David Judd Claims He’s Not Being Treated as Well as the Teenager Who Got Murdered

David Judd is accused of, among other things, throwing a lit firecracker at cops as part of the Tunnel fight on January 6.

He is charged as part of the McCaughey omnibus superseding indictment covering the sustained assault that lasted from 1:08 PM through 4:19 PM with the following charges:

  • With Tristan Stevens, attempting to impede an officer from 2:56 to 2:58 PM (Count 16)
  • With assault for throwing the firecracker at 3:06 (Count 22)
  • With Tristan Stevens, assault involving physical contact from 4:15 to 4:19 PM (Count 33)
  • Obstruction, with all his co-defendants (Count 34)
  • Civil disorder, with all his co-defendants (Count 35)
  • Disorderly conduct with a dangerous weapon on grounds where the Vice President was present (Count 38)
  • Engaging in physical violence on grounds where the Vice President was present (Count 46)
  • Disorder conduct in a Capitol Building, with all his co-defendants (Count 52)
  • Act of physical violence in a Capitol Grounds or Building with all his co-defendants (Count 53)

The government attempted to get Judd held pre-trial. But his attorney Elizabeth Mullin succeeded in getting him released to home detention.

He recently filed the second bid by a January 6 defendant to compel discovery to prove that he is being selectively prosecuted as compared with people arrested in conjunction with Portland riots.

Most of the January 6 defendants were vocal supporters of then-President Donald Trump, a Republican, and were protesting Congress’s certification of Democrat Joseph Biden Jr. as the winner of the November presidential election. Many individuals – though not Mr. Judd – then breached the Capitol building with the intent of interrupting Congress’s certification of the election results. Mr. Judd and the rest of the January 6 defendants are being prosecuted by a Democratic administration.

Based on the charging decisions and outcomes sought by the government in Mr. Judd’s case, Mr. Judd believes he has a colorable claim of selective prosecution when contrasted with the government’s charging and prosecutorial decision-making in violent riots in Portland, Oregon in 2020 as well as at least one D.C. riot case in 2020.

In it, he repeatedly claimed he never entered the Capitol (even though he clearly entered the Tunnel).

Eventually a substantial number – though not Mr. Judd – breached and entered the Capitol building.


Mr. Judd never entered the Capitol building, he did not bring any weapons to the Capitol,

And he acknowledges that there is abundant video evidence against him, unlike many of those charged in Portland (which is how DOJ distinguished the last attempt to claim selective prosecution failed — there is simply far more evidence against January 6 defendants).

Of course, much of the evidence against Mr. Judd will be video evidence.

Nevertheless, Trevor McFadden — who in a recent sentencing hearing for Danielle Doyle, claimed that DOJ was treating January 6 defendants differently than last summer’s prosecutors, only to be publicly debunked by the AP — showed great interest in Judd’s claim in a status hearing yesterday, going so far as to explain what Judd needed to do in his reply motion (the government has not yet submitted a response) to succeed.

I’ve barely started examining the table Judd submitted with his motion, which lists slightly more than half — 39 of the 74 — people he says were charged in an attack on the Portland Federal Courthouse; I assume (and hope) prosecutors are doing a far more thorough job, because it’s important for McFadden to understand many public claims about these other riots are false.

Certain problems with Judd’s claims — on top of the evidentiary differences and the fact that rioters were not attempting to stop an event over which the Vice President was present and presiding — are quite clear.

For example, the case that Judd says is most similar, in which Ty Fox is being prosecuted for throwing a firecracker, Fox is being detained pre-trial and prosecuted by the state of Oregon with his federal charges continued pending that case.

On September 23, 2021, I spoke with AUSA Thomas Ratcliffe concerning Mr. Fox. Mr. Ratcliffe is unopposed to a 90-day continuance of this matter. After our call, Mr. Ratcliffe provided me with a copy of a letter outlining a potential resolution of Mr. Fox’s federal case based on the Government’s Petite Policy for successive prosecution.

I met with Mr. Fox on September 24, 2021, at MCDC -Portland, where he is being held on state charges. During our meeting, Mr. Fox authorized the Federal Public Defender to transfer his file to me. His file, and the discovery, should be forthcoming. I will need time to review and analyze the evidence and offense.

A number of the others appear to have been dismissed for evidentiary reasons (that is, precisely the reason why — DOJ argued — that it is easier to prosecute Jan 6 defendants, because there is far better evidence, which Judd as much as concedes by noting the video evidence against him in his filing).

