicial proceeding (congress makes laws but it’s not it’s job to enforce them.)
      I could easily be missing the workaround here but it seems from that angle at least making it “official” wouldn’t help.

    • bmaz says:

      That is not, in any regard, how courts work or craft their opinions. And it should not be, it is not the courts’ job to tell Congress how to frame their arguments. The tell comes in whether they frame their opinion on legislative purpose only.

      And to be clear on “some” issues, subpoenas etc, may still be able to win even under normal “legislative purpose” footing. But there is no guarantee, and it will take a lot longer on appeal, especially considering that Trump is appointing ultra right Court of Appeals judges at a historic rate.

      Impeachment inquiry is a purpose, quite unlike “legislative purpose”, that basically no court can effectively challenge or refuse to accept. And it will receive far more urgency and speed if appealed.

      “Pelosi’s calculus” is asinine. And people who buy off on it are fools. Opening an inquiry is about an exercise of investigatory power, NOT about sending articles of impeachment to the Senate for a failed trial. Pelosi is lying, and the rubes of America are eating it up.

    • earlofhuntingdon says:

      You’ll never see Pelosi “whip up” the votes for an impeachment inquiry. She doesn’t want it and will continue to threaten those who do.

      Her Blue Dogs don’t want it (which threatens her majority). Her biggest donors don’t want it (which threatens the ease with which she can fill her party coffers and maintain hierarchical control through pay-to-play rules).

      In part, she is a general fighting the last Ken Starr war. More generally, insiders do not hold other insiders to account, let alone document their crimes and abuses for the public. That might lead to another excess of democracy.

      Not having the votes in the Senate for removal is a dodge to avoid an impeachment inquiry itself. So is her argument that the “appropriate” way to remove Trump is through the ballot box. That’s an argument for normal times. We don’t live there anymore.

      Keeping an impeachment inquiry off the table concedes further power to the presidency and takes it from Congress. It does not give it to the people, whose franchise rights are in jeopardy thanks to that same president and his party. It does dance away from the check and balance that separate a constitutional government from a monarchy. Those are among the reasons to keep calling your congresscritters, to remind them of the job they have to do.

      • Rayne says:

        Earl, really? Have you talked with her directly? Did you get a direct quote from her or her chief of staff? I’m really tired of people putting words in her mouth about impeachment, especially when nobody seems to have internal polling data from conservadems’ districts.

        Just accept that it’s on us to hammer on the conservadems because they are OUR representatives and OUR voices are the internal polling they need to hear. Stop putting it on Pelosi’s shoulders when it’s really on us.

        I’ll point out that one of the conservadems I had a problem with — Eliot Engel — changed his position over the last month. Keep pounding on them. I hope like hell constituents are beating the stuffing out of Steny Hoyer and Cheri Bustos who are just as much responsible as Pelosi is.

        • bmaz says:

          House Reps and staffers have made this quite clear. Earl is not wrong. That is exactly what Pelosi has said behind closed doors.

      • earlofhuntingdon says:

        My focus is on what she does more than on what she says. You are abundantly correct that that applies to us, too.

        People can be moved, but there are a lot of forces pushing the other way. So let’s keep up the calls and the pressure. Thanks for this post.

  7. BobCon says:

    NY Times disasters, Chapter MCLXIV

    This is a summary of the latest screwup, headlines which position Trump as some kind of fighter against white nationalism:


    And of course, Trump is already backtracking on the supposed leadership implied by the Times editorial spin.

    This follows just a few days after Times Deputy Washington Editor Jonathan Weisman wrote an astonishingly awful tweet saying that Democrats, among them John Lewis (John Lewis!) somehow didn’t represent the South.

    The institutional blindness and arrogance is staggering. Supposedly NY Times reporters are getting angry about editorial fiats on Trump, although how widespread that anger remains to be seen — reporters like Trip Gabriel and Jeremy Peters are happily churning out the patronizing diner safari copy.

    I was surprised, but not unhappy, I should note, to tune into NPR’s All Things Considered yesterday, and found the lead coverage of Trump’s remarks to be focusing heavily on the context of Trump’s racism (they used the term) and drawing on Trump’s long history of making short conciliatory remarks and then reversing himself soon after.

    NPR’s chief standards officer had been reported as warning reporters to only use weird veiled references to Trump’s racism, but reporters have finally been treating his pronouncements for what they’re worth. Maybe the management of the Times will get the message someday.

    • Democritus says:

      Dean Baquet can kiss my ass. I’m just so fucking sick of their bs.

      The NYT could actually be doing good and showing leadership if they got their heads out of their god damn asses.

