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Some Thoughts On The Manafort Indictment

In response to yesterday’s server hiccups and in anticipation that Mueller is nowhere near done, we expanded our server capacity overnight. If you think you’ll rely on emptywheel reporting on the Mueller probe, please consider a donation to support the site.  The first shoe has dropped in the big indictment watch initiated late Friday with […]

Indictment Weekend Trash Talk

While we spend the weekend wondering and theorizing what Bob Mueller has in the candy store for us on Monday, it is time for some Trash Talk. Who will it be? Are there more than one? What are the “charges”? Exciting times. Okay, on to the games. In the student athlete portion of the weekend, […]

Random Trash

Was out and about much of yesterday, so Trash is late and will be short. We learned a couple of things yesterday. Thing one: Ed Walker’s Fighting Irish are for real. Thing two: Marcy’s Bo Merlots are not. And, at least here, there was pure shock that the ASU Sun Devils could go up to […]