But even more telling, Judd included the other most similar case to his own, in which Isaiah Maza Jr. allegedly took a firecracker during a mob attack on a Federal building and threw it into a the doorway of the courthouse, which injured an officer (who may not have been visible to Maza). Maza was charged with assault as well as damaging a federal building, a crime of terrorism. By including Maza in this table, Judd is arguing that Maza was treated differently than he is being because a Democratic Administration is giving him favorable treatment.

It is true that the charges against Maza were dismissed. But they were dismissed — as Judd himself admits — because Maza died.

What Judd doesn’t admit is that Maza was murdered.

Nineteen-year-old Isaiah Jason Maza Jr. was on a pass from his inpatient alcohol treatment at the Oregon Recovery Center when he was fatally stabbed near his mother’s home Sunday in Northeast Portland.

Maza had been released in September pending trial on federal charges for allegedly tossing an explosive through a broken window of the federal courthouse downtown in July and injuring a deputy U.S. marshal.

His mother, his defense lawyer and even prosecutors said Maza had been doing everything right while on release.

He had a job at Macy’s, was taking his treatment seriously, had applied to Portland State University to continue his education and was fighting to get visitation rights with his young daughter, whose name he had tattooed on his neck.

His mother Renee Maza said she was making dinner Sunday night when her son and his girlfriend wanted to walk to a nearby corner store to buy Takis chips.

“I don’t ever let my kids walk at night here,” Renee Maza said Monday. “It’s a bad area. I usually drive them. But I was cooking and I said to him, ‘There are a lot of thugs out there. You know how I feel about walking.’ He said to me, ‘Mama, I’ll be safe. We are just getting chips. I love you.’’’

Isaiah Maza didn’t get far. He was stabbed around 5:30 p.m. near Northeast 120th Avenue and Couch Street outside an apartment complex next to his mother’s home, according to the teen’s girlfriend and mother.

This is Judd’s argument: that he’s not being treated fairly because he wasn’t doubly charged in violation of federal practice and because he wasn’t murdered before standing trial.

Again, I’ve barely scratched the surface of the cases that Judd claims are similar. But thus far, his argument amounts to claiming that he’s being treated unfairly because another guy got murdered.

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  1. Silly but True says:

    Count 53…

    Ballpark estimate; does anyone know just how many years McCaughey, et. al. are looking at? (Rounding to nearest millennia is fine.)

  2. J R in WV says:

    OK, I understand this is serious business, a DC riot that attempted to basically overthrow the legitimately elected (new) government of the Untied States. But this guy and his lawyer are a regular comedy show!!!

    Also want to suggest an additional word in the sentence clause: “on top of the evidentiary differences and the fact that [PORTLAND] rioters were not attempting to stop an event over which the Vice President was present and presiding”… because the rioters in DC were attempting to stop the VP’s work and we need to specify which riot we’re talking about here.

    • Rayne says:

      Portland = riot/s

      DC on January 6 = insurrection with intent to obstruct government proceedings

      These are not the same things at all. I’m not certain why this isn’t clear because EW uses the word riot/s in this sense as do the excerpts in the post.

  3. Leoghann says:

    Would I be correct in perceiving that Judd’s defense has been specially crafted to appeal to a Trumpster judge, as some of his rulings seem to show? And if that turns out to be the case, is there any recourse to a politically biased judge ruling according to what he sees and hears on NewsMax and OAN, rather than the evidence?

      • emptywheel says:

        No. You’re right. One reason I’m focused on McFadden is because he’s a fair review of how Kavanaugh or Roberts might respond on SCOTUS.

        These cases will go from majority Obama appointees to majority Obama appointees (with some real stinkers appointed by Trump) on DC Circuit, from there to SCOTUS, which is the most political of the bunch.

    • Ginevra diBenci says:

      McFadden’s receptiveness, and even coaching, suggest that he is indeed slanting right–unless he just feels sympathy for this particular defendant. But he has shown “conservative” (rightwingy) tendencies in the past. He is careful and thorough, but whenever one of these cases lands with him, I get that sinking, SCOTUS type of feeling.

  4. mossyrock says:

    he doesnt have a moral compass. he will always be a danger to all of us. its a sympton of trumpers. no real moral purpose. just anger and hate.