      (Incoming snark)What was Dean friends with Epstein or David Pecker and is beholden? (Snark end)

  8. Democritus says:

    “Toni Morrison had the only good take on family.

    This is from a TIME interview in 1989 (I first saw it excerpted in One Dimensional Woman) at the height of the teen pregnancy scares.”


    This is worth a read, there is a picture excerpt of the interview. Maybe if we as a society just provided sufficiently for all households eh?

    Go in peace, Ms Morrison.

  9. Democritus says:

    Seriously FUCK THE NYT

    Last post for a bit I swear. They ripped off the media matters researchers I posted here yesterday and didn’t even fucking credit her.

    Plagiarism or just shittiest ethics?

    “There’s something just really poetic about a white man at a national paper essentially stealing a latinx person’s research on an anti-immigration online narrative, publishing it 3 hours later, and not giving any sort of credit to the original scoop.

    Fun fact this is the third time a white man has taken credit for my find in the past year (but one did immediately apologize and add cred which I really do appreciate #notallmen)

    @ nyt we r fightin rn“


    Fuck off NYT, if you haven’t yet cancel your subscription. Give $$$ to papers with some ethics.

    • Democritus says:

      NYT stealer of stories is Thomas Kaplan.

      From Melissa Ryan
      “Replying to
      @thomaskaplan @BPIMedia @natijomartinez
      was on this from day one with tweets that went super-viral over the weekend and this piece published hours before the NYT went with theirs.”


      Fuck the NYT. Baquet should be fired, and the Daily Beast should have included this in their Deadline piece just published.

      From DB twitter:

      “EXCLUSIVE: NY Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet responds to the Trump front-page headline controversy: “It was written on deadline and when it was passed along for approval we all saw it was a bad headline and changed it pretty quickly.”


      Our media circus is what has allowed this bs to continue, from focus on Hillary’s emails rather than trumps rapes and fraud, to clearing trump of Russian involvement days before the election.

      For then also being the soft breaker of bad stories for the White House, allowing blatant gop spin in many stories.

      Fuck the NYT

      Ok. I swear, going to try to play a game or something. I, and my stomach lining, really miss working and being able to boss people around and having a million other things to juggle so I didn’t have so much time for the news. Especially when the news is stressful and makes me afraid to send my loved ones out into the world lest the be shot by some white supremacist nut job.

      Some good news:
      Anyway, Nadler asked National Archives for Kavanaugh ethics complaints files.


      • BobCon says:

        The Baquet stuff is infuriating and illuminating. Illuminating, because of the way he categorizes the people who are mad at him. He claims they want the Times to be part of the opposition to Trump.

        That is a gross mischaracterization of what people want. They want the Times to tell the truth about Trump. Everyone thinking clearly knows that the truth will be enough, but in order to avoid satisfying readers who want the truth, he does this junk instead.

        Baquet’s position fits into what others have described as the failure of today’s media. They only care about appearing neutral, not about reporting the truth. Given the choice between being accurate on the one hand and appearing neutral on the other, they will always reject accuracy.

        • P J Evans says:

          NYT wants to maintain their access even more than being accurate or even neutral.
          F*ck them.

        • earlofhuntingdon says:

          But it says a lot about the bubble Baquet lives in.

          He is asking us to believe that more accurate reporting about Trump would make a neutral newspaper seem biased. That’s because Trump is so Abbie Normal that he is unwilling to accept it. That’s called denial.

          Baquet would have us believe that he places greater value on the appearance of neutrality than on more accurate reporting. It produces less dissonance among owners, patrons, and senior executives (working stiffs are the hired help, they don’t count).

          His framing avoids another argument: The less restrained his reporting, the more likely he is to piss off the White House. That would lead to fewer clicks and fewer stenographic propaganda scoops.

          Somehow he thinks that’s bad for business. Also bad is not being the newspaper the president goes to first, even if it is to print lies through backstage-access-pass-only reporters. Sounds like Stockholm Syndrome.

  10. earlofhuntingdon says:

    There’s a little brouhaha brewing over MoscowMitch’s recent Kentucky retreat. It featured a fake cemetery filled with tombstones of his political enemies. Who coulda knowed that there would be two mass shootings on the same weekend? Well, anyone who could divide some 250 mass shootings this year by the number of days since January 1st.

    Moving from Halloween decor to the Fun House, the retreat for McConnell’s followers included a life-size cardboard cut-out of Democratic member of Congress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. A photo caught some of Mitch’s smiling young white male high school leaders of tomorrow, in Team Mitch t-shirts, choking and grabbing the effigy of AOC.

