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Hot and Cold Running Bandar

Yesterday, just weeks after the time Al Arabiya announced Prince Bandar bin Sultan would resume his duties as head of Saudi intelligence (and therefore the mastermind of the Saudi-backed effort to oust Bashar al-Assad), Bandar was replaced by a little-known deputy. He had resumed his position in March, just two days before the President visited […]


Just on Time … Bandar’s Promised Terror Attacks?

Back in July, Bandar bin Sultan met with Vladimir Putin. As part of an effort to buy off Putin’s support of Bashar al-Assad, Bandar allegedly promised to be able to prevent terrorist attacks tied to the Sochi Olympics. As an example, I can give you a guarantee to protect the Winter Olympics in the city […]


“Bandar is now clearly the tip of the spear”

Back in October, in response to the Saudis taking their toys and going home from the UN, I warned, “I worry they disengaged from the UN because they are considering alternative means of pursuing their interests, means that would be loudly condemned in that body.” Yesterday, Dick Cheney lackey John Hannah wrote a remarkable screed […]


Did Chuck Hagel Cut Off Poor Bandar?

I’m working on a longer post on how Saudi King Abdullah took all his toys and went home because we wouldn’t start an illegal war at his behest. But for the moment, I want to look at a passage from this article reporting a Bandar bin Sultan tantrum. Diplomats and officials familiar with events recounted […]


Bandar’s Hot and Cold Running Jihadis

As a reminder, it is fundraising week Chez Emptywheel. Please help support our work if you can. In my questioning of the Administration’s case on Syria, I have focused on holes within their own story — inconsistent numbers, claims about chain-of-command even while boasting of a hundred defections, false assurances about the reliability of the […]