  5. DrFunguy says:

    OT but 6 Jan related.
    I found this interesting:

    “Four major access points that Jan. 6 rioters used to break into and overtake the U.S. Capitol had something unusual in common: They were among a dozen or so ground-floor windows and glass-paned doors that had not been recently reinforced.”
    Seems to support premeditation/conspiracy…
    Perhaps others here who are dogging this are aware but this (the targeting of un-reinforced windows) was news to me.

    • harpie says:

      Yes, interesting. I think this was new information on the 4th when LA Times published that story.
      Marcy did an informative thread about it here:

      https://twitter.com/emptywheel/status/1445412025371402253 11:34 AM · Oct 5, 2021

      A number of people have asked me abt this LAT story, showing that rioters lucked out by breaking the windows that happened to be vulnerable.

      At first I thought just 1 set of the windows were of tactical import.

      This window is of undeniable tactical import. It’s the one Dominic Pezzola broke open, as LAT notes. [Lots MORE]

      • harpie says:


        […] To sum up: it MAY be that Dominic Pezzola got really really lucky. But if some or all of these conspiracies DID have advance notice, it would make the way DOJ has implicated conspiracies (most notably the Oath Keepers) in broken doors of more interest. [MORE]

      • pdaly says:

        That LA times article caught my attention, too. I was thinking again about McCarthy’s call from the Capitol under siege to Trump in the WH, with McCarthy telling Trump to call off the siege.

        The timeline of that call has continued to be fuzzy, but I recall reading somewhere that McCarthy told Trump people in his (McCarthy’s) office were hiding, that ‘windows in the office had been smashed.’ Were McCarthy’s staff witnessing insurrectionists on the outside smashing their way into the building or were they smashing the windows from inside the building?

        Also where is McCarthy’s office in the Capitol located, on the Senate side (north) or House side (south)?
        I don’t know that we’ve heard in court documents to date about windows being smashed on the south side of the Capitol–other than the glass doors to the House chamber.

  6. harpie says:

    This is just the first tweet in a great thread by CapitolHunters about ALEX JONES:

    10:08 PM · Oct 5, 2021

    #SeditionHunters – is this the downfall of Alex Jones, the “king of conspiracy” (CNN), the most famous figure at the Capitol attack? He’d tormented the Sandy Hook parents for years; last week lost by default their multi-$M lawsuit. Will the law come for him for Jan 6 too? 1/ [VIDEO] [THREAD]

    A breakdown of JONES’ movements from that VIDEO:
    [0:00] 1:31 PM Freedom Plaza
    [0:19] 1:34 PM Walking from Freedom Plaza to the Capitol
    [0:24] 1:40 PM [Still walking]
    [0:34] 1:54 PM Northwest Path, near “NW Portable white”
    [0:40] 2:00 PM North Lawn near North Door
    [0:44] 2:16 PM Climbing East Steps
    [0:59] 2:20 PM Speech at the top of East Steps
    [1:15] 2:42 PM East Plaza
    [1:35] 3:48 PM On the roof of 101 Constitution Ave. NE [Corner Constitution Ave NE and First St NE across First from Area 8 // BLDG labeled as: Reserve Organization of America.

    • harpie says:

      CapitolHunters THREAD, continued [I added the numbers]:

      Alex’s reel shows how central he is on Jan 6:
      1] VIP section at the rally,
      2] marched w/ entourage to the Capitol (trailed by shouts: “Alex Jones!”),
      3] speechifed from the E. steps..&
      4] then decamped to a rented rooftop overlooking the besieged Capitol. He KNEW. 2/ [PHOTO 1:55 PM JONES: “In front of the Capitol! Let’s Go!” [link to VIDEO]

      Links to:
      Alex Jones at the Capitol on Jan 6th (Updated 10/05/21) [VIDEO]
      Hunting Insurrectionists Published October 5, 2021
      [VIDEO 17:26 with location breakdown and timestamps]

    • harpie says:

      CapitolHunters THREAD, further continued:

      Alex’s Jan 6 reel must be interesting if someone doesn’t want it seen! Alex & wife Erika [Wulff JONES] stayed at the Willard with elites like Roger Stone, were driven to the Ellipse rally where they sat with InfoWars’ Owen Shroyer (arrested) & rally organizer Cindy Chafian (subpoenaed). [PHOTO] 4/

      Alex’s InfoWars footage often seems staged, self-serving & misleading. At 1:32 PM: “They just breached the Capitol” (40 mins after the walkway breaches, 40 mins before the break-in). Alex blames provocateurs, but then heads there. Ali Alexander says “the s– of your dreams”. 5/ [VIDEO]

      • harpie says:

        CapitolHunters talks more about JONES’ “shell game”, traveling with Ali ALEXANDER, meeting up with COUDREY and Jason JONES who were waiting on the EAST Balcony. Read about the INFOWARS show, that day, and JONES’ bodyguards, “many ex-Blackwater”.