    Inevitably, the globally tone-deaf event is being excused by McConnell’s staffers as a joke, a boys-will-be-boys moment. Let’s not demonize these young men, they come from good families. (And one of them might be nominated to the Supreme Court!)

    In the real world, these young men were being groomed by the Senate Majority Leader’s staff to believe that racism, misogyny, and violence are OK, if you joke about it before, after or while doing it.

    Something’s gotta give. It oughta be Mitch’s job.


  11. Manuel Gonzalez says:

    Emiliano, my 8 yr. old neighbor, kicked a soccer ball all week in our adjoining backyard preparing for Sunday’s game. Afterwards, when I asked how it went, he told me nobody showed up because the team’s parents did not feel safe. I called all 10 Democratic US Reps with a Hispanic last name listed above with a missing mark for their call for impeachment. I skipped Rep Bustos, she is married to a Mexican but has refused to fire her staff that posted that “Mexicans, make her afraid”. I asked about any town hall meetings during the recess where we can bring Latino voters to tell them their clout sitting on the fence comes at our peril. I add a zip code in their district because some did not even want to talk to me if I was not from their District. Sooccer on Sundays do more for our future than hateful rhetoric or strategic clout.

    Rep Gonzalez TX 15th sample Zipcode 78501 202 225 2531
    Rep Garcia TX 29th sample Zipcode 77029 202 225 1688
    Rep Cuellar TX 28th sample Zipcode 78205 202 225 1640
    Rep Delgado NY 19th sample Zipcode 12534 202 225 5614
    Rep Torres NM 2nd sample Zipcodde 88201 202 225 2365
    Rep Soto FLA 9th sample Zipcopde 33844 202 225 9889
    Rep Sanchez CA 38th sample Zipcode 90650 202 225 6676
    Rep Ruiz CA 36th sample Zipcode 92543 202 225 5330
    Rep Costa (Chr. Bue Dogs) 16th sample Zipcode 95340 202 225 3341
    Rep Correa CA 47th sample Zipcode 92706 202 225 2965
    Rep Cisneros CA39th sample Zipcode 92835 202 225 4111

    • P J Evans says:

      If they want an actual street address in their district, I’d recommend that of a public library.

    • Rayne says:

      I appreciate the effort you’ve put in and the sentiment behind it. I have family members who are Latinx and I am terrified for them along with my family members who are AAPI and often pass as Latinx.

      But I must recommend every emptywheel community member making calls to Congress contact ONLY their own representative and senator. This is how a representative democracy works, after all, and it’s what we are trying to defend. We elect our representative to serve us and they are who we should call, not others’ representatives elected to serve them.

      I must also recommend that every emptywheel community member calling Congress convey their concerns on behalf of the persons of color in their district and state. El Paso represented an attack on Latinx Americans, but other groups are just as likely to be attacked if they are not white (I’d add ESL, too, but nobody’s attacking Russian birth tourists). The attack in Dayton was on persons of color after all.

      Let’s not forget the slaughter of black Americans in a grocery store last October which had been incited by Trump’s racist rhetoric. Or the burning of three African American churches this spring. Nor should we forget other affected groups — the Tree of Life mass shooting at a synagogue was less than a year ago.

      Trump’s hate is truly intersectional; each of us have a case to make in our own district that he must be impeached. He represents a clear and present danger to more than half of this country because of his xenophobia.

      • Democritus says:

        Hear, hear.


        I can never find a good link for this gif, but I hope that works so you get the idea-though there are better versions of it.

        I just hope it sticks because I’ve been low key afraid for a while now,
        but at least now I won’t get the skepticism. That is what I said to my Republican friends after the election. That I was afraid Trump would drive an increase in racial violence and endanger my family. I haven’t hit them back up since the attack because… sigh.

  12. Eureka says:

    Jenny commented this evening:

    Toomey’s reason to not ban assault weapons. UGH!!!
    Sen. Pat Toomey Won’t Back Banning Assault Weapons Because They’re ‘Extremely Popular’
    “They are extremely popular, so to ban an extremely popular firearm, I’m not going to support that, that would be an infringement on the rights of law-abiding citizens,” he said.
    Toomey initially claimed that guns “described as assault weapons are almost invariably no more powerful than regular hunting rifles.”

    That older post is no longer taking replies, so will do so here:

    There was a rally and speak-in at LOVE Park this evening, with citizens, MomsDemand, elected officials, an ER doctor, and more, for #Gunsense and against Toomey and McConnell’s inaction.

