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Big Game Trash Talk

It is big game championship Saturday in college football. I know everybody is focused on the Auburn and Georgia rematch, but I am kind of excited for the Memphis/UCF pairing. Two fun and well coached teams, should be a lot of scoring. It the early game on ABC. No idea why, but will take UCF. […]

Leftovers Turkey Trash Talk

Okay, so we all made it through Thanksgiving. I weigh a little more than I used to, and am still eating holiday food. Copiously. We left off on Thursday, and those games went about as expected, though I underestimated how strong the Vikes would be and how feckless the Kittehs would be. Still, no shockers. […]

The Queen Of Soul Thanksgiving Trash Talk

She is NOT dead yet. Aretha is alive and well. Aretha Franklin has a few choice words for those who think she’s on her deathbed. “I’m doing well generally, all test have come back good,” the 75-year-old Queen of Soul told Us Weekly. “I’ve lost a lot of weight due to side effects of medicine, […]

The Continued “Oh, Trump Will Just Pardon Them” Meme Is Stupid

I have constantly, and still do, think the fear of “pardons” from Trump is overblown. First off, this thought is almost undoubtedly part of why Mueller has Michael Dreeben on his team. A point noted both here indirectly and numerous other places more directly. Secondly, a pardon places any potential witness in the very untenable […]

Some Thoughts On The Manafort Indictment

In response to yesterday’s server hiccups and in anticipation that Mueller is nowhere near done, we expanded our server capacity overnight. If you think you’ll rely on emptywheel reporting on the Mueller probe, please consider a donation to support the site.  The first shoe has dropped in the big indictment watch initiated late Friday with […]

Indictment Weekend Trash Talk

While we spend the weekend wondering and theorizing what Bob Mueller has in the candy store for us on Monday, it is time for some Trash Talk. Who will it be? Are there more than one? What are the “charges”? Exciting times. Okay, on to the games. In the student athlete portion of the weekend, […]