        Alex’s men are proud to show their Blackwater connection. Here they are on Jan 5th in the Willard Hotel posing with ex-Blackwater guard Paul Slough, convicted for killing Iraqi civilians, then pardoned by Trump on Dec. 22, just 2 weeks before. 14/ [PHOTO]

        …another connection: Cindi CHAFIAN […]

        More broadly, Alex’s toxicity helped make the attack possible. The people lured to the Capitol were prepped with the kind of propaganda that Alex pioneered; he was ahead of his time: “There’s a war for your mind, his site says. The U.S. is fighting that war now, all of us. 21/

        • harpie says:

          Alex Jones is no military mastermind of the Capitol attack…but seems he knew what was coming, & he had a role in the ecosystem of insurrection:
          1] inciting the crowd,
          2] drawing them there.
          Coudrey’s pre-attack Tweet says “If we give the order, DO NOT LEAVE DC.” Who is “we”? 20/

    • Eureka says:

      Thanks harpie and to Capitol Hunters for the Family Circus maps. To amend our discussion on Marcy’s recent Alex Jones post, CH has identified the North Lawn video (“fuckin’ cops”) as 2:00 PM, so those ~ immediately-subsequent “BODYCAM” videos are also like 2pm/very early 2 o’clock hour, instead of the 1:00 PM (13:00:XX) / 101p timestamps within those videos.

      [This time correction obviates the need to account for a Jones path going from Capitol-adjacent N (lawn) back out to the 1:54 PM NW bullhorn speech; he flowed from NW to N to NE to E. Otherwise the path guesstimates are on point and accord with CH’s maps.]

        • Eureka says:

          Could be, makes sense (or another TZ with or without DST set properly). They also might be off by a couple of minutes — or not, depending on how “schematic” Capitol Hunters’ timestamps are (plus they are in some instances giving a single time to rolling video, so…). [“BODYCAM” 1:00+ and 1:01-1:02+ PM videos occurring nearly right after one CH calls 1:00.]

  7. harpie says:

    1:36 PM · Oct 6, 2021

    Pentagon Begins ‘Continuous Vetting’ of All Troops for Insider Threats, Extremism; Social Media May Come Next Automatic alerts will flag records or activities of concern among all Defense Department personnel.
    https://defenseone.com/technology/2021/10/pentagon-begins-continuous-vetting-all-troops-insider-threats-extremism-social-media-may-come-next/185876/ via

    So let’s bring this concept back to a topic that’s relatively hit today – the Oath Keepers.

    Let me start by saying that anti-government extremism is not new in the military nor is it limited to the Oath Keepers. [THREAD]

    • harpie says:

      In early 2009, an active duty Marine sergeant named Charles Dyer, set up a YouTube account under the name July4Patriot and put out a call to arms. [link] […]

      He openly preached revolution against the government.

      But this is what got a lot of people excited: [[…] Let me assure you there is resistance within the military. We will not be silent. We will not obey. […]] […]

      [among other collaborations] July4Patriot narrated [Oath Keeper’s] recruiting video. [link]

  8. harpie says:

    Senior Homeland Security leaders pushed unfounded antifa conspiracy at 2020 Portland protests, report states
    Jonathan Levinson (OPB) and Conrad Wilson (OPB) Oct. 1, 2021

    On the same day a violent mob of Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol, the Department of Homeland Security received a damning internal report about its intelligence operations targeting racial justice protesters in Portland last summer.

    It outlines how senior leadership pushed unfounded conspiracies about antifascists, encouraged staff to violate constitutional rights, and made spurious connections between protesters who engaged in criminal activity.