    If you watch the Toomey clip*, it looks like he does not even believe much of what he is saying. He, with the help of the male co-host, repeatedly blustered past the female co-host’s question about high-capacity magazines, too. He also knows that his constituents know the facts better than his conflations with regard to “popular” semi-automatic “hunting” rifles and fully-automatic weapons, which have a separate “popularity.” It seems to me that the Fox dialogue was more about trying to confuse hunter-adjacents that any action would take away their guns, though there were speech loopholes in the segment such that the AK/AR aficionados would know they were safely covered as well.

    Toomey has checks to earn. At least after 2022, he might work directly in the private sector rather than taking up a seat in the senate: given his behavior, that seems to be his plan.


    • Bri2k says:

      Toomey is disgusting and the very definition of disingenuous. After the Tree of Life shooting I got an email from him stating how he was now supporting sane gun control measures like background checks and cracking down on under-the-counter sales at gun shows. Now he spills this BS. PA is a hunting state and even if you don’t hunt yourself, you can’t help but learn a few things about it just by being here. One of them is that no one uses high-capacity guns for hunting. One shot, one kill is ideal. AR-15s have no legitimate civilian use whatsoever. To those who say they need these things to protect us from tyranny I say the government has weapons you can only dream of and will squash you like a bug.

      Refusing to use violence for political ends is not only an American tradition, it is codified in law.

      I’ll vote against Toomey even if his opponent is a bag of hammers.

      • Eureka says:

        Well said, Bri2k– and that’s why I bothered to parse some distinctions out of his gaslighting bulllshit. Pretty sure a state-wide celebration will break-out when he’s voted out.

        You reminded me that I forgot to add this last night (he was apparently still recently talking about his own failed, weak background checks bill; we need to pressure him to support the new HR8, tho I now see Trump talking some exec order BS to try to take the credit (sic) for any action):

        This thread deftly summarizes the basis for pressure on Toomey (“call now”) to support HR8; beyond that, some of the leverage applies to other swing staters (Trump skeered of losing/craves good press) so it’s worth a look by readers with GOP senators in swings. https://twitter.com/PADems/status/1158802371289505792

    • Jenny says:

      Thanks Eureka. I had more to say, so I appreciate the opportunity.

      Former House rep from FL Jolly about GOP lack of action.
      “If you actually think the 2nd amendment was envisioned to protect gun rights in this moment… you’re fundamentally constitutionally ignorant. If you know that’s not what it protects but you continue to do nothing… you’re a scoundrel.” – @DavidJollyFL w/ @NicolleDWallace

      Eddie Glaude, Chair of the Dept of African Studies at Princeton Univ.

      Picture Speaks Volumes.

  13. Eureka says:

    Thread from reporter Adrian Carrasquillo:

    “I truly think the scale of how horrified the Latino community is right now is not being understood, which is why the reporting about this moment is so important. So a quick story. I was chatting w/ a friend I met through the course of my work and she told me she had been crying.”

    “From a white man in Austin about his Latino family and their fear of taking his children to public spaces and that his legal citizen mother and father in law could be targeted nonetheless. (screenshot)”

    “Another story I’m sharing with permission, from a Latina health care provider in another largely-Hispanic border city on what she should do if someone hateful targets her workplace. (screenshot)”

    He’s got ongoing reporting on this thread within the last half-hour…

    • Democritus says:

      He has had a few threads throughout the day I read. I heard today of someone who is Native American and afraid of being mistaken for an immigrant and shot.

      Just. FFS.

      Not to mention Texas WAS Mexico. Which shouldn’t matter anyways when or where people came from. They are PEOPLE, and we are a country of mostly immigrants.

      It’s such turdgobbling bs.

      Ohhhh who was it who called it bullshit soup? That’s exactly what is is.

    • Democritus says:

      More fear

      While we remain a nation on edge, and leaderless. With a President who pushes the ideology of racism that will further divide and weaken America.

      We need protection from our leaders. I can’t believed he went after Beto. He will just increase the damage and divide.

      The fear in Ny

      In El Paso
      “Mostly I heard stuff like this: Mothers told me they were going to leave their kids at home when they go shopping, and were trying to figure out how they could home-school. A Trump backer who said he’s a big Second Amendment supporter said he wants an assault weapons ban.”


      I know that a minority blog I was on has been worrying about these type of attack for years now. I read smaller mags that raised the alarm on all the DHS walkbacks of domestic terrorism just months ago, but the MSM didn’t cover for those stories , or the treasury dept irregularities, for shit.

  14. earlofhuntingdon says:

    No one here needs a reminder that Trump and his party consistently play Lucy with the football after each gun massacre. In the way that Trump promises his legions of creditors that his checks are in the mail, they promise the most limited reform, but yank the football before ever voting on it.

  15. Wm. Boyce says:

    I take it as a hopeful sign that Repug congresscritters are “retiring” rather quickly. What’s it been, eight in recent weeks? These rats see the blood spattered on the wall.
    I do think that Ms. Pelosi is waiting for some court victories to force more information from this lawless administration. When faced with the unprecedented stonewalling, it seems the only way forward.

  16. earlofhuntingdon says:

    MSNBC continues to fail, although less glaringly than the NYT, in framing the Trump presidency. It asks today whether Donald Trump is incapable of empathy or is he just overwhelmed? After two and and a half years of his presidency, the question is obtuse, something that Tom Brokaw would ask.

    Of course Trump is overwhelmed. He always has been. He survives by using lies to wrestle reality and pin it to the mat, if only in his mind.

    More obviously, his biography is a litany of cruel, boorish behavior that demonstrates his utter lack of empathy. The MSM should stop asking questions that suggest otherwise. They enable his cruelty.

    • Democritus says:

      Yes! I usually don’t watch too much msnbc during the day, but I want to see how this is being framed. Ali Velshi did good in a few segments, especially having the nephew of the young couple who died protecting their babies. Beto also flatly called Trump a white Supremacist. White people need to start carrying some of the burden of racism in this country.

      If white people never learn to talk about racism real effects, and have to acknowledge the struggles of others because oh no it makes them uncomfortable, while minorities of all stripes are getting gunned down we won’t get anywhere. That’s one thing southern progressives could teach some northerners, they tend to know it really exists(if only because there are so many extreme rapists in some places there you can’t help but know). Speaking as a mil brat who lived all over the country, doesn’t apply to everyone yada yada

      But I heard some of the horse race political bs coverage come in here and there and I personally have no fucking time. If my spouse had been in that Walmart they would have been shot. No time, I’m reclaiming it in the words of Madam Waters.

    • Democritus says:

      Ohhhh Connolly has some pull too. Think they plan on starting it up when the come back in session? That would fit my old, mostly discarded, timing theory, if that’s been the hold up.
      Timing theory, time impeachment to be able to attack all the GOP Senators as essentially traitors in time for their heavily imperiled 2020 Senate class. The Democrats will need a spine and courage if that’s the plan.

      • harpie says:

        Laura Rozen retweeted the Connolley news from Scott Wong:
        7:15 AM – 8 Aug 2019

        @GerryConnolly (D-VA), Pelosi ally who for months had argued impeachment inquiry was unnecessary, now backs it:

        Wong seems to be tracking the announcements on twitter, and his count now stands at 122 total…2 more than ours. I’ll see if I can find the differences.

      • harpie says:

        Impeachment Inquiry Count @ImpeachInqCt

        [The first 78 are not listed individually, as far as I can tell.]
        So here are the differences I found:
        1] Rep Karen Bass and 2] Rep Frank Pallone are both listed because of this Politico article:

        Another, Rep. Karen Bass of California, chair of the influential Congressional Black Caucus, would support opening an impeachment inquiry against Trump if it comes up for a vote in the House Judiciary Committee, an aide said.
        Others took a more nuanced view. Rep. Frank Pallone of New Jersey, chairman of the powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee, said he voted with Green because he personally believes Trump has committed offenses worthy of impeachment — but added he’s hesitant to formally seek an inquiry that would be doomed in the Senate.

        I think we made the right call not to include those, especially Pallone.

        3] is a legitimate Impeachment call, so I’ll add it on the main list.

  17. Jockobadger says:

    Question for Marcy/bmaz: Nadler says we are in “formal Impeachment Proceedings.” So is that true? Is there a process for initiating a formal Impeachment Inquiry or is it enough to just say we’re doing it? Thanks to all and keep the faith.

    • P J Evans says:

      My understanding is that HJC can vote to start one, and that’s a formal initiation.
      I haven’t heard that they’ve done that yet.

        • bmaz says:

          Exactly. CNN, via Manu Raju, has magically said Nadler is now one. Because of a couple of words in a petition and a lame interview with Erin Burnett. Of….CNN. That is stupid reportage.

          I have always figured Nadler was the 17th Dem vote in HJC for formal inquiry opening, but until he says so, unequivocally, without the “we are already doing that” nonsense, then no.

          But, even if you assume Nadler is HJC vote number 17, four more in HJC are needed. That is the real whip it target.

          • Rayne says:

            There are 17 GOP members of the HJC. Don’t we need a simple one over and the other HJC Dem members to abstain? That might be the simplest way to get there while assuaging the moderate chickenshit Dems on HJC.

            • bmaz says:

              There are a total of 41 members of the HJC. If they all show up to vote, you need 21 to carry a resolution.

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