    The report is an internal review focused on the agency’s Office of Intelligence & Analysis. It shows political appointees at DHS pressured career analysts to further the Trump administration’s political agenda. […]

    The heavily redacted 76-page internal review, specifically examined open source collection and other intelligence operations in Portland between May 24, 2020 and Aug. 4, 2020. […]

    • harpie says:

      A recent mention of DHS I&A [in relation to J6 Committee] Marcy retweeted in August:

      10:57 AM · Aug 11, 2021

      BREAKING NEWS: We rep @DHSgov #whistleblower #BrianMurphy.
      @January6thCmte hired #JosephMaher who allegedly unlawfully retaliated against him.

      More impt, Maher is FACT witness for 1/6 event. He helped shut down DHS monitoring of domestic extremists who led coup attempt. Why? [screenshots]

      #Maher was recently detailed to @January6thCmte from @DHSgov, where he is a top attny. He replaced our client as Acting Undersecretary of Intelligence & Analysis in 8/20. […]

      4/#Maher was caught up in all sorts of shenanigans conducted by Acting Secretary #ChadWolf & Acting Deputy Secretary #KenCuccinelli. Questions need to be asked of #Maher as a witness, not a staffer. […]

        • harpie says:

          […] In short, Murphy claims he was ordered to lie about:
          1] Both the reasons people migrate to the US and the degree to which migrants across the Southern border include possible terrorists
          2] Russian interference and disinformation, past and present
          3] The actual and relative danger of right wing terrorists and Antifa

          These topics are important not just because they crystalize Trump’s ideology — racism and Russia — but also because people throughout government (most notably and dangerously the Attorney General) are lying about the same topics. Trump spends a lot of time gaslighting about these topics and trying to reassure suburban moms that he’s not a racist sponsored by Russia. But the bureaucratic abuses committed to back Trump’s lies make it clear what his ideology is and where his loyalties lie.

    • harpie says:

      More from the article [I added the numbers]:

      […] The internal review shows the Department of Homeland Security’s intelligence operations in Portland were
      1] heavily politicized by department leadership,
      2] lacked clear guidance, and
      3] appears to have pushed constitutional boundaries.

      The report shows DHS senior leaders’ attempts at the time to connect the racial justice protests to a centrally organized effort by antifa to commit violence against government institutions — a shocking admission of organizational overreach. […]

      It’s also the argument that defendants like David JUDD are making.

      • harpie says:

        [p.64/76] 3. Politicization of Intelligence Products.

        This investigation revealed no evidence of politicization (roughly “write this analysis this way to support this political assertion”)467 by anyone in the I&A chain of command or DHS Secretary’s office. However, [redacted 1] did make other attempts to controvert the collection-analysis process. Particularly illuminative was the promulgation of the term: “Violent Antifa Anarchists Inspired” (VAAI).

        As discussed by [redacted 2], to understand the genesis for VAAI, one must take the events of the summer into context. In many conversations, [redacted 1] stated that the violent protesters in Portland were connected to or motivated by ANTIFA. This may have made sense to [redacted 1] based on his own beliefs, but I&A did not have collections (evidence) to show it [5-line redaction] Notwithstanding this feedback from [redacted 2], on July 25, 2020, sent an email to his senior leadership instructing them that henceforth the violent opportunists in Portland were to be reported as VAAI, unless the intel “show[ed]…something different.”468

        [redacted 2] stated that “if you lived through the process, you could see where this VAAI definition was coming from a mile away. He got tired of [redacted 2] telling him they did not have the reporting and he was convinced it was ANTIFA so he was going to fix the problem by changing what the collectors were reporting.”469 […]

  9. harpie says:

    Alex Jones at the Capitol on Jan 6th (Updated 10/05/21)
    Hunting Insurrectionists Published October 5, 2021 [VIDEO 17:26]

    [0:00] 8:40 AM JONES arrives at rally/VIP section
    [0:15] xx:xx AM Rally /VIP section;
    Finchem, Chafian, JONES, Erika Wulff Jones, Junior Flynn, Jaden McNeill, Fuentes, Shroyer
    [0:28] xx:xx PM Leaving the Rally
    [0:35] 1:22 PM [Freedom Plaza] [bullhorn]
    JONES: We declare 1776 against the new world order!
    And we will be victorious no matter what happens in 15 days.
    1776! 1776!
    We’ve only begun to fight! This is 1776!

    [1:03] 1:31 PM [Freedom Plaza]

    JONES: They just breached the Capitol.
    SHROYER: “Who?”
    JONES: That’s provocateurs doing that. I guarantee you!
    ALEXANDER: And they’re older. They’re fighting Capitol police right now.
    SHROYER: It’s only…
    ALEXANDER: …shit of your dreams
    JONES: We gotta call this right, absolutely I’d like to go to the Capitol. [1:16] What do ya think?

    [1:20] xx:xx PM [walking]
    [Person in crowd]: Lead us ALEX!
    JONES: Let’s get out front here.

    [on bullhorn] We’re not giving in to the globalists! We’re never surrendering! America is fighting for it’s life right now. And I salute you all that came to DC in defense of our great nation. [cheering]

    [1:37] 1:48 PM [At the Capitol, WEST FRONT] [Peace Monument > Pennsylvania Lawn]
    [split screen with map]
    [In the Crowd]: Capitol police, they tried to blame the crowd, they were hitting lady cops.
    [???] Here’s the third layer of security breached [???]

    • harpie says:

      [1:52] 1:54 PM [Northwest Path, near “NW Portable white”]
      [USA! chants]

      JONES [bullhorn]: Listen to me! We’ve got a permit on the other side. It’s great that this happened, but Trump’s not gonna be coming and be taking this over [???] We’re not ANTIFA. We’re not BLM. You’re amazing. I love you. Let’s march around the other side and let’s not fight the police and give the system what it wants. [2:23] We are peaceful. We won this election. And as much as I love seeing Trump flags flying over this, we need to not have a confrontation with the police.

      [split screen with WEST FRONT scaffolding breach.]

      JONES: They’re gonna make that the story. I’m gonna march to the other side where we have a stage where we can speak and occupy peacefully. [2:53] Tell everyone behind you, march to the other side.

      [We’ll follow you to hell, ALEX. Surround the Capitol!] [In front of the Capitol. Let’s go!]

      JONES: Police provocateurs have caused a problem and the police are throwing flash bangs. We don’t want to have a Kent State here. So, I love you. We’re saving the Republic. This is beautiful but please tell everyone you know march to the other side. [3:24] [1:55 PM]

      [3:25] [Split screen with map, Northwest Path, near “NW Portable white”]
      [Woman: We love you. Let’s go]

      JONES [bullhorn]: History is happening! I salute you! Tell everyone you know go to the other side of the Capitol. That’s where Trump’s gonna be. [Love you Alex!]

      [3:41] 1:59 PM [Split screen with map showing walk from NW Path to NORTH Lawn]

      [Closed captioning]: If, if those cops [attack?] packed with people are gonna be here. They’re doing them terrible. It’s not fucking good out there, it’s not good. This is not good. Those fucking cops need to fucking back off man. They’re instilling people to actually attack them. Hey Alex, any updates on what our Vice President is doing?

      JONES: He uh, he floundered and was neutral. He passed the ball.
      [In crowd]: Big surprise.

      [4:10] [Near the NORTH DOOR]
      [Man]: Let’s take a break right here and talk to this cop to see if I can get Alex up there. Or somebody.
      [4:15] 2:00 PM [NORTH Lawn near North Door]

      [Speaker]: Is there a way that we can get him to a position
      POLICE: Through the hole you guys breached right there. [pointing back]
      [Speaker]: We didn’t breach anything.
      POLICE: Well the whole group that was with you guys
      JONES: We just showed up. Trump said come down here and try to help
      POLICE: Take them up there.
      JONES: OK

      [4:26] 2:01 PM [Split screen] [From NORTH Lawn over low wall to sidewalk > NORTHEAST CORNER]
      [In the crowd]: Alright, reform, REFORM Easy, slow and steady up the [ledge?] slow and steady Halleluia, halleluia!

    • harpie says:

      [4:54] 2:16 PM [Split screen shows JONES path to EAST steps destination.]
      [Man]: ALEX, come up here!
      [5:26] 2:16 PM JONES entourage climbing EAST steps.
      [There’s Alex, right there. Yup.] [chanting]
      [We will fight. We will not fall. Where we go one, we go all!]
      [6:42] 2:18 PM

      JONES: Turn that music off! Turn that music off!
      [Crowd: Stop the Steal, Stop the Steal!]
      JONES: You’re making history and you’re amazing. But they’re not gonna come clean, if at all…on the door over there [8:17]
      [Shroyer[?] [on bullhorn leading chant]: 1776! 1776! 1776!
      JONES [on bullhorn]: Stop the Steal [chant]

      [9:17] 2:20 PM JONES: Guys, I’m telling you. Trump’s not gonna come if we don’t come down. Let’s be peaceful. You’re doing a great job! Everybody be peaceful. I love you all. I salute you. USA! USA! USA! [9:51]
      2:21 PM JONES: We will never accept Joe Biden and the communist party. We will never give in to the new world order! Fight for Trump! Fight for Trump!
      [descending stairs]
      [10:08] 2:40 PM [split screen with map of location on EAST PLAZA]

      JONES: […] But, some people did take the scaffolding and tried to force their way into the building. I saw some of the first footage, looked like meth head, leftist, uh Antifa dressed up like us, wearing masks. […] Now it could be patriots wearing masks, very, very rare, but it looks like leftists. The whole covid thing…wear their masks and commit their crime. This is all symbolic and implematic of the election fraud, of the covid hoaxes, of the lockdowns, martial law, we’ve entered into where everything is fraud for the democrats. So, that is going to conjure [end]

      [12:25] 2:55 PM [split screen; map shows red circle on NORTHEAST Lawn [Area 8?]]

      JONES: Well, that’s what Antifa does, they cover their faces, they always wear arm pads and knee pads. So, you’re saying you saw what you believe is a provocateur?
      MAN: I do. I sincerely saw it. I’ve been here for four hours. […]
      JONES: What ended up happening?
      MAN: Like they got the calling…go,go now’s the time. And they all got together and they stormed the front right over there.
      JONES: That’s cause Trump was about to arrive. So, right as Trump announced he was coming and right as he was about to get here, they did that so he wouldn’t do it.

      [13:13] 2:55 PM

      […] JONES: That’s the deep state trying to keep Trump from coming here. […]
      [13:47] 3:40 PM [On the roof of 101 Constitution Ave. NE]
      The Alex Jones Show – Protesters Enter Capitol in Washington DC
      FULL SHOW 1621 [17:26]

      • vvv says:


        Just … full-on insanity, all those preceding posts, what with the projection and paranoia and lies.

        Jones is the absolute dregs of the RWNJobbery.

    • harpie says:

      1] Here’s a VIDEO of JONES that would come after the unknown [to me] time he left the rally and before he reached Freedom Plaza: [from the ProPublica Parler videos]

      1:10 PM https://d2hxwnssq7ss7g.cloudfront.net/5QCkdwJRD0a3_cvt.mp4

      2] Also, something I hadn’t seen before,
      VIDEO of JONES interviewing FLYNN in DC on 1/5/21:

      Alex Jones interviews General Michael Flynn
      DoctorRay Published January 6, 2021

      • harpie says:

        EUREKA: This is the video we had been talking about quite early on. We knew the interview had been done, but we couldn’t get it.

        We were wondering if the interview had been done at the WILLARD Hotel, and it does seem that way. Both JONES and FLYNN say things like: [F]: demonstrations and peaceful protests that are happening right outside the window here while consistently pointing in one direction.
        Later JONES says: Well, you’re about to give a big speech out there [pointing] to this million person crowd.

        We know FLYNN spoke at Freedom Plaza that evening, and The Willard Hotel is very close-by.

        This is where we were talking about the speakers at that rally:
        Also, follow the link there. JONES and ALEXANDER were listed, as well.

        • Eureka says:

          The title of that interview: “ALEX JONES AND MICHAEL FLYNN: AMERICANS’ DNA IS 1776”

          I meant to mention when you brought up the1/5 Willard recently that you could probably add Flynn to the list of the confirmed present (though the page was closed, wish I’d carried it through while I had the links in my hot little hands). I did acquire a new twitter clip of that interview; if I relocate it, will add for those reluctant to visit rumble.

          Separately, I’d seen that Seth Abramson (sp.) and a different (also unfamiliar) independent journalism outlet over the summer claim to have confirmed that the 1/5 Jones-Flynn interview took place at the Willard. (Whatever one thinks of Abramson this is a readily falsifiable fact — and recall the distinctive background painting.) Anyway, you’ve inferentially got it placed there as well so it sounds like a done deal.

          ETA: from June 6, 2021:
          “3/ The number of questions answered by this revelation is too many to count. Roger Stone disappeared on the evening of January 5 and was invisible on January 6. Where was he? At the Willard. The location of the Jones-Flynn interview on January 5 is now revealed as… the Willard